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Monday, October 18, 2021

Urgent and Much-Needed Explanation for My German Friends

 By Anna Von Reitz

As we are busy unravelling our own twisted history, we are trying our best to help other people around the world unravel and better understand their own twisted history.
The root of the evil all leads back to the "Holy Roman Empire" and to the wordsmiths employed by the Pope to promote it and fund it --- attorneys, whose life work seems to be promotion of confusion, deceit, and criminality.
Members of the Voltaire Society have long labored to expose these evils, which go hand in hand like the personage and barratry by which they prosper.
Now,today, one of my German-Austrian Facebook Friends turned up this gem, which is the most succinct and explicit explanation of what went on in Germany during the same time period when we were suffering the aftermath of the American Civil War ---- and how Bismark pulled the same kind of substitution-deceit on the German People as Queen Victoria and Disraeli pulled on the Brits, and which Lincoln pulled on the Americans.

This is a brilliant and brief explanation of how "the Reich" insinuated itself as a sea-going jurisdiction government and supplanted the actual government of Germany.
It's the German variation of what happened in England and America at roughly the same time, and it proves beyond a doubt that Wilhelm I and thereby also Wilhelm II were not Kings of Prussia, and were not legitimate Emperors, either.
This reduces World War I and World War II to just more filthy, private, mercenary squabbles between evil members of evil families, all seeking to profit themselves from the death and misery of others, and from fraud committed against the General Public.

This is, unfortunately for my English readers, presented in German --- but it is straightforward and easy to translate. I urge you all to take a few minutes to copy down the text and translate to English. I would welcome a competent translation to post. (My German is sufficient to let me read this and get the gist of it, but I would not be able to claim an exact translation.)


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1 comment:

  1. From Anna von Reitz

    From what I know about my family the Reitzensteins came originally from the Tyrol— a mountainous region that stands between Germany and Italy and has historically been part of both.
    We used to joke that we spoke German and ate Italian and had the best of both worlds.
    Coming from that part of the world we gave rise to familial connections throughout the Austria-Hungarian Empire, but especially came to rest in Southeastern Germany in the little town of Issagau near Dresden and in Prussia, where we were indeed related to the Archdukes von Strelitz und Mecklenburg.
    You can just look at my face and see both Hapsburg and Prussian lineages written there, if you know what you are looking for.
    There are plenty of connections to the von Pauli, von Speck, and von Lettow-Vorbeck families, too, all great adventurers, scientists, and soldiers.
    I have nothing that I am ashamed of in my German heritage, including my Prussian heritage.
    Anyone can look up my lineages and see that my Great-great grandfather was born in Konigsburg, the Prussian Capitol city, and owned so much property that it took 200 pages to hand write his Will.
    They can also see that he gave it all away to the poor along with his Spanish counterpart, don Philippe of Aragon.
    They believed that in the nature of things they were setting themselves free by returning their great personal wealth to the World Trust.
    Whether they were right or wrong is not for me to argue, but I will observe that to date, the World Trust has failed to do what it was meant to do, and very few of the remaining donors have stayed true to the vision that embraced this sacrifice.
    I am willing to meet Stefan at any time— and with anyone else who holds the pieces of the puzzle — and I note that what happened in 1871 was mirrored again in 1971, as Nixon betrayed the opportunity to settle the Collateral Accounts and went chasing after the Petrodollar.
    It’s true in terms of the world’s wealth being an inheritance it “belongs” to just a few who can claim it—- and of those few it is an open question as to who has the heart and the vision and the truth to bring it home and distribute it with wisdom and with grace.
    By my own estimation we have failed to educate people as they need to be educated — and will simply have to do our best and make a start.