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Monday, October 18, 2021

Reply for the Postal Pedants

 By Anna Von Reitz

It has come to my attention that certain persons representing themselves as organizers of the County Governments of this country imagine that they have access to our Post Offices in Admiralty --- that is, on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and that they somehow have the right to seize our Postal Offices and employ them on dry land.
While this is an interesting theory it is demonstrably laughable and unenforceable, even for a ship in dry dock --- for the following reasons.
We, The United States of America, are in receipt of the oldest Postal Treaty on this continent --- 1732, and we have maintained a constant General Post Office since that date to the present time, with representation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is the seat of our government.
Notice that I say, our government ---- which began and was established in 1727, four years prior to receiving our Postal Treaty from the Holy See.
All Post Offices and all postal functions began with the Church and the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in no way abrogates any Postal Treaty owed to the land and soil government.
Please also be aware that we are Party to all Postal Union Treaties in the international jurisdiction of the sea as it is our delegated power that allows for our servants, "the" United States of America to operate a Post Office in the first place, and the same is true for the Municipal Post Office.
Not only that, when it became apparent that the Municipal Government Corporation would have to be dissolved and that all the other corporate "governments" were on a similar sleigh ride into extinction, we realized that our employees would be left stateless and without a postal address, so that we acted in their behalf and became signatories to The Postal Treaty of the Americas which established a Regional Post Office in 2010, for all of those who would otherwise be left without service.
We, in fact, hold four (4) primary Postal Treaties, together with protective addendums, and have held them on land and at sea and in the air for over two centuries.
So all those bean counters and customs agents and taxpayers who are employees of ours need to take notice not of the pedantry of the Post Office and the rules, codes, and regulations that govern Postmen, but instead, must take Notice of the actual Principals for whom they labor and by whom they are employed: The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States of the Union.
Please pass this information on to the Postal Pedants and inform them of our Postal Treaties and our grandfathered-in status in all such matters, and the fact that all positions and Post Offices in the Admiralty related to this country already belong to us and are not subject to their representations under any species of delegated power.

Thank you, very much.
Anna Maria Riezinger,
The United States of America


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