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Monday, October 18, 2021

Update to the Texas Assembly

 By Anna Von Reitz

I originally sent this message to The Texas Assembly to interject some common sense into the situation there:
Original Message:
To The Texas Assembly:
You are receiving this message from “Anna von Fritz” which is a label I use to identify conversations that start as phone threads, but this is in fact Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary for The United States of America.
I am going to make it real short and sweet, folks. If Texas doesn’t pull together and get itself properly organized, Texas isn’t going to get any money.
Not a dime.
You have to have at least the four basic structures assembled and at the rate you are all going and with all the fractious gossip and back-biting going on, Texas (and Texans) are still going to be standing around with their pockets turned inside out—- while all their neighbors are enjoying easier and happier lives.
Just sayin’ If y’all want to be sucking empty straws, it’s up to you; but, if it were me, I would be making tracks to make peace with my neighbor and together, we’d finally get a piece of the barbecue.
Now, I hate to put it in such commercial and mercenary terms, because we all know that food and health and love and freedom are all worth a lot more than money—- but having two nickels to rub together never hurt. And it won’t be any fun if the Okies just over the border are strutting around like Uncle Tom Turkey and you are all stuck in the mud and muckraking and poorer than sharecroppers just because you liked fighting with each other better than doing what has to be done.
And getting the money.
This elicited a response from a man in Texas who went through the process of reclaiming his birthright political status there and paid over $800 for himself and family to do it --- compared to $65 per person in surrounding States---- and in most cases, even that is keystoning it.
I would like to know what possible excuse Texas has for over-charging people for a simple service that any fool can learn to do and using a computer system that is provided at almost free gratis? Is this how you are trying to make money? By gouging other Texans to recoup rights and property interests that some other Gougers defrauded them out of?
I repeat ---- get it together and do it now. The piddly bits of money you can make by gouging people on the recording fees are beyond trivial. The actual assets and money owed to your State of the Union are at stake.


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