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Thursday, March 17, 2022

A Thought for Saudi Arabia and OPEC from the Office of the Fiduciary

 By Anna Von Reitz

You are now dealing with the actual American Government, not the British Territorial facsimile thereof.
For numerous decades a productive relationship between the U.S. and OPEC and most especially, the Saudi Government, and other Middle Eastern oil interests have allowed a positive partnership that has enriched the Middle East from the sale of a natural resource and enriched the U.S. via lucrative refinery contracts.
That's all to the good for all concerned and we have no reason to interfere with it.
However, recent rumblings and fears resulting from British Territorial Government mismanagement and the inappropriate use of Federal Reserve Notes outside their natural domestic venue, has led to concerns that "American money is no good" and the idea that Chinese money would be better.
We must point out that Federal Reserve Notes are not American and not international currency.
The actual American Government protests any idea that our money isn't good and proper; our international currency is backed by gold and silver and it always has been.
We must also point out that actual American oil reserves far surpass anything that the Middle East ever possessed. We've been sitting on an oil basin reservoir on the Eastern side of the Rocky Mountains that dwarfs Middle Eastern oil reserves --- and it is a lot closer to our refinery capacity.
That is to say nothing of trillions of feet of Natural Gas and approximately one trillion barrels of oil available offshore and inland from Prudhoe Bay. And more billions of barrels available from Shale Oil in the American Midwest.
Not only do we have no need or reason to be dependent on Mideast oil, we could easily compete against Mideast oil and tank the market price instead of being nice guys and letting other countries have a go.
Put bluntly, America has been allowing the Middle East to benefit itself, and hopefully, its people, and not competing significantly in the world oil market as a Crude Oil Producer, but all that could change in the twinkling of an eye. And everyone involved in the oil industry worldwide needs to know that, if they don't already.
This actually has nothing to do with the politics in Washington, DC. anymore, as oil is a subsurface mineral asset of the land and soil jurisdiction of this country and the actual American Government is now in Session.
We plan to stay in Session throughout whatever process is necessary to straighten out the banking and other resource issues. Please be advised. We are not threatening anyone, not aiming to cause harm to existing relationships--- but we are not prepared to put up with rumor-mongering to the effect that American money isn't what it should be, or presumptions that our oil resources are off the table.

These are our resources. They don't belong to "the U.S.". And while our Government is in Session, their Government has nothing to say about our money, our resources, or anything else not explicitly delegated to them.


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  1. If you can help me with questions about LLC’s please respond.

  2. For decades you and everyone awake has been calling it monopoly money.
    You cant blame them when they find out what it really is for not wanting to trade in it. When you print your own as the fudiciary backed by your Gold Anna im sure they may have a change of heart. Until then you should just agree with them in my opinion.

    1. but it wont matter what "she" agrees with or doesnt anyway Anton, because all the "World Leaders", and you, and me, can all see clearly for ourselves by looking at the true and original Declaration of Independence
      [wherein the actual united States of America was created from consent of the people July 2(TWO)-3, 1776, not September, 1776 as annavonink purports]
      and also from the true and original Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union wherein only true and original The United States of America was formed, both still standing and both still in effect:
      that there is no reference anywhere to any "Fiduciary" in either one!!
      such that:
      while "annavonink" continues to purport to be the "Fiduciary" over something, it is NOT "the actual American Government": true and original, and it never will be no matter how many times "she" purports that it is!!
      "she" knows its not.
      the "World Leaders" know its not.
      i know its not. :)
      and why do you think there are few (any???) verifiable and lawful PROOFS of ANYthing "she" purports to be doing?!
      "filings"? nope!
      postings/"mailings"? nope!
      answers to anything from anybody ever? nope! :):)... not as far as ive ever known "her" to be able to furnish anyway! i will be happy to look at them though if "she" has any to provide the peoples' review.
      otherwise, "shes" just telling FairyStories and Fables and while they may be entertaining, they are still, then, NOT TRUE!

      finally for now: i recall that:
      even annamaria's own husband, james belle cher, says THERE IS NO CONTRACT!!
      Gs!!! :):):) come ON people!! lol!! time is getting short...

      friendly suggestion:
      read YOUR country's Founding Papers for yourself so you will be sure you know in your own mind what is actually true!
      imo they can both be read word-for-word since they are NOT written in coded-LEGAL BAR ENGLISH language (copyrighted by the BAR Society) but instead are written in our language:
      American common language.
      it wont hurt to check it out!l.

    2. Check it out

      I was watching this
      When I didn't finish watching for the last two days I have tried to find their website and it was not available until this morning

      And I'm telling you right now in an email to me Anna claimed to be the decendant of Jesus folks

    3. And I found this quite disturbing when it comes to the claims made by TROH and this God Yahweh

      North American National Party is about the North American Union IMO
      As they state according to the 'law of nations' you cannot separate the continents?
      Question is who wrote the 'law of nations'?

      Maybe those in this world congress dated 1897
      I suggest we get the hell out of all of it

    4. Funny that word yahweh kind of looks like
      HEE HAW the television shew

      Just an observation

    5. Shelby, are you in the Assembly? I have been in the Assembly now since I think August of last year. I hesitated for years to join. Now, like everything else, still seeking the truth. I looked for the dates that Janmarie posted about Anna’s claims regarding original dates and it could be that Anna is misinterpreted. I don’t see the dates as purported by Janmarie. I do see different dates in the jural assembly handbook. Have you been able to find anywhere in Anna’s body of work, w/ the dates claimed by Janmarie? Thank you. An aside, I try to post here w/ my Google account (Janice A) yet it is still showing me as unknown.

    6. Our handlers have not been working in our best interest for a very long time as Anna has said many times.Ann is excellent historian she knows laws and how they got there I would place my bet on her because she is a powerful soul with a big heart and her intellect crowns her head. I trust her over anybody I eveer met. I will
      follow her caravan, because she is experienced, like Hendrix, just more so

  3. Most people I have spoken with for years don't even know what founding papers are let alone where to find them or even read well enough or care to find out what they mean. Much easier to re-spin forked toungue news written by their gods , certain authors and journalists who cheer lead profitable wars for hard assets, property and peoples labor enslavement

    1. Yep, but they are the oh-so wise and will save us from ourselves if we should just but listen to their wisdom and "facts". As for myself, I keep finding actual evidence of the true nature of life and just have to say.. it can wait until I can process it. Always keep an open mind and one eye to the left for spying out BS. Funny enough, I think we are going to find out for real what is going on and no way to deny it. Without an open mind you will probably self-select for exit.

    2. Where do we find “original” documents? The National archives? Anyone can claim anything is “original”.


    And all things are associated with ABRAHAM Lincoln the lying king and relationship to the fake ass Abraham Accords they working in on the play right now along with their 7 fake laws of Noah ie the NOAHIDE Laws

    Their rabbid entities and their hasidic interpretation of their G d and their bible

    Funny that there World Zionist Congress was created in the very same year, 1897

  5. This is friggin hilarious

    1. You still in the basement, douche bag? How's the Doritos supply holding up? Lol

  6. He must have special permission from the UN to be up here?
    Seeing as how everyone is being herded in to stack and pack housing and 5G kill cities makes you wonder just how in the hell they think they own this land and how they get away with the shit they doing when no one else can be on these lands?

    Mining in these areas still without permits? Seriously?
    Again not knocking the guy but something a little bit off about this whole set up?

    Makes you wonder if it was a silver mining town at all and not a hollywood movie set turned silver mining town that they resurrecting from the dead?

    Killing small towns and cities everywhere but somehow this one gets special treatment?
    Just seems fishy to me

    Not to mention with 1.4 million utube subscribers the guy in raking in some serious cash

  7. Is there a contradiction?
    Oil Reserves by Country 2022
    Ghawar Oil Field, Saudi Arabia -The world's biggest conventional oil field
    Oil Reserves by Country - Worldometer
    Natural Gas Reserves by Country - Worldometer

    New tech to sequence Dna faster… (Indexing?) only $239.00…
    "IMPERIUM:" The No. 1 Investment of the 2020s - YouTube
    This same guy is pushing a “Green A.I.” that utilizes and captures all the unused energy that is produced in the U.S. Or is that Us? This was broadcasted as an ad that interrupted into a video I was viewing earlier this morning that gave information on the owner of the Ghawar Oil Field, in Saudi Arabia, and the companies that are manufacturing stronger, and better Batteries in order to capture this wasted energy. Ive been waiting patiently on the EV manufacturers to start producing pick up trucks, to wit have been promising to build these for the past ten years. Instead this is actually happening as one EV Manufacturer throws out the baby for the giant;
    That above ad video that i cannot relocate was at least 45:00 minutes long, and was chock full of info that I had researched 10 years ago, and even though he calls them Batteries these companies are actually using Capacitors.

    1. Federal auction of oil leases in the gulf

      After Katrina and getting rid of the useless eaters and taking control of the land on the shore Exxon Mobile and Saudi Arabia partner to drill in the gulf

      All of this falls under the World Parliament and the control of all resources including the fucking ocean beds and the minerals underneath it

      Exxon and the rocky brothers have a huge oul platform out in the gulf named Bullwinkle

      I wonder what BLOCK 65 is or where it's at

      Seems they selling off blocks of the ocean for oil drilling to the highest bidder

      It's a big club and you ain't in it unless of course you sign up or get indexed to be a global serf

    2. Question is, is it an oil rig or a weather modification machine that they used to help steer Katrina right in to the area they were looking to rid the shore line of the people who had lived there for generations
      It's how they steal the land, they destroy it then make new laws to prevent a rebuild, buy the land up for pennies on the dollar and relocate the SURVIVORS to stack and pack designated Human Settlement Zones as per their UN planning

      Tom Hanks aka Chris Christie helped steal ocean front property after Sandy Hook and 9 1 1

      ENRON was a weather derivatives trading company
      Chicago Climate Exchange

      Exxon again building a Carbon Capture hub

      Amazing isn't it the same crooks are always in the right places and on the forefront of global climate change as they rape and pillage YOU and bait and switch your asses in to their new world order

      You're living in the fucking New World Order and the objective is to get you to get signed up and indexed and everything else and still be subject to these fucking psychopaths

    3. Check it out the amount of warfare being used on this continent

    4. Look at the shit being shot up out of the gulf folks

  8. I suggest a listen

  9. Testing to see if it accepts my Google account profile.
    Janice A

  10. One of the best he's done

    And another

    And I find it odd that the narratives are colliding as they are

    And so perfectly laid out to the minute detail as to what is transforming right now

    1. And what do ya know yet another one

      Covering up the date it was originally broadcasted on with the yellow star in the middle of the friggin screen
      And whats with the friggin woman in the bottom right flapping here mouth but nothing coming out? She's not translating the broadcast so why the hell is she on the screen?
      Let me know if it happens to you like this too?
      This video was done a while back and now somehow they are splicing the shit to make it appear it was just done today?

      I smell rats folks

  11. And what do ya know

    And you have to ask yourself is this also a stage play put on for the masses to fit the narrative?

    Perfect timing to go with the narrative we taking down these guys and yet the godvernment is the biggest trafficker?

    Meanwhile the trucker thing labeled a CONvoy is about putting in new legislation and the global heist continues unabaited

  12. The play book

    Cue the hollywood hidden hand

  13. What do ya know the doctrine of false opposition
    Invisable Contracts

    The Armen Condo letter

  14. The United States was also among nearly 200 nations that adopted the Glasgow Climate Pact this month in a deal that for the first time asked governments to accelerate cuts in planet-warming emissions by limiting support for fossil fuels.

    Now it's a Climate PACT and a new one outside of the Paris shit

    And life without fossil fuels is right up the Rockefeller Brothers Foundations alley

    A more interdependent world where everyone self governs themselves right in to global slavery except the fucking crooks

    None of this shit is by accident people you have a world wide crinminal syndicate running the GLOBE

    This self government bullshit means absolutely fucking nothing if you're still using the crooks FRN's and taking donations to build the fucking thing

    Tell me folks how does donating and using debt notes that the criminals themselves created work? It's still a debt note

    It's all BOLOGNA
    Cause Oscar Meyer has a way of selling you BOLOGNA

  15. You gotta listen

    It will knock your socks off
    And you best take heed and know who you are dealing with and their hidden agents and what their end game is

    Interesting note, the seal that putin uses is a PHOENIX