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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

USA is headquarters for “Nazi death cult” of bioweapons war criminals

Dr. Francis Boyle was interviewed by Owen Shroyer ( on Monday and dropped several important bombshells (see video below). First, know that Dr. Boyle is the author of the international agreement prohibiting gain-of-function bioweapons research, signed by Reagan in the 1980s. And since that time, Dr. Boyle has been battling the efforts of Tony Fauci who has been incessantly pushing illegal bioweapons research with the support of both Democrats and the Neocons.

On Monday’s show with Shroyer, Dr. Boyle stated that America’s corrupt government is running and sponsoring a “Nazi death cult” of bioweapons scientists and collaborators, and he specifically named Fauci (NIAID), Collins (NIH) and Walensky (CDC) as those deserving prosecution for crimes against humanity. He has previously stated that “thousands” of scientists who worked on gain-of-function research should be prosecuted and sentenced to life in prison. (Dr. Boyle does not believe in the death penalty.)

Furthermore, Dr. Boyle confirmed the decades-long existence of US-built bioweapons labs in Ukraine and discussed how the United States government is guilty of violating the global treaty against gain-of-function weapons development while working to surround Russia with bioweapons labs.

We’ve posted this interview here via (more comments below). Listen starting at 30:30 if you want the bombshells.


  1. they continue parading their atrocities in front of us, and everyday it gets worse.
    i dont think theyre going to round themselves up, arrest themselves, and punish themselves.

    1. is boyle spoofing? there have been enough facts out for years to bring indictments... and
      boyle says at around 37:30 that he is "a mere law professor" he would already know that the "State" ACTORS are under the same FICTIONAL Oath and "Authority" as the "Federal" ACTORS, and that they are both appparantly sworn to give each other FICTIONAL IMMUNITIES and FICTIONAL PRIVILEGES, right?
      if so, then what is boyle doing? if he knows, it would then look spoofy and like he is misleading people. purposely.

    2. if thats true, then boyle the law professor basically lied for a hour while looking at us/into the camera,,. if he was pretending like indictments should take place over all these peoples merr derrs, while knowing that will never actually take place (under that authority) due to Immunities conferred in that jurisdiction?

      law professor boyle needs to explain how to make that happen when it seems theyve all given themselves and each other Immunities in that jurisdiction.
      i would love to know.

    3. the immunities/other protect them from indictments and charges.

      its all FICTION in their world anyway.

    4. what it looks like we're going to be hit with next is:

      being "talked up" by those people who "have secret special intel sources"!
      all telling us with unbridled enthusiasm that "everythings being taken care of!!"
      yeh,...."theyre holding secret special military tribunals right NOW, dontcha know?" or was it international common law court? or international court of justice? or icnj?
      yeh,... but its aaaall being taken care of FOR you!
      you dont have to do a thing. cause all those bad guys have been rounded up and put away. you just dont get to know anything about it cause were doin' it **for** you. See?
      so, dont you worry your pretty little head about anything.
      all those bad guys have been put away.

      trust us.


      next up?:
      them constructing and directing the celebrations for the universal basic income card/chip implants?... kind of like how we heard that the American version of the Truckers Convoy was constructed and directed by Attorneys and Doctors?

  2. This speech is very interesting for those who haven't seen it yet:

    Chemtrail metal particles we breath into our lungs....
    What the hell is going on here?