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Monday, November 8, 2021

Who Is The Head of State? --- Open Letter to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti

 By Anna Von Reitz

November 8, 2021
Dear Cardinal Mamberti:
An examination of American History yields many compelling facts that the American Public has remained largely unaware of for over two hundred years.
Most of this hidden history revolves around records kept by the Holy See and which should, reasonably, not be any news to the Vatican Chancery Court.
Nonetheless, we feel compelled to delve into and bring forward specific facts that are otherwise being ignored by those who are best enabled to know them and obligated to honor them.
Specifically, who is the Head of State for America?
Not the President of any corporation, and that much is sure, because of the jurisdiction of the office. A "president" is a CEO of a business engaged in international trade or global commerce. By definition.
No President has ever served this country as its Head of State.
Instead, the Post Master of the Land Jurisdiction, whose seat of government is established as the Capitol of that country, Philadelphia, is the Head of State.
It is the Post Master who declares war --- or peace --- and who acts as the Head of State.
Now that we are all reminded of this fact, or given cause to know it for the first time, let us examine the exact origin and transfer of the American Office of The Post Master.
The first Post Office in America was organized by Benjamin Franklin in 1732 and the first seat of government was established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Franklin, who together with European Benefactors including Comte du Motier (General LaFayette's Grandfather) and the young Comte de St. Germaine/St. Albans, and certain senior prelates of the Roman Catholic Church who maintained an interest in the Catholic Colonies---- all of whom wished to limit the avaricious British authorities, sought to establish a secure network of communications and private contractual agreements to support this network of Post Offices and Post Roads connecting directly to the established Ports and Sea Lanes connecting Europe and America.
The Post Office was the Internet of the 18th Century. It is still the most secure communications network on Earth.
Let us also reflect upon these facts --- Europe was founded by Euric of the Visigoths and brought under his singular Law, The Code of Euric.
Euric's family was native to the Auvergne region of France, and they retired there after also conquering most of England; another branch of the family settled in Normandy. Their outpost in England since Roman times is St. Albans, so it is not surprising that the Comte de St. Germaine, author of the World Trust, also held the title of Count St. Albans in England.
Nor is it surprising that he would be involved in the enterprise of the Post Office in America, and would serve as Franklin's counterpart on the sea --- the first Postmaster of The United States of America.
Please notice that with respect to this country and its international jurisdictions, Franklin served as Post Master (land) and St. Germain (using his British surname, St. Albans) served as its first Postmaster (sea).
As another twist, please also observe that Franklin also served as the first Postmaster (sea jurisdiction) for the British Territorial United States, that is, the Office of the Postmaster of the United States of America, as well as being (already) Post Master of The United States of America (land).
It is through the Saint Germain office that the entire network of the Post Offices has been preserved worldwide, but it is through Franklin's original office of Post Master established in 1732---and still held by James Clinton Belcher, that this country remains.
We understand that there has been a misunderstanding about all of this within the Roman Curia and also within the Church. Who wouldn't be confused?
We have a Post Master and a Postmaster..... a British Territorial Commonwealth calling itself "the United States of America" and an independent country calling itself "The United States of America".
We have a "President" of a business organization representing a Post Master, and a British Territorial Postmaster General rampaging around usurping upon the actual land jurisdiction Office of the Post Master.
It's confusing enough for the inheritors of both Europe and America to sort it all out with the assistance of the Saint Germain Minutemen; the only other institution on Earth that has the records and ability to do so, is the Roman Catholic Church and the Office of the Holy See, which has been dodging the ball.
The British attempt to destroy the St. Germain records by firebombing Dresden at the end of World War II obviously failed.
The Church will be disappointed to learn that our copy of Luther's 95 Theses also survived. So has the Code of Euric survived.
It may come as a big shock to those who never wondered why "Europe" is called "Europe" and to those who never noticed that there is a difference between "the" United States of America and The United States of America, or even a difference between Postmaster and Post Master---- but it is not a surprise to us.
So, here we are, in possession of our offices --- and there you all sit, playing pattycake with a Crown Pretender, Russell J. Gould.
Mr. Gould did enter the offices in Pennsylvania and he did do his little ceremonial claiming Franklin's other office, the British Territorial Office of "Postmaster of the United States of America", but he could not and did not claim the Office of the Post Master of The United States of America.
That's a leap too far for any British pirate.
Mr. Gould is a U.S. Citizen and never sought or claimed to be anything else. It is self-evident that he could never claim or fulfill the Office of Post Master --- the American Office that has been held by James Clinton Belcher since 1980, and which was affirmed by James Thomas McBride in 2008, together with all other "beneficial interest".
So, who is the American Post Master? And the rightful Head of State for The United States of America?
James Clinton Belcher.
Please note that Franklin fulfilled the Biblical prophecy of standing with one foot on the land and one foot in the sea, and that this is the only country on Earth where this is possible.
Please also note that Bacon, von Speck, and von Reitzenstein are one. St. Germain and St. Albans are one. Elaine of Auvergne and Elaine of Joyeaux Garde are one. Powys and Normandy are one. Guilleroi du Lac and Guilleroi de Armentrois are one with Aragon and Aragon is one with the Dalmatians and the Dalmatians are one with the Greeks. All these peoples and principalities that you consider separate are in fact all One, and it is to that One that all power and glory and honor are given.
For it is the blood of the innocent that sets men free, and now that debt is paid in full, forever.

Those who seek to increase their debt do so in ignorance, for it cannot be done. There is no more well-spring of guilt, except in their own dim imaginings.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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