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Monday, November 8, 2021

Not Another Ragnarok

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is the umpteenth time that Mankind has been destroyed, busted back to the Stone Age, and all because of dishonesty, delusion, and overall stupidity.
This end result has been encouraged on all these various occasions by the purveyors of deceit known as the Sons of Cain or the Sons of Satan or the Sons of Lucifer or the Sons of the Father of All Lies or the Sons of Simon Magus, or, or, or.... you get my point.
Satan has no name. They just keep calling him something or someone different, change which language the reference is made in, and boot on down the road.
Whereas the True God is a spirit, Satan is an angel that has gone insane.
Satan was created by the True God.
But something went haywire.
Satan lost the ability to discern the difference between fact and fiction.
He lost the ability to discern the difference between the nature of God and the nature of Angels.
Here on Earth we have had these battling House Guests, both the Fallen, and the Loyal Angels, turning our planet into a war zone for thousands of years.
Of course, it doesn't seem that long to them. Only those of us who wear the transient bodies of men discern the length of days and the travesties wrought by these careless visitors.
But now, it's time for the Fallen to return home to the Morning Star. That's why all the alien fleets are surrounding this planet. To transport them and make sure they leave.
It's time for Mankind to have peace on Earth, minus blood-baths and lies.
Understandably, they don't want to go.
Just as understandably, we insist that they be removed.
As a final burnt-Earth policy, they have unleashed a program to pollute the DNA of Mankind so that we no longer have the name of the True God imprinted on our DNA, and so, no longer (they claim) belong to him.
This would be like taking the name "DANA" and adding a letter to make it "DIANA".
Our DNA is like a brand mark and they are like cattle rustlers trying to change the brand.
They think that they will use their concocted "Mark of the Beast" (brand) to claim all the dimwitted and trusting souls as property belonging to them, ready for transport when they leave.
Will they get away with it?
We have already outlawed their claims and limited the assumptions of authority being exercised by the U.S. Supreme Court.
For our Father has held his purpose that not one shall be lost.
He has also shortened the days of tribulation.

Let us all rejoice that the Ba-El and the Ra-El are all similarly enjoined, and the Earth will once again know the Peace of God--- the True God.


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