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Friday, September 17, 2021

International Notice and Proclamation Regarding American and Russian Alliance Treaty Provisions

It is a long-established and honored provision of our International Treaties and of our Government to come to the aid of the Russian Government and People in time of need, and it is also an obligation long-honored for the Russian Government and People to come to the aid of the American People in similar circumstances.
Though not widely known outside diplomatic circles, these provisions have been in place since 1858 via The American and Russian Alliance of 1858. This Treaty of our lawful Government operating in International and Global Jurisdiction still stands.
Two generations of merciless propaganda by foreign European interests have attempted to obscure the fundamental friendship established between the American People and the Russian People just prior to the onslaught of the Mercenary Conflict of The American Civil War.
It is not an idle supposition to assume that The American Civil War and all that this country has suffered in the Aftermath, was brought about in part by self-interested over-reaction to this Friendship Treaty by other European Interests, most notably, Westminster, Whitehall, and the Papist Theocracy.
Self-interested Foreign Powers then and now have endeavored to demonize Russians to Americans, and similarly have demonized Americans to Russians, in hopes of creating a permanent wedge between our peoples and thereby preventing the realization of the noble goals and purposes of The American and Russian Alliance.
We have honored our part of the pact and the Russians have honored theirs for over 160 years. We are again calling upon our friends and compatriots worldwide, including the Russian Government, to act in the interests of global peace and to work with us to bring the ongoing genocide of innocent people by corporate interests to an end.

So said, so signed, so sealed this 16th day of September in the years of 2021, by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State, The United States of America