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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Observe the Low Points and The Aldrich Plan

 By Anna Von Reitz

1. In May of 1865, a month after Lee's Surrender, the funky, incomplete, unelected Rump Congress established ten "Military Districts" in the Southern States, and also established military court tribunals in each of those Districts. Those are all entities operating under the auspices of the District of Columbia. That's why they are organized as Districts. That's why they are called District Courts. From then until now, these quasi-military carpetbagger courts have been in operation and their sole job is to keep order and collect money and other assets from us under the False Legal Presumption that we are all Municipal citizens of the United States, owing them for war reparations. Everyone who wasn't a Union soldier is presumed to be guilty of crimes and defined as a Municipal citizen of the United States to expedite the fleecing of the civilian population--- and even the Union Soldiers have to present their credentials to the court on the sly to claim their exemption.
2.. In 1868 a Scottish Commercial Corporation successfully passes itself off as The United States of America --- Incorporated. This facile fraud based on semantic deceit allowed them to access our American National Credit in the same way that a Credit Card Hacker steals your identity and accesses your credit without your knowledge or consent. The banks are on the hook for this, going all the way back to then.
3. In 1907 the Scottish Interloper (see above) was bankrupted, which resulted in all sorts of other franchised Territorial Government Corporations around the world being bankrupted, too. This is when Australia, Inc., a franchise of The United States of America, Inc., was bankrupted and that is what occasioned the military occupation of Australia by "the US" in 1908. See? They were pulling the same schtick there as they pulled here, just 43 years later. Pretend that the "Governmental Services Corporation" is the actual Government, bring in the British Territorial Military (Raj) and set up these bogus foreign corporate tribunals to fleece the people and force them to pay for the expense of all these military operations and war reparations.
4. World War I ---is started as a family squabble between George V and Kaiser Wilhelm II, but notice that Kaiser Wilhelm was not operating as a King. He was operating as an Emperor, so that the actual King and Kingdom was displaced and not involved in the resulting war --- similar to the situation in America, where the actual people of this country were never involved in the Civil War, the actual people of Germany were not involved in WWI. This is because all the soldiers were all conscripted and enlisted under False and Undisclosed Pretenses in both cases. Following the War, the losers are all occupied and the phony military "district" courts come in to fleece the civilians and force them to pay for the military's "war reparations".
5. Next, the Lieber Code that set up this vicious system in America following the Civil War is adopted as a series of international treaties resulting in the Hague Conventions supported by the Jewish International Congress -- which isn't Jewish. The reparations claims forced on the German people by France and Britain and their American Stoodges are so draconian that the German people can't live, so.....
6. The Second World War rears its ugly head, with another interloper/actor, Adolph Hitler, leading the way and irritating the international bankers. Hitler clearly recognized the fraud and the syndicated nature of the evil that Germany was facing. He also clearly grasped the problem with money being controlled by the international central banks, because among the first actions he took was to "uncouple" the Deutsch Mark from their arbitrarily established value standards.
He correctly deduced the nature of the fraud promoted by the foreign military court system, too. And for this, he must die and the whole mess has to be reinforced and everyone has to suffer and innocent people must be killed by the millions, only to repeat the same wretched scenario --- occupation by the US (not American!) Military, establishment of a foreign corporate tribunal system, fleecing of the non-combatants and combatants alike, for decades afterward.
We could add that when too much time elapsed and even the last vestiges of the old phony bankrupted corporations faded from view, the Vermin reinvented the "14th Amendment" citizenship in America when their own self-interested "Congress" passed the 1940 Nationality Act and re-imposed the same tired and false Legal Presumption that everyone in our country was a "Voluntary Transactor in Commerce" as the Federal Reserve Act put it --- and therefore a guilty-by-definition Fourteenth Amendment Municipal United States citizen, liable to pay all the war reparations of the war-for-profit the same Vermin were intent on starting.
We could also point our fingers at The Aldrich Plan which they instituted and have assiduously followed in all the years since, a plan that enriches Wall Street at the cost of the people of this country and makes Reagan's Trickle Down Theory look absurdly childish by comparison to the "sweat sucking behemoth" Senator Aldrich and his Cronies created.
It's time for all Americans to read all about the AldrIch Plan. Look for the posting on my website and prepare to retch. I am posting an entire book on the subject.
When you see these engineered historical debacles for what they are, it's easy to see the same worms have been at work to create the present situation--- the "pandemic" too, and for the same reasons--- money. Money for THEM at our expense, including the expense of our health and our lives.

It's time for a worldwide awakening and the prosecution of these criminal cartels to the fullest extent of the law ---- and not just a few of their leaders and puppets ---- the whole shebang needs to go and get flushed down once and for all. And the military needs to do its job, instead of providing "muscle" for these crooks.


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