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Friday, February 25, 2022

Answer WHO's Bid and Object

 By Anna Von Reitz

Right now, the World Health Organization (WHO) is pushing to put a Treaty in place that would allow the WHO to take over the government of all and any countries during a pandemic or other major "health emergency".
We have already seen how corrupt and useless the WHO is and how it would be misused for political ends and material pillaging if any such Treaty is allowed.
Time to get rid of the WHO, not empower it further.
Americans have never granted any office of government any say in our health issues, public or private. All of the measures that have been imposed here have been imposed under color of law by renegade commercial corporations that need to be liquidated once and for all.
So, Peeps, use your Power of the Pen to fully inform both the United Nations Secretary General and the International Court of Justice that this is the case and we won't be allowing anyone to "represent" us in this matter and cannot be considered to be acquiescing to any action purportedly taken for us by any representatives as we have already spoken to the matter and denied them any authority related to our health as individuals or nation-states.
Get out your little red marking pens and send Antonio Guterres a Nasty Note and carbon copy the International Court of Justice.
Send these letters either First Class, or if you can afford it, send via Express Mail.
The vote is to take place on March first.


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  1. They even got the dead to vote for them before the eyes of all Mankind and nobody could do anything about it????

  2. Do they have global next day mail? cuz thats what is needed on a saturday morning if the vote is in 3 days?! Too bad such 'time is of the essence' info isnt shared with sufficient notice as to allow an effective response. But, at least they may get buried with 'red ink' throughout days and weeks following the vote. That'll really show the ptb what retards we are, I mean what responsible adults ready to assume self-governance

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thank you for that obversation. All the Tier1 Organizations has all been given N otice by the Parties who now own all the Tier1 Organizations and that includes the UN, WHO AND ALL THE OTHER ORGANIZATINS THAT SITS UNDER THEM. The parties Known as KOM has taken away all the fundings that IMF, World Bank used to have because of their misconucts. They are not in a position to make any treaties anymore and are now defunct. The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna’s sovereign ownership of the Tier1 Organisations (including but not limited to
    the Federal Reserve System),may be verified by any Nation’s Intelligence
    Agency or Central Bank via the Governmental System or the Global Financial System. The UN was given Notice to Vacate or start paying Rent on the Sovereign soil of Kingdom of Manna.

  5. this is **ALL** FICTIONAL BULLSHIT.

    yes, i agree with paul whipple (comment above), he himself is a "retard" if he, in fact, is caught up in it or giving it any credence!!

    it is *man* who, under authority of our creator, is over all!!!

    1. oxymoron alert. can't be "retarded" and "caught up" at the same time. And it depends what the definition of "it" is.
      As for being a man under authority of our Father, that I am. Which, is why I am in favor and habit of notifying the acting powers that be of the evil of their ways and the eternal consequences to them who do such. Who believes to be under the Creator's authority, will be found working to serve and protect His people, and addressing the stewards, servants, and hirelings who trample them trying to steal their estate. This is our responsibility (Matt 18:15-20 (replacing "church for assembly")) and honor! Ps 149:7-9 "...To Bind their kings with chains, their nobles with fetters of iron, Executing upon them the judgments written. This honor have ALL His saints." So yes, I was retarded, but I am catching up fast