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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Anti-Russia? Try this on for size

by Jon Rappoport

March 16, 2022


  1. i will be watching to see if "russia" repels the supposed upcoming PERMANENT CHANGE IN "TIME" too.
    on dark outpost datte com on rumble he said today(?) that theres supposedly agree-ment to permanently change the time, starting in fall 2023 (waiting a year to accommodate the airlines who book flights so far in advance.)
    will he go along with that?

    and i think everyone is already aware of *their* talk of dropping/ adding a few days to the year to change the dates and the calendar, too!!!
    will he go along with *that*?

    also i heard, the World Health Organization wants all nations to sign-on to agree that what the WHO says is the Official Narrative Worldwide from now on.
    will he agree?

    because, there you go:
    even if people "go along" with these types of nonsense only to survive -- Their Plan, if any, may be to claim that if you USE:
    the changed "date" system
    change "time" system, calendar
    allow one man/other ti speaks "the truth" for "the whole world" -- (different from "what is *true*")
    diminish food production, trade between nations
    have plagues, wars
    change flags of free and independent nations to false flags or mutilated flags, change their records, steal their name, abuse their peoples, sack riff ice their sons and daughters, merr derr and torture their elders and so forth,
    ---then supposedly "YOU *AGREED*"!??
    AGAIN!!?... when that is NOT AT ALL *true*!

    i will say this for them though:

    with our genuine INTENT to join them, then they are right!
    otherwise they are not right, which means they are then wrong and owe me/ us restor-ation.
    theres no way to change that.

    1. i do not agree.


    2. in fact and law:common, American:
      they owe i:woman:janmarie restor-ation.
      they do use what belongs to me without agree-ment.
      i use what is mine regardless of who claims it to be theirs.
      those men using what is mine owe me:woman for use, and more.

    3. i,me,my,mine,myself, ourselves, free, independent, a people, the people, American, missourian, daughter, friend, descendant, kansan, virginian, west virginian, neighbor, townsperson, person, and so forth and so on: woman:janmarie.... i:woman *call* myself, and or
      answer to, whatever i choose.
      only i:woman know what i mean.
      no one else says what i:woman mean. how would they know what i mean? they wouldnt. im the only one who does.

      they have to ASK me.

      i dont have to answer.

      i dont answer questions.

      i do (generally) choose to answer a man who lawfully and peacefully records a claim before the people that i:woman have done him harm.... in order to peacefully get it straightened out.
      or if someone is threatening me, but then i have a lawful claim to lawfully record before the people (the inherent authority holders) and my claims can be brought at any **TIME** and in any TIMEFRAME(up), and can be acted upon even generations later, after im gone, by my relatives.

    4. be logical.

      law pertaining to man made in his creators image (yes we are) becomes more and more self-evident.

      others can think whatever they want.
      just dont try to apply it to me.

      and give me my stuff back.
      all of it.

      youre not forgiven.