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Friday, February 25, 2022

Putin the day before. Putin Gives ‘Blood And Soil’ Speech On Ukraine Reunifying With Russia


  1. Telegram:
    Ezra Cohen

    "The modern day "Jews" were historically Khazars or Chazars, a Mongolian Nordic tribe who roamed northern Europe. Khazars converted to Judaism in the 8th century, and migrated westwards into Eastern Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries when the Khazar Empire was collapsing."

    See attached: Crest of Ukraine and Khazarian Tamga

    "Beware of the ides of March - This is The Great Reset
    Billions of dollars spent on underground cities/bunker by the elites for what reason?"

    1. NO!
      The above information posted by Ready007 is verifiably incorrect.
      the Khazars are Turkic.
      they are *not* Nordic.
      and in fact they are from the southeast end of europe, as far away from the Nordics as you can possibly get.

  2. Look, A glitch in the Mattrix CGI

    Everything Happening To Our Country Was Planned and It’s Only the Beginning

    "So many things that went wrong, in such a shot amount of time, is no coincidence. They call it the Great Reset. Many people thought the Biden administration was pulling off a Cloward and Piven, which is to turn a country socialist by creating laws and policies that destroy your country’s economy and then out of the ruins rises a new system that government promises will fix everything. Normally, that new system is socialism, but that’s not what is going on at this point in time.

    What’s going on now is a new global progressive fascism where the globalist elites want to crack down on middle and lower-class people and control their lives in as many ways as possible so that they can live in the lap of luxury while everyone below them suffers. Instead of a Cloward and Piven, they want to pull off a Brave New World where they live expensive lives in comfort and opulence while everyone else makes it their mission in life to service their needs. There’s more sinisterness to it than that, but that’s the big picture."

  3. Putin will do as his money masters tell him to do

    All part of the G5 banking cabals plan

    Part of the end times shew