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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Here It Is AGAIN --- Why You Don't Have to File UCC Paperwork and Why I Did

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's called the Supremacy Clause which is found in all three "federal" Constitutions, Article VI. That is followed up by Amendment XI which makes it abundantly clear that Americans are not subject to foreign laws --- like Unidroit.
Our Territorial State of State Employees all signed up and accepted Unidroit and obligated themselves over a period of time from the 1960's to the 1980's. That's them. Not us.
Unfortunately, thanks to the Great Fraud, we were all misidentified as both Territorial and Municipal "citizenry" and not identified as American Citizens at all. Our names were trafficked into these foreign venues and subjected to foreign laws because our own political status was not a matter of public record.
If you are an American "with hands and feet"--- you and your property assets are secured in that foreign global jurisdiction where Unidroit operates, because of the filings that I did a decade ago.
Your assets are yours and all you have to do is step forward, declare that you are a living American --- not any form of "US" citizen --- and claim them by recording your 1779 Declaration and Witness Testimonies.
Acting as the American Fiduciary, I had to go out into those foreign venues and deal with making the asset claims for the living people --- all the living people, including myself --- and I had to find a way to do that in a world populated by dead entities.
So, I filed all that paperwork for myself and every other American with "hands and feet" and blood flowing in their veins, securing our claims to our own assets.
I set it up so that all you have to do is come forward and be counted as a living American and all your assets accrue automatically to you.
In their lingo, I exercised the "ninety percent of the law" to claim back the 10% ownership interest that the owners and operators of the Unidroit System established as a means of "attaching" you and your assets to a Municipal Constructive Trust operated in YOUR NAME.
And just to make it absolutely clear and certain that I was not in any way attaching your property to myself or for my benefit, I issued and recorded my Irrevocable Will.
I suggest you all read my Irrevocable Will. And read the explanatory Anchor Baby article.
I also suggest that you not file UCC paperwork, because (1) you no longer need to and (2) it is tricky and you can easily muff things up for yourselves.
All that you actually and factually need to do is what I have been telling all of you to do for years now---- declare and record your birthright political status as an American, and join your State Assembly, and begin the process of actively self-governing your State of the Union.
Once again, just in time for Christmas, in the middle of Rat Watch, I find myself answering ugly accusations from people who haven't bothered to read what is right in front of their noses and whose motives I highly suspect.
These people have no concept of the work that has gone into our effort to drag America back out of the dust heap---nor do they care about their neighbors, or their country.

I can say this with certainty, because they reflect the evil in their own minds. They can't believe that anyone in my position, able to claim all the assets of everyone else in America, chose to give it all back instead.


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