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Monday, November 8, 2021

The Tired Physician

 By Anna Von Reitz

How would it be, if you were a doctor, and you had a patient who came to you for help and you correctly diagnosed the ailment and handed them the cure ---- but they went home and didn't take the pills.
Six months or a year or two later, they come back with the same ailment, and they gripe at you because you didn't cure them.
It's your fault because they didn't take the medicine.
At about this moment, our would-be physician is inclined to beat the would-be patient about the ears with his clipboard and run screaming into the bushes.
And who could blame him?
Similarly, I have told millions of Americans the cure to the vicious unjust "court" system --- recoup your natural political status on the land and soil, form your Assembly, and set up your own courts to serve yourselves. Invoke Ex Parte Milligan and boot the foreign courts out of your lives.
It's simple enough. Twelve honest men who are peers of the accused, a clerk to keep the record, a bondsman to protect the evidence, a justice to pronounce the jury sentence, and a sheriff to execute the sentence.
I count sixteen men and a Geneva Bible as the only things necessary to deliver you all from your problems with the foreign courts, and yet, you can't manage to find sixteen men and a Bible?
This past week we used the Office of the Post Master (land jurisdiction) to present an Impoundment Order to the responsible parties, requesting and requiring them to impound the IRS and its officers and impose penalties and cures upon them for the offense of Federal Racketeering, Impersonation, Trespass, and illegal confiscation of American personal property.
So, now people are saying, why not me? Why not all of us?
Remember---- our law requires an Injured Party and demonstrated and quantified damage.
When the IRS (or a corporate flunky thereof) steals $1,209.45 from you, you have a demonstrated and quantified injury.
However, when your arm is broken during a trespass-assault by (private) State Police, and your car is impounded and sold without your permission while you languish in jail, and your family is evicted from their home while you are awaiting trial because of the loss of your income --- well, then, things get a lot more complex, don't they?
How are you going to "quantify" that?
Again, you need a jury of your peers to do that for you and award damages.
So, here's the Tired Physician, telling you all again ---- get the lead out and form your Jury Pools and elect your Court Officers.
Right now, I am getting a large number of people griping because they are continuing to get very hefty "Tax Notices" for "Property Taxes" which Americans don't owe.
In 90% of the cases, these same people have known about the Patent Claim Process --- because I have explained it how many times? ---- but they haven't done it.
Didn't take the medicine, but still expect the cure--- is it supposed to happen by osmosis? Magic? Do I wave my hands over them and say, "Pustulence Verbatim" and hope for the best?
Just like overturning the foreign courts. I have explained how to get them out of your pockets, too.....but....
It does no good to know it and say it, if you don't do it, too.
So, stop expecting unearned miracles and stop sitting on the sidelines of your own lives.
Nobody can do this for us. It's ours to do or it doesn't get done.
Self-governance requires action and there is no point in complaining to me about actions you haven't taken for yourselves.
If you want gubmint goons to leave you alone, if you want your Constitutional Guarantees respected, if you want the money grubbers out of your lives, then the pathway forward is clear: join your State Assembly and boot up your civilian courts. Now.

Sign me, The Tired Physician


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