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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Stop the Madness Worldwide

 By Anna Von Reitz

Remember when Prince Philip said that he wanted "to come back as a loathsome virus" and kill most of the world's population?
He's back. And we are stupid if we give him his parting shot.
No pun intended.
Go to Peggy Hall has already said it all and all that needs to be said.
A new government needs to arise in Britain, if only because the people there have been defrauded of the Christian Monarchy they were solemnly promised and because their Queen has in fact vacated the land and soil of their country for almost seventy years.
In another two years, Britain and the entire Commonwealth /Territories could be overcome and overrun by Creditors --- and all without firing a shot, simply because there is no competent head of state occupying the land and soil jurisdiction of Great Britain.
The only light in that darkness is that British Law and Tradition provides that in the Queen's Absence, the Lord High Steward is in charge. The Hereditary Lord High Steward is a man named Ivan Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, currently living in Australia --- and he is both a Christian and opposed to the entire agenda.
Those of you who have been following along are already aware of this circumstance.
So, Americans, go to and learn your actual rights and how to defend them.

Brits, get out your pitchforks and remind every member of Parliament what their actual job is, and if you are sick of being sick, support and assist Lord Talbot in restoring peace and order and a functioning government for the land and soil of Britain.


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