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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Muckraking, Just in Time for Christmas.

 By Anna Von Reitz

So now the Forces of Evil are really desperate, and they've brought in their Big Guns to "expose" whatever they think they can expose in personal attacks against me and my husband.
I suppose they think that we haven't anticipated this?
They think that we don't already know what they do all the time to everyone?
Dear hearts, I don't have an arrest record. My motives and limitations are recorded in public via my published Irrevocable Will. That's something THEY won't show you, but we do. Go look for yourselves. It's on my website at www.annavonreitz;com and it stands on the State of Alaska Recorder's Office record, too. It's public in both venues.
My husband shouldn't have an arrest record, either, a fact that the Officers of the State of Alaska and his alleged victim all fully admitted. She voluntarily recanted and the Governor offered a pardon. We didn't accept because a pardon implies that a crime actually happened, but is being forgiven---- and in Jim's case, nothing happened. That's good enough for me and has been good enough for decades.
If you want to make something of it, you can try. Won't make any difference to us.
We stand with the literally millions of Americans who have been unjustly accused and convicted of non-existent crimes in foreign jurisdictions.
Schaeffer Cox, 26 years old, convicted of thinking bad thoughts about a District Judge.
Bruce Doucette, convicted of walking into a courtroom and accusing them of crimes they were committing right in front of him (but it was on their turf, and therefore, a transgression).
Virtually every person convicted of tax evasion in the past hundred years has been convicted of not paying taxes they didn't owe.
And what about the thousands convicted of using cannabis, even though the "Federal Government" never had any regulatory authority over its use?
We know who the guilty ones are.
Their promises that we won't have a bank are empty, too. We already have two kinds of banks -- an international trade bank and a commercial bank. The problem has been that they are trying to illegally block us from providing banking services to you, but they won't succeed.
The Federation of States is by definition a "national banking association". We can do and will do whatever we please and our public servants will just have to get used to it.
I guess I am glad that the Muckraking Phase has come. It means that they are trying to throw enough mud at me to overcome me as a political rival. All they see is a "politician" they don't own, so, of course, this is their reptilian instinct--- "destroy her so we can put our own flunky in charge".
They don't realize yet that I'm not a politician and not seeking to be elected.

And people like Floyd are too far down their totem pole to realize why they have never been able to stop me from doing anything I set out to do.


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