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Thursday, August 19, 2021

More Garbage from TROH

 By Anna Von Reitz

As some of you have noticed, The Reign of the Heavens Society, aka, TROH, is again making the rounds and spreading disinformation to the effect that I and my husband and the lawful American Government are felons on the run and under some kind of phony indictment by their "Society". 

Let's get down to the facts. 

TROH has attempted to pull the same con job as the Scottish Interloper played in 1868.  

They incorporated a commercial corporation in a foreign country, infringed upon our Good Names and Trademarks, called their corporation "The United States of America, Incorporated"
and are now trying to pass themselves off as the government of this country. 

No sovereign government can be incorporated, ever.  This is a fundamental condition of sovereignty.  No sovereign government can go bankrupt.  No sovereign government can incorporate itself under the auspices of another foreign government. 

Everything that TROH has done is fraudulent on the face of it.  

No instrumentality of a sovereign government, or as the case stands, multiple sovereign State governments acting in concert, can be incorporated by a foreign country, either. 

They are making groundless claims without standing, and are themselves engaged in fraud and felony level impersonation schemes.  

Please help get the word out and help put an end to their slander and lies. Come to that, help put an end to their phony corporation merely calling itself "The United States of America, Inc.".  Help us locate the exact source of their charter and join us in having it expunged. 

Anna Maria. 

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