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Thursday, June 2, 2022

The True Evil Behind America's Mass School Shootings


  1. also, the way i believe it may be being done is:

    Members of their Private Society do not have "STANDING" to use their "COMMERCIAL COURTS" unless there is a ******CONTROVERSY******
    that those same "COURTS" have "JURISDICTION" over and can "ADJUDICATE".
    so what do they do?
    well it looks to me like maybe the Parasitic Little Bitches just may go out and start those CONTROVERSIES up themSELVES!!??
    because, what?... if they cant get into their Courts, they cant "WIN"?
    or "Exercise Immunities"?
    or "Receive the Privileges" of their Bruthrhood Member-SHIP
    CAN they??
    i dont think so.... may be wrong though.

    .... so bygawd it looks to me like maybe those Little Lying Pieces of DogShit may just goad, and push, and goad some more, and attack and rob and murdrr and make things up and lie and THEN after THEY have started a GADDAM CONTROVERSY, then bring the Controversy THEY started into their OWN "Courts" where their BritherHood Members ADJUDICATE in their favor and they each take a percent of what theyve robbed from you WHO WAS ATTACKED BY THEM in order for them to Create STANDING so they can cause you harm using their Courts!!!..this looks VERY VERY PLAUSIBLE to me at this point.


  2. i do declare before man that its my intent and also that i do ask my creator to destroy anyone doing any such things; and i want them to know it is me who is asks creator to do that.

    i want them to know this in no uncertain way:
    im standing against what they do and do not intend to support them in any way at all, including praying for them, and i also hope god sees fit to honor me by using me to help bring down their Plans. (REPEAT: Ref.: john 17:9).

    i hope ive made myself clear enough.


  3. and one more thing:
    every time i see anything about or think about a judgement coming on them, i agree that its right.


  4. mark me down for standing *totally* against them in what they do to harm man and the earth and animals and flowers and food, water, air, so on.

    and it is so:

  5. you guys may want to take a look at dnajlion7 on rumble, his last 3-4 videos, but espec. tonight. he seems to be getting some "scoops" on pee doe feel ya news. its utah now.

    recently ive seen vidoes having to do with the L.A. Sheriff Dept. and it showed a closeup of their Badge... on each one of the points of the star is what the FBI released 2018(?) as the Pea Does symbol for "Boie Luv"; its an unbroken line that is a triangle, within a triangle, within a triangle- type drawing.
    it looks like its on the damm badges!!! on the points.

    also, it might have been daniel dnajlion who had info that a Sheriff Deputy(?), or some Investigator was sod m i zing the "informants"; he supposedly admitted that he did those things to them.
    and the comparison was made to how such things and more are done during SRA, "Satanic Ritual Abuse"; i guess he said the reason he did it to get the "cooperation" of the "informants"(?).

    then someone whose Name is Jessie Czebotar? was on DarkOutpost datte cam, shes a regular guest, she says she was brought up in the "HighLevel Families"...
    anyway yesterday she was on and said that the Jesuits, Masons, Mormons, Satanists, and Kaballa are all under the same Group that Named themselves "The Global Elite" and some other more esoteric-like Identity/Name.
    she told a little about how they select people, recruit them, "take care" of them and lots more.
    she said that they do use some people for "fronts", who are well-regarded by others, and these "fronts" are not involved in their evil and thats why they select them and take care of them... they give the cover of respectability and goodness. plus theyre usually "influential", good with finance, management, or other valued skills. they make the Group look good, and they are talented.
    she said only up to the Third Degree are Masons called Masons, after that they go by other lots of other Names.

    i dont know who she is and sometimes i am not "sold" on what she says, but whatever her reason for doing so, i felt she was leveling with the listeners yesterday. and i do think shes been around the HiLevlFams... i cant imagine them letting her actually "spill any important beans" though.????

    put on your mental and emotional SplashGuard, FasceShield, and ShitWaders, looks like theres alot more "Shittin 'n Spittin' " coming our way.


  6. are you trying to convince everyone else or... YOURSELF?


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