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Wednesday, March 16, 2022


Russia outs Bio-labs at UN! 
Accuses US breaking Bio Treaty! 
Russia Ukraine Prophecies proclaimed! 
Soros Screw-tapes Xi & Putin!


  1. theyve got so many different narratives running at the same time!
    take your pick! that way theyll know what kind of "SPOOF" to run on the people next?? which StoryLine is believed by the most people so they can "Ride the Great Reset" in on that Storyline's RailrRoad? just asking.

    1. i think the people are over it.

    2. i:woman require: restor-ation.

  2. Russia is part of the G5 BRICS out of Davos
    Look at the actor playing putin in the photo and look at the masked actor on the stage today - not even close to being the same man
    Skinny friggin looking thing

    Bilateral banking is it or just the same crooks

    Their OWNED media and the supporting actresses and actors know we won't know the difference isn't that right Hackman aka Prather (mr PP, they love their DICK jokes)
    You and Will gave us the movie Enemy of the State - tell me what was it like playing those roles and laughing as you did it knowing full well that decades later the people, all of us, and not you the inbred bunch, would be used as pawns in this fucked up game you all have going here?
    Hackman here also plays the role of Uncle Sal on Duck Dynasty
    Warren Beatty played the role of TRICKY DICK Nixon
    Hollywood the hidden hand after all they OWN all the media and big pharma too

    Rod Steiger played the role of Gorbachev
    Frank Sinatra played the role of Reagan

    Its their new world order from their banking monopoly money ponzi scheme headquarters out of Swissy land

    Ukraine is a land grab and migrate the people off the land as they move them in to other nations at a profit

  3. It’s ALL BOLLOCKS… a ‘Dog & Pony Show’… ‘Smoke & Mirrors’..!