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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Tyranny is the Disease and a Constitutional Sheriff is the Cure - Richard Mack


  1. FACT:
    there IS no Constitutional Sheriff; its not even written into their own Foreign Corporations' Constitutions.

    Sheriffs are from the Brith-ish White Slavery Feudal System:
    shire, towns, reeves.
    They ENFORCED the Brute'-ish White Slavery Feudal System upon the White Slaves/ "SERFS"!
    and oddly enough, this "annavonritzink"FICTION seems to be flying a Brith-ish Colonial Flag over its construct?!?! is that right? wrong?
    we broke from all that crap in the first paragraph Declaration of Independence, and more.
    but Richard Mack, the man, seems like a very good man to me.

    1. so, why continue to try to set up a Territorial Brith-ish White Slavery Feudal System of Enforcers?
      The System of White Slavery/ one man claiming to own another man, is COMMERCE.

      can we hear from Mack on that particular question please?
      thank you.

    2. why would Americans desire to RESET a type of the Commercial/ LEGALFICTION/ System of "Brith-ish White Slavery Feudal System of Enforcers over the SERFS" that is what our DeclofIndep peacefully and lawfully dissolved our connection to?...Getting us away from Brit-ish COLONIAL Commercial type Systems of White Slavery/ one man claiming to own another man.

      we wouldnt.

    3. well, Americans living peacefully and lawfully under authority of our true and original Declaration of Independence, July 2(TWO), 1776 wouldnt anyway.

      i dont know about other people.....maybe they choose not to be free and independent. its their choice.
      they just cant make me join them.
      i choose to live free and independent under the laws of nature and natures creator.
      if another msn changes that, he harms i:woman and is required to restore i:woman.
      i can call myself anything i desire.

    4. why is annavoninc displaying what is seemingly a BRITH-ISH COLONIAL FLAG while saying it, annavoninc, is reconstructing America?
      its not being done under the true and original Declarof Indep, July 2(TWO), 1776, eigher since he/she/it/they say something about September, not July.

    5. are Attorneys named the Living Law Firm/other and or "annavonink"/ other trying to RECONSTRUCT COLONIAL AMERICA?!?!??

    6. that comment directly above should have been published at 11:19, not 11:20.
      for some reason though my screen froze up at 11:19 and i was prevented from posting it until 11:20.

      they really believe this numbers crap?!?!?

    7. so, a RECONSTRUCTION of COLONIAL AMERICA, if any were to be attempted, might include:

      a different flag
      a different Declaration of Indep day: example-September instead of July,
      attempting to re-use the name "The United States of America" [unincorporated] that long, long ago was lawfully and peacefully claiming before the world by the American people in our Articles of Conf and Union that is STILL IN EFFECT;
      among other things;

      wouldnt it?

      yes, i believe it would!

    8. so really guys, i:woman say:

      if anyone is trying to pull something of this nature off, its not going to work.

    9. and further:
      as far as someone claiming to have ancient genealogies and "provenances"/other running BACKWARDS in time that supposed shows their "ROYALTY" "status":
      the book they selected to take their Public Oaths on puts FABLES and ENDLESS GENEALOGIES into the very same category.... making BOTH **FICTION** and FICTION is *not true* and what is not true is A LIE.

    10. there is no way out of this for them then:


    11. so then you might have (just speculating) "the Jews", the ones who chose Judaism but werent born into it...
      (and i think it was Paul Whipple who just posted about how) the Kazarians would capture and/or mer derr someone, wait for years, then take over the merr derr ed persons identity and go back to that persons home and claim all their property and integrate themselves right into the merr derr ed persons home, family, lineage, and towns.
      and as i just posted, when KingDavid had Mephibosheth found and Mephibosheths Nanny confirmed it was actually Mephibosheth, David gave Mephib. back Mephib's [grand]fathers Kingdom. that might look good to people who want to steal other peoples identity....

      and how hard would it be to find a Nanny to lie about that... for a cut of the Kingdom... nowadays? not very hard unfortunately.

    12. its notable that the building built for "the Worlds Papa/Pope" is in the shape of a snake's head, isnt it?!!! :):) hisssssssss!!

    13. the point is, "Kazarians"/ "the Jews"/ those of "the Synagogue of Satan/the snake"/ any other name: apparently have in the past, and still do, steal peoples identity BY ANY AND EVERY MEANS, for the purpose of gathering up all material substance in this world for themselves: including Broken Treaties with indigenious nations; secrectively constructed Birth Certificate BONDS; National Contracts/ "Constitutions" not ratified by the people; FALSE flags; changing dates on records; claiming NAMES THAT ALREADY BELONG TO SOMEONE ELSE and so on and so forth.


      Interesting read and they setting the stage and working to get the serfs to go along with their serfdumb

      Step right up sign on the dotted line give us two witnesses that can tell us you are in fact the debtor and wala a new debtor persona is born


      Two witnesses

      Because of the severe obligations imposed by the shetar, the contents of the instrument followed a standard form designed to ensure authenticity and precision.
      Each shetar recited standard clauses of obligation, the creditor's right to customary modes of execution, and a final phrase stating that the document was not merely a form but a statement of an express contract.
      Inserted into the form language were the names of the parties, the sum and the currency of the debt, and the date of the obligation, thereby indicating the creation of the lien.
      To prevent fraud, the document was signed by two witnesses who knew the parties.

      NOTES: In the first one referred to as an instrument
      A standard form to INSURE not ensure authenticity and precision

      Clauses of obligation
      Creditors right to customary modes of EXECUTION
      Final phase stating the document (not an instrument now) and not merely a form but an EXPRESS CONTRACT

      Question is who is the CREDITOR according to the Shetar?

      See page 1194 of the document linked above
      Read this
      All bonds were to be formalized in the presence of the official witnesses, and immediately duplicated.135
      The original and duplicate were usually written on the same skin and
      were divided by an irregular cut, producing corresponding tallies.136
      The Archa retained the duplicate, which was called the pes or "foot" of the bond, while the creditor retained the original, with the debtor's seal affixed.13

      Isn't a footprint collected at berth? By golly gee yes it is.

    15. They lie their asses off every day all day