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Monday, October 18, 2021

Public and International Notice to All "US" and "USA" Affiliated Military Officers

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is the crap that they are telling to our top military officers and this is the crap that they are actually doing and I quote:
1) The bioweapon is a military operation and by winter 60% of the
population will be dead.
2) The military is running everything and it is the military's job
to keep the balance of power in place between good and evil.
3) Trump had his top leaders change their citizenship to an
international citizenship that they applied for in person at the Hague.
And here's the actual facts, suckers:
1. The illegal bioweapon was created and deployed by rogue factions operating in collusion as commercial mercenaries in both the US and China ---- not a single clean military officer involved.
2. The military is absolutely obligated to obey the civilian government and the civilian government is now in Session. All orders forwarded by the existing chain of command are belayed unless those orders conform to your ultimate Mission --- to protect your actual Employers at all cost, and to protect life on this planet at all costs. It is NOT the military's mission to maintain any balance between good and evil. It is the military's mission to eradicate evil wherever it finds evil and to make all necessary effort and exercise all individual and group powers of discernment to determine the nature of evil, identify evil, and put an end to evil.
3. If Trump did this knowingly and willingly, with knowledge of the consequences, he is a traitor to this country and needs to be hunted down like a rabid dog. If he did this in ignorance and banal stupidity because he was misadvised, he needs to be brought up to speed at hell -a- kiting Mach 10.
I cannot believe that any sentient high-ranking military officer in our service or any other service would "buy into" such bull crap, but there you have it. This is what they are being told by the corporate Middlemen.
Time for the military to get off its ass, recognize the fact that the Middlemen are commanding the destruction of their actual Employers ---- and kill the Middlemen.
Otherwise, you dumb(#$%$##)clucks, you are not only going to be out of a job, you will be fighting and killing the people who actually provide your salaries and retirement benefits.

Pass it on!!!


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