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Friday, February 25, 2022

Final Reply to John Curren Chapman III

 By Anna Von Reitz

Mankind is given to delusions.
People, generally speaking, have a hard time telling the difference between fact and fiction.
A tree is a fact. A fish is a fact. A man is a fact.
A corporation is a fiction. Corporations are mental constructs. They don't actually exist and are not part of the natural created world. They have no substance.
The Unum Sanctum Trust is a fiction. It was made up by Pope Boniface in 1302, which is a long time ago, but it doesn't matter how long ago a fiction was created. It's still fiction, first, last, and always.
If I take a book down off the shelf and tell you, "Hey, this is a good novel. You ought to read it." -- you understand that it is a work of fiction. The characters are all made up out of thin air. The action described never happened. If it refers to an actual time and place, it's only to create a framework for the fantasy.
The Unam Sanctum Trust is exactly such a fantasy, and no matter how much people may have believed in it, it remains a fantasy by definition. It's a corporation, like any other trust.
Corporations include trusts, cooperatives, foundations, and a wide range of other "business models" ---- and they are all fictional. None of them have standing in the actual world.
John, I hate to break it to you, but you did not create the Universe, so you do not own it.
If you think you own the Unum Sanctum Trust, you are claiming to own a fiction -- but you didn't create that, either, and as it is a fiction, it has no substance outside your head.
Law of Kinds, John.
So, also, you don't own me or anyone else. You don't own their souls. You don't own their land.
And any claim you make otherwise, is fiction--- that is, a fantasy. A lie.

You and your cohorts have been called out for believing self-evident nonsense, and all you can do is stomp around like petulant small children, saying, "But it's real!" --- when it's not.


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  1. As a “Judge” that is touted to be well versed in “The Law”, should while having this platform be conveying what is “Lawful” for all of Us to glean, and utilize not only for our own benefit, but for future generations to have also. This should not only be priority one, this should be the only priority one such as yourself should only be interested in accomplishing. If for nothing else than a precedent, a legacy that all of Us may espouse to as well.

    1. The comment below was meant to be the first comment. to wit it was deleted twice.

    2. On Saturday, February 19, 2022 the article; Exit Interview With "The Devil”, By Anna Von Reitz was posted. It. Starts off addressed below;

    3. “To and through John Curren Chapman III:
      You will shortly be joined by Princess Gaia Sophia and other surviving Martian nobility.
      The Martians are distantly related to the Lyrans, so the Lyrans have agreed to take you in and give you a new home planet. Transport should begin in about eight Earth Days.”

    4. Ok... People just check out that February 19, 2022 the article; Exit Interview With "The Devil”, By Anna Von Reitz to read what supposed to happen to this guy "in about eight days"

    5. To wit is tomorrow...
      P.S. Hope everyone notices my first comment's time stamp and this comments time stamp. That's how many times my comments were manipulated, and deleted to keep me from posting, what most would consider a simple comment...

    6. So why should this discussion be continued if the "goddess Ana" already made it clear not only to the one's being transported but to everyone that has read it's edict. After all when a "goddess" speaks what elaboration should be needed.

    7. yeah, Foscolos00 it sucks there is noone sane in charge.

      being very generous, she did once say all law is based on religion -- which is another way of saying astrology

      rome, romulus and remus. greek, minos, minoan, minotaur. america, novus ordo seclorum, the sibylls song.

      this is a good reason there will never be any "law" anywhere -- when you get to the root of every country, its always just astrology as the story of the "founding"

      pharaoh versus pharaoh -- who will win? the "chosen people" [ are the genuine] -- note trump did the same "zionist" thing that overthrew "judaism" -- "love america with all your heart and soul" from a speech -- "the gov is god" aka "socialism") maybe the pope pharaoh will win? or the state assemblies and their "10 commandments"?

      woe to the world, idolatry abounds.

      some other fictions:
      -- "the bible"
      -- "jesus"
      -- "the lord"
      -- "the 10 commandments"

      marriage. wife and husband. bloodlines. families.

      once you eliminate all these "fictions" besides there no longer being any such thing as "incest" -- there goes all claims to anything by james.

      without the "bloodline" fiction, and "family" fiction, there goes all of anna's stories and "remedies".

      have to wait for some martians to show up and "save america" i guess -- none of the self-appointed "saviours" have any clue or "substance"

      actual definition of "substance": 180 of anna's definition. see virtue, virtual, plato's ideal forms. this definition has been flipped 180 to now mean 180 of it's actual definition.

      "substance" is what is real. this does not include the material world. this does includes things like plato's ideal forms.

      what is real does not include things humans can perceive -- because they are not gods, they have limited senses.

      also, this is literally why they came up with "ineffable" "the lord" -- woe to any actual "jews" -- who are spinning in their graves, with the "founding fathers" -- in perpetual motion.

      "ineffable" -- cannot be uttered. that was "substance". not only is it not "nature" "material" -- it can't even be SPOKEN.

      idolatry abounds. better luck next millenium lol.

      people who claim to worship the "ineffable" turn out to be pure golden calf idolaters. woe to the world. may not have anything to do with aquarius, but this is certainly the people who got hit with their "second death" curse, barking orders at everyone else.

    8. so much for the "ineffable" "the lord" entity LOL.

      "substance" is now, to the dead, only things humans can perceive. 180 of "the lord" now.

      it is now off by 4000 years -- see wikipedia "great year" picture with draco the dragon in the center, as well as "ancient egypt light of the world" 2 volumes, gerald massey, has them -- but revelation nailed it. those who say they are jews but are not, the synagogue of satan.

      woe to the world, satanism/pure materialism reigns supreme. new soviet man, perestroika deception "merger" on display for all to see.

      "substance" is now what the devil says it is. woe to the world.

      this is the part where the devil takes you up atop the mount and shows you all his kingdoms.

    9. it's literally in the word "substance" -- "sub" -- that is 180 of anna's idolatry -- underneath the material appearances. the stuff of which an object consists.

      that which underlies all outward manifestations.

      woe to the world, satanic "substance" has now 1984ed the actual definition.

      that which is real, in distinction from that which is apparent.

      this does not include "nature" "the material world" things which humans can perceive -- this is what is meant by "in distinction from that which is apparent"

      woe to the world, 1984 hegelian "merging" going on, as the devil claims his worldly kingdom.

      real or existing essence. the ssential. this does not include outward appearances such as "man" "tree" "fish" -- those are "apparent" (and noone agrees on definitions anyhow -- all words themselves are mere "appearances")

  2. I am going to impart a little happening that I knew had high likelihood to manifest;
    most everyone has heard that on the first day of spring is when an egg can be made to stand, or rest upright. Whether this is a myth, or a fact I will not get involved with that debate. What I do know is what happened to me on that day years ago. A good work coliege, and I were scheduled to take our Crane Certification Practical Tests on an 80 ton conventional lattice boom friction crane. I had just realized what day it was, and told him that even if one of Us hits one of these upright test poles that has a tennis ball on top of it the likely hood of that ball dislodging itself would be less likely on this day versus other days. He was skeptical of course because he knew how even a strong breeze would cause the tennis ball to come off these test poles. So I took the “practical test” first guiding the 2 ton concrete barrel through the course that was lined up on both sides with the test poles each having a tennis ball on top of them. This course if I recall correctly had to be accomplished in less than two minutes without hitting any of these posts, and knocking off the tennis balls. I got about half way, and sure enough I nudged one of the posts and it leaned over more than 45 degrees and then stood itself upright without the tennis ball falling off. I continued to the end set the test weight down, lifted it back up, and came back through the course in reverse, and wouldn’t ya know it, I hit another test pole across from the one I hit prior, and almost laid that one down but it righted itself without the tennis ball coming off as well. The Examiner who was also a Crane Operator, and Instructor for over 30 years thought the two of Us were playing a joke on him and we had taped or glued the tennis balls to these poles. However after he went through and inspected them he was besides himself until I told him what time it was and what day of the year it was.

    Ive seen those that are proficient in their field of expertise that have accomplished extraordinary feats that would leave most onlookers amazed. This is what professionals are capable of. The prowess that professionals seem gifted with are mostly due to their expertise that usually takes years to achieve. This is why I am very much concerned about what is happening to our specialists in the Military. The injustices that are occurring to them will take it’s toll on all of Us for decades to come if it is not stopped. Now.

  3. If this sounds familiar it is because it’s at our doorstep. Only “The Law”, and those that know it while upholding it can prevent this from reoccurring onto Us.
    Not Since 1917 – Part IV - by Will Zoll - Prussia Gate

    1. Just have a read and see what just transpired with this investment venture and it's name

      links back to this article

      GAUTAMA BUDDHA = a B and G word

      Buddha sat under a BODHI TREE – a B word
      In BODH GAYA India – a B and G word

      And the guy Bodhi Mantra from way back who used to comment on here but has not for quite some time

      Anyways thought that was quite fascinating to say the least

    2. Focus in India BROADCASTING
      What do you know

      And India part of BRIC G5
      Nothing like some insider trading and information and brainwashing the indian population with buy consume obey BROADCASTING

      India also focal point for World Parliament launch

    3. have a listen

      zip codes and swissy land and the upu

    4. "there's one in every car, you'll see" shelby -- "repo man" movie, referring to air fresheners -- "world tree" -- one in every religion.

      yes, it was navel of the world. for egyptian/bible stuff the "heavenly" part is just the pole star area -- see wikipedia "great year" picture with draco the dragon in center. compare to "revelation" -- 2000 BC. note the dragon's tail is not even relevant. the "little dipper" now "sweeps down 1/3 of heaven" or whatever lol. "lamb of god" is back at 2000 BC LOL.

      such is the levels of idolatry. "bible" never wrote anything for "aquarius"

      also, john the baptist head on a plate (devils dictionary jokes about "charger") . search for the buddha story. there is even buddhist jesus.

      abraham sat under an oak IIRC. world tree -- there's one in every "car" LOL.

  4. wag the dog

  5. should be noted, since anna has no idea what the word "substance" means, new lies for old, perestroika deception, is sure to continue unabated.

    be certain not to believe anything about "russia" and "ukraine" posted here -- whatever the case, "substance" definition here is now pure idolatry; whatever is going on, the posts here are sure to be disinformation. even if not intended -- people who are not remotely qualified to discuss such things

    if one does not even know the definition of "substance", no discussion of "communism" is possible. it is simply out of their league.

    another way to say that: you can't trust "marxists" to tell you what is "true" -- because their philosophy is like anna's. the entire goal is to build a metaverse -- where only senses reign -- nothing is real but what man can perceive -- there is only "materialism" and nothing else.

    interesting they use "right wing" "bible" angle to try to pull it off i guess, but this makes perfect sense. anyone who actually followed the "ineffable" or "my kingdom is not of this world" could not believe in "marxism"

    whatever is going on with putin, any analyses here are sure to be disinformation from "marxists" (pure materialists, who don't know what the word "substance" means)

  6. Hi Anna , I am hoping you can give your opinion on David-Wynn Miller & Mark Christopher -Chief Post Master General Court Judge.
    Thank you .