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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

A Bit of Clarity

 By Anna Von Reitz

This past Monday night, I explained how efforts to re-secure our assets have been undermined and gone haywire to the extent that plans were being made to use the returned labor bonds owed to the people of this country to fund the RV.
This is screw loose from many different perspectives, not the least of which is that the money produced by those bonds is "dirty money" --- the result of criminal activities that took place in this country for almost a hundred years, right under the noses of our precious vaunted military geniuses.
Such money has to be returned to the people of this country, but it cannot be returned to them on an individual basis because they would immediately become "tainted" as beneficiaries of crime and would be presumed to be accomplices to the crimes.
Those bonds have to be "settled" and the receipts have to be returned to the lawful government and to our International Trade Bank for distribution. We have already described in part the First Wave of relief in the form of a Vendor Card that will allow Americans to discharge public debt with pre-paid credit.
I was so disgusted with certain members of the U.S. Military for inserting themselves in the repatriation process and presuming to have authority over the civilian government even after Peace has been declared and the lawful government has presented itself, that I asked the members of our Assemblies to sit down and sound off on their own behalf.

The address for the Joint Chiefs of Staff is: 9999 Joint Staff Pentagon, Washington, DC 20318-9999.


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  1. fact:
    there *are* no such things as "labor bonds";
    those are slave-trading DOCK-u-ments, and you know it "anna".

    dirty money, indeed!
    those are proof of false claims made against the lives and property of living man and woman and their sons and daughters.

    the bonds, as you already know,
    are WORTHLESS, arent they?
    as i and others keep saying, including jim belle cher at one time,
    "there is no lawful agreement".

    Thats the actual problem.
    isnt it?
    that ya'll are sitting there with fist-fulls of worthless paper "bonds"/chains /shackles thrown secretively onto the lives and production and sons and daughters of free peoples? and you/others wanted to put those slave bonds back onto the backs of the people again?
    ...but this time to fund the remedy owed to them by the false claimers?? making the people the debtor who has to pay their own remedy?
    i hope i am not correct about that.
    but it sounds alot like having ones corporately-created debts prepaid using the birth certificate but not being told about it and being charged for already paid debts. under threat and force.

    if true, then this is just getting uglier as we go.

    1. were going to have to really comprehend that contracts dont apply to us. man. mankind.
      because man cant even enter into a contract.
      contracts are for their system's legal fictions only!
      legal is for fictions.
      commerce is for fictions.
      corporations, trusts, citizens, thrones, chairs, money are fictions: man-created and not creator-created....

      man is limited to entering into good faith agreements.

      a man has no standing to contract in the legal fiction world... only a legal fiction can participate in legal fiction world.
      spiritually, you cant mix the living (man) with the dead (fictions), its a spiritual abomination.

      write it on your bathroom mirror, put it on screensaver?:
      "man cannot contract".

      man has to AGREE to ACT AS a FICTIONAL CHARACTER in *any* system before the duties and responsibilities of that FICTIONAL CHARACTER
      ATTACH to the man.

      no one can do that for you.
      if they do, its a false claim/known in commerce as "fraud".
      man has a right to restoration.
      remedy is for legal fictions.

      fraud with remedy has to do with commerce/legal fictions; and
      trespass with restoration has to do with American common law/ man.
      as always: jmo from my research -- ALWAYS check things out for yourself.

    2. Why do you put Anna in quotation marks, like you dont think it's her real name?

    3. julie,
      because annamaria, the woman, is not annavonreitzdotCOM, imo.

      i refer to annamaria, the woman, as annamaria; and i call the fictional entity/ character/ CORPORATION calling itself annavonreitzdotCOM: "anna".

      janmarie, woman :)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. spiritually, you cant mix the living (man) with the dead (fictions), its a spiritual abomination.
      this doesnt mean anything. new testament baptism in christ is "alive" everyone else is "dead". old testament has its rules. etc. etc. and so forth for whatever other religions. apocalypse spits out the lukewarm too, so has its own rules as well.

      spirits dont have bodies. when you have spirit + corpse (body) you get a living person, animated.

      is a spirit alive or dead? depends on your religion.

      spirits precede/create material things. or at least inhabit them. as kooky as that might sound, thats how religion/spirituality/alchemy/etc. works.

      "dead" "fictions"? no, corporations are an idea, spirit, a thought, a plan, a man plan a canal: panama. a corporate charter. a "constitution". then people are needed to carry out that idea.

      see "incorporation" in normal dictionary, for example. to give a body to (a spirit). unite.

      is such a "legal fiction" dead? it has a spirit. it has an idea behind it: thats the corporate charter, the rules, the plan, whatever idea that entity was created for to carry out.

      whether a particular spirit is "dead" or not depends on religion. for new testament, only christ saves. all other spirits that dont confess christ as god are antichrist.

      this type of "spirituality" nonsense doesnt actually mean anything. just one of a million ways to deny christ, pretend that all spirits are equal. magicians/occultists never do this. they will summon the devil or some other spirit, and then ask christ or "god" or "the lord" or in their name, to command the spirit, or make it do something. there is hierarchy. such is "angels" for any religion too, etc.

      "all spirits are alive" is a nonsensical theology. if that is true, corporate charters are "alive" as is any other idea or plan. if that is not true -- then spirits have rankings, depending on your religion etc. who can save or not, who gives life, who gives death, "angel of death" for example lol

      this make believe "spirit law" doesnt mean anything. just another made up religion to deny christ.

      man has to agree "all spirits are equal" before buying this nonsense. noone consented to that. new testament denies it. old testament "The lord" denies it. occultist/magicians/exorcists deny it. you are foisting contracts on people to some "spiritualism" made up religion, that noone consented to.

      if there was some "spirit law" -- there is gobs of precedence. better read some "magic" books on hierarchies of angels lol

      bait: corporations are evil, ignoring real law, etc.
      switch: come deny christ with my spirit law! adhesion contract.

      not much of a solution. just more adhesion contracts.

      quote: man has to AGREE to ACT AS a FICTIONAL CHARACTER in *any* system before the duties and responsibilities of that FICTIONAL CHARACTER ATTACH to the man

      TRUE. noone has to agree to magic spirit law. or unknown gnostic monad "the creator" god. or "nature's god" yezidi peacock angel/mercury/hermes/thoth/elohim.

      this magic spirit law is doing the exact same thing as "legal fictions" do. not much of a solution, just more of the same shell games. guess which spirit it is? can't say. same old masonry.

    6. spiritually, you cant mix the living (man) with the dead (fictions), its a spiritual abomination.
      no, thats called a real live man or woman (or human being, unless you want to pharisee that).

      corpse + spirit == alive, animated.
      corpse not breathing not moving, dead, gave up the ghost, no spirit or signs of life in it.

      and every baptism in the world, involves trying to put one spirit inside a corpse/body. such is christianity. such is any religion ever. try to merge "your" spirit with whoever you think is "god" (or for christ, merge with christ, who is "one" with "the father" etc. also full of grace, but let's not go there today).

      for "spiritually, you cant mix the living (man) with the dead (fictions)" to be true, you have to deny every baptism ever.

      "man" "living" doesnt mean anything when we are talking religion. only question is which spirit is inside that person, who do they think is god?

      you are mixing religion with "secular" law, and getting new age "spirituality" nonsense as the result.

      "man" is "living" doesnt mean anything for religion. which spirit is inside that person? who do they think is god? who do they claim is their creator? that's how every real actual religions ever works.

      adam was "living". jewish encyclopedia hyrum/hiram says its all hiram's fault death was pronounced on humanity.

      man does not decide when they live or die per se. they are not god at least. they may prolong their lives in worldly manner, or spiritually, but man is not god.

      this is what this "spirituality" is actually saying. man is god. ok, that's new age religion. fine. noone has to agree to that. "spirit law" precedence is 1000 other religions all disagree with that.

      alchemy/hermes/thoth/mercury sort of do us your explanations of alchemical texts and nature, make us a philospher's stone, an elixir of life, and we will agree you have reached that level yet or not.

      man is not god. this kind of new age "spirituality" is just secular humanism in drag.

    7. let us name another reason this spirituality is nonsense: an incorporation is uniting a spirit (an idea, plan ,corporate charter, goal, reason for existing) with a body (people who try to carry out that idea).

      the legal fiction lives on perpetually, walmart ceo dies a new man takes that position/title and the goal continues. lives forever. alive forever. so long as someone(s) acts as the "body" of this idea/spirit. thats an (in)corporation.

      so, for people, a lone individual man or woman,

      spirit + body/corpse == animination, living man

      body/corpse no movement or spirit inside == dead, corpse

      spirit with no body? we can say that is dead too

      "life" on this plane of existence: body + spirit
      dead on this plane of existence:: body alone, "gave up the ghost". or spirit alone "not incarnated on the material plane yet"

      in that sense, all spirits are "dead" until they "incarnate" however that might be.

      still, your claims make no sense here. a living man is incarnated, spirit + corpse/body. they are not some "spirit" floating around.

      the living and the "dead" per your definitions, get joined all the time, all day long. thats every baptism ever. and religions disagree on who is god or not. some spirits more "alive" than others.

    8. and, for the crown jewel on why this spirituality is nonsense:

      person/persona. a mask. a role. a title. man (substance) acting in some capacity.

      how does that differ from some "spirit" manifesting or incarnating or possessing someone or something:
      1) as a corporate charter, rules, an idea, a plan, a goal...
      2) the spirit of a particular person
      2) the spirit resulting from baptism or other belief in some god, or prayer, etc. i.e. one spirit replacing another inside some man or woman.

      how does this differ from "legal fictions" "persons" incorporations/corporations/etc.? it doesn't. same exact thing.

      spirit puts on different bodies/masks. maybe spirit puts on a real live man flesh and blood "mask" and when you die you go up or down (like alchemy, but i digress). maybe spirit shows up one time as "walmart, inc." and next decade the spirit reappears as "super mega corp".

      once you have "spirit" and corpse/body, you get "persons" "personas" "masks" just the same as roman civil law. there is no avoiding that. you have 2 "levels". body/corpse, is just the "mask" in such situtations.

      so, you are stuck with "legal fiction" persons even for your "spirituality" scheme. spirit inside someone, body/corpse is the mask. same exact "persons" as the corporate law once again.

      and again, the only relevant question is: which spirit is that inside someone? "you" ? spirit of truth? angel of death? flying spaghetti monster ? lol.

      "spirituality" and "spirit law" and "the creator" and "god" is just a mask, and like masonry, refuses to state which "spirit" that is. just more "legal fiction" persons/personas/masks.

    9. xerces,
      you already know i love reading your ideas and find them to be valuable, so im going to go ahead and comment this way, because it demonstrates the principles of American common law:

      comments 1 - 4:

      And so? ....
      the whole point of freedom is that i can think whatever i want.
      so can you.

      am i causing you any harm?

      or maybe you just want to control other man?
      by what authority (fiction) would you claim to do that?
      who are you to control another man who isnt harming anyone /their property?
      do you think i agreed to let you control me? prove it, because i say i didnt intentionally agree to allow you to control me or my property.

      it doesnt matter to me what you think as long as youre not forcing your ideas on me or what belongs to me, or harming same.
      (American common law).

      janmarie, woman

  2. Fruit from a poisonous tree .catch me if you can all law enforcement is bought off.
    Zionest take over a government and the slavemasters whip is a color of law thugs in costumes.

  3. .

    If a fiction creates a (2 dimensional paper in a 3 dimensional world) contract within a fictional Government and the originator is in the fiction created, then can there be fraud with in the fiction (Corporations) --- can not be fraud as the fictional government says so.

    As they say you havent seen anything yet

    1. Greetings Maximus,

      You said: "As they say you havent seen anything yet".

      You are absolutely correct in that statement pertaining to the globalists and rest of humanity itself about the unseen divine world above which will eventually descend back down to Earth with a vengeance if the globalists and rest of humanity does not yield to divinity (Divine Law- The Original 10 Commandments with the consequences of violating those commandments) ASAP!!!

      Sincerely by,

      Divine-Earth-Citizen ©*
      Divine-Earth-Agent ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Creation ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Humanity ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Peacemaker ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Peace ©*
      Divine-Earth-President-of-Presidents ©*
      Divine-Earth-Commander-in-Chief-of-Commander-in-Chiefs ©*
      Divine-Earth-Military-General-of-Military-Generals ©*
      Divine-Earth-Director-of-Paradise/Heaven/Peace-On-Earth ©*

      *Exclusive copyright by the owner of "Make it happen", August 19, 2021.

    2. agree ... IF youre in the fiction they created.
      otherwise, their fiction doesnt apply to you.
      and you had to knowingly agree...otherwise youre not in it.

      if you agreed, then yep, the logic you delineated is correct!

      their problem is, were not in their fiction just because they said we're their slaves!
      the parasites.

    3. Make it happen- Originally posted on: August 18, 2021 at 9:16 AM

      Greetings Divine Earthly Mortals,

      I apologize for not being able to post for some time (those who have been on this forum for awhile know what I am all about, I will re-post my past articles to catch every one who is new up to speed about the ultimate divine truth of the demise of humanity and creation itself [hint- nothing has changed {except for me personally}])!!! I have been reading Anna's articles and the members comments while I have been off this forum!!! While I have been off this forum I was setting up my multi-trillion dollar non-profit private free enterprise corporation and almost to launch date (the whole world will start seeing changes after launch, YEAH!!!)!!!

      Everyone ignored my prophesies before planetary lock down and now I have a captive audience which I have been waiting patiently for!!! So, keep your eyes on the forum for the ultimate truth of truths!!!

      Sincerely by,

      Divine-Earth-Citizen ©*
      Divine-Earth-Agent ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Creation ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Humanity ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Peacemaker ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Peace ©*
      Divine-Earth-President-of-Presidents ©*
      Divine-Earth-Commander-in-Chief-of-Commander-in-Chiefs ©*
      Divine-Earth-Military-General-of-Military-Generals ©*
      Divine-Earth-Director-of-Paradise/Heaven/Peace-On-Earth ©*

      *Exclusive copyright by the owner of "Make it happen", August 18, 2021

    4. Maximus, I seek guidance and have little time waiting for reply since I'm caught up in a preliminary hearing Sept 1. I've repeatedly recorded response to their court system on fraudulent claims I am that upper case similar name which use to be one I used in regular written form, however, regardless of asking court its jurisdiction, my objections and non consent to their proceedings, as well as quoting Supreme court cases THEY are to adhere to and don't. THEY ARE IGNORING IT ALL. Any suggestions. I am an A.S.N. with no guidance from it. thank you

    5. Carol - am not Maximus nor equate the knowledge. Do offer Alphonse Faggiolo
      & &

      Al has clear concise videos as breaking down their language on their paper. Has some interviews for his overall modus operandi. There aren't too many videos so as to overwhelm.

      Christopher James A Warrior Calls & &

      both are easy to listen to, & may pick up language, use, way of thinking & so on.
      Christopher James exposes the Code of Civil Procedure doesn't apply to Living Men & Women.Check videos a few months back as those he explains what he's doing, lately he's been doing interviews.
      Says: 'Present' self as Living Man/Woman not 'represent'. Take command of procedures, non-belligerent, strong in your standing knowing who you are. Make 'Claims' not 'Complaints'
      Have them answer these 3:
      I Require:
      Who claims i/one’s property?
      Who can administer property without right?
      Produce the obligation [contract] upon which the claim is relied.

      You can always put video speed up 1.25. We took notes as we listened with timestamps. Helped a lot to type their language. Neither men has changed their Political Status & are accomplishing great things.

      Anna has good language too:
      Shut Them Down -- Info for Litigation Committees &
      Lawful v. Legal Standing and Our Constitutions : like this:
      , "Lisa Marie Phipps!", she stood up and said, "I'm Lisa Marie. Why is this court misaddressing me?" Dead silence.
      She continued, "I am an American standing under the Public Law and I have no contract with you, other than The Constitution of the United States."

      & maybe this one: A Fundamental Understanding -- How to Change the Courts

      Hope this helps & wish you all the best.

    6. Carol, maybe Derrick Gonzalez could lend a helping hand …

      25 Felonies GONE—

      Learn more:
      Book Talk Time With Me:
      Subscribe To My Channel:
      My Facebook:
      My Linkedin:
      My Website:
      Share This video:

      I don’t know how he’s doing because he hasn’t posted a video for 6 months,

    7. CAROL - just found this in notes today, example of how Christopher James' approach would be elucidated. Check out the document itself:

      This letter is to the woman who acts a mayor for the SERVICE Corporation ‘BURLINGTON’;

      Tuesday October 20, 2020 at 2:30 pm two people under Marianne control trespassed without right;

      These agents under your control are a man: Ibrahim Darbaj and a man: Mike Metcalfe;

      i…demand post haste Marianne produce the written verifiable evidence with wet signature that…

      1. Marianne or any man or woman under your control claim i… property;

      2. Marianne or any man or woman under your control can administrate property without right;

      3. Obligation [contract] exists with service corporation ‘BURLINGTON’ relinquishing my rights;

      I feel for ya. All this overwhelming evil, trespassing upon us all the time, every day, a war of attrition.
      And 'trespass' is real important. Trespass... what isn't trespass that they're doing to us!
      thanks & stay sane

    8. CAROL: Anna has written: "If they contact you, send a certified copy of your recorded Mandatory Notice. Then you have a duty to inform by sending them an “information” that fulfills your duty to inform. In it you make a statement about the circumstance they’re addressing as fact and leave it at that! In this way you’ve given them mandatory notice and assistance."

      In my own case, I'm going to send a certified true copy of my Mandatory Notice and a Living Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit to the Plaintiff (COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR) and the D.A. informing them of my political status and a list of wrongs based on THEIR U.S.C.) that may be involved. And I'm going to be sure to have two people witness my autograph on my Testimony (meaning they are not saying anything about the information, just that they witnessed me autograph the doc).

      Because I'm not "one of THEIRS" and because I have no contract with them obligating me to property taxes, they SHOULDN'T even be contacting me. Especially after I've sent them multiple notices of who I am and demanded they show me proof of a contract.

      This is all I have time at the moment to say, but I do think since you're papered up, you should be able to stand against them, maybe just by writing them.

      Best wishes,

    9. P.S. This short video was recommended to me by someone who said it was perfect. Perhaps that'll help you, in or out of court.

  4. So what your point Goode2Boots..
    Have you never heard the Quote "render unto Cesar that which is Cesar's" ..
    In order to do that,, you have to speak the Cesar in his own language.. Hence.. "Labor Bonds",,
    Quit blowin off and raving about how wrong Anna is and come up with a practical solution to a very Gordian Knot problem..
    We are dealing with Principalities.. In existance and power in trade and commerce since long before Jesus..
    He was telling us how to deal with "the system" ..
    we STILL have the same system to deal with..
    and we can not change it overnight but we ARE changing it.
    And Anna is providing logical guidence..
    So if you dont have a better solution,, quit making mouth and let the adults work toward making the world better for us all.
    thank you very much..

    1. youre the one blowing off and raving fred.

      ive said over and over that we need to move out of foreign jurisdictions and into American common law for the solution.

      just exactly what do you see is the problem with that?


    2. goodE2boots - As of recent video, Anna changed again, what Law we're to acknowledge. It was Common Law, then it was American Common Law, then out of the blue, its Public Law. I don't think she knows what she's talking about often enough, & too often just makes stuff up. When she said this, without acknowledging a correction to her words, seems it was surprising to Teri, who was hosting the video, that its not Common Law but now its Public Law. Meanwhile reckon ASN's was spouting Common Law & American Common Law, only now, they're wrong. Ooops.
      Common Law doesn't apply in Louisiana, so thats out.
      Now, which Public Law? American Public Law or what?

      Public Law defined: the law of relationships between individuals and the government."a body governed by public law"

      There is U.S. Federal law with Public Law. Go figure. Gets ridiculous, don't it?

    3. wink wink: american common law does apply in louisiana, bill of rights at least.

      yes, it came from louisiana sale (from napoleon's pov) so it was under "code napoleon" before, so for "backwards compatibility" and ease the transition etc. it generally kept roman civil law, if i recall correctly.

      nevertheless, bill of rights is bare minimum american common law every state must honour. there may be more as well. plus "comity" and other things.

      not saying they actually do any of that...but bill of rights and "united states" cia world factbook "based on english common law".

      well, the "public law" apparently its 10 commandments. which you have to deny christ to do. christ in a nutshell: LEAVE your flesh and blood parents/family call no man father, your father is in heaven ....then maybe "transfigured" 10 commandments. with a new one (not actually new, see knesset menorah (spelling?) wikipedia, about "what is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor; that is the WHOLE Torah"

      "catholics" have a new mother too.

      it is impossible to do "10 commandments" and new testament at same time. christ is the new lord, "catholics" have a new mother, and protestants have a new "father". noone goes to the father except through christ.

      when the devil tells him jump off a cliff, he replies thou shalt not test the lord your god. christ/trinity is "ONE" and there is a new lord in town for new testament.

      noone can serve 2 masters. you serve your flesh and blood "parents" or you follow christ and get new "parents".

      it has to be this way. and many more issues too. galatians. grace, not law. no covenant with mt sinai -- damned. revelation says those who lead into bondage will be bound themselves.

      yes, make it happen is headed for hell. so it goes. he has had many warnings.

      for "catholics" grace sits on right hand of christ (facing you) father on left. "sheep go to heaven, goats to hell". guess where the 10 commandments of "the father" lead you?

      these people deny christ, deny grace, they get "law" and hell. noone could fulfill the law, except christ. galatians says it all. even says these people are cursed for promoting some other gospel. even says an angel from heaven who says such things, let them be accursed.

      further, "jews" only ask 7 noahide of humanity. from noah and adam -- not moses, not mt sinai.

      the imaginary "10 commandments" that "everyone" has to do is neither new testament nor jewish. its made up make believe "law" from heretics and "those who say they are jews, but are not, the synagogue of satan."

      no requirement for new testament, transfigured at best. no covenant from mt sinai either.

      no requirement from "jews".

      its make believe ecumenical "try to merge all religions together" nonsense. christ had new commandment too.

      as galatians says, to revert back to such bondage, not only is "impossible" to save anyone -- christ was all for nothing then.

      "gets ridiculous" well, these people get to share hell on earth together i guess. i mean, they get what they ask for. deny christ, deny grace, deny new testament -- "the lord" and his "law" will deal with you, and noone measures up. they will get their wish of eternal fire i guess. too bad they will try to drag others into hell with them.

    4. winkwink,
      that then is like a slow, almost imperceptible slide from advocating American common law to Public Legis-: written laws constructed by a group of men.
      ive mentioned before that i have noticed alphonse faggolio doing something similar to that too and that there is a short (about 12 min, i think) anonymous audio clip on crrow777radios youtube
      where they suggest that alph. may be making a deal. forced?

      just looked for the audio,..
      seems to be missing now, but anyway, it appears he did make the change and is now operating in Legal fiction world, using their forms, processes and so forth, rather than in common law being man like he was when i first heard of him 2-3 years ago.

      are we perhaps seeing a pattern forming here?

    5. goodE2boots - yeah i follow Alphonse but don't do Telegram where he seems most active. Follow IAmHasSentMeToYou site & jewtube & wherever else his videos pop up.
      Am not aware of what Al is doing lately. Did hear one of Al on Crrow777 audio. Don't recall what i think you're saying. He does use their methods in their jurisdiction. He's really good at it. As the way he'll break down even their forms as fraud.
      A few men are doing it & getting results, some winning, some winning big $hekel$.
      Yeah, I don't know about his pattern, as you reference. Am filled with wonder in his ease of clarity.
      I'd like to hear that video. Will peck around for it. thanks & stay sane


    This is the lawsuit we have been waiting for...look at the list of defendands..its is being done by a non - attorney in a military tribunal...!!

    1. warning!!
      no it isnt james!
      just look in the heading! under 'Location' for example! wth?

      its all legal. this is more dischargeable smoke'nmirrors. hopium.
      corporate crappo: dealing with plaintiffs, defendants, rather than a man or woman who has been harmed.
      all of this can just as easily be discharged as all the other lawsuits brought to THEM concerning THEIR "crimes" that they are apparently discharging as fast as they can.

      theyre not going to do anything with this either except discharge it, like theyve done with their other debts (?)... remember,
      they all took the same oath of brother-cover(hood) to protect one another.
      and thats just exactly what they're doing.
      theyre discharging one anothers crimes, thats all.

  6. 1. Contract is Law. No Contract, no Law.
    Where is Anna's contract to be Fiduciary? If its not really Anna, but her husband who has standing, then is Anna Fiduciary to her husband? If so, can she be Fiduciary for America, too, holding 2 positions to 2 different interests & do so without any contract?
    No Contract, no Law. Who made Anna Fiduciary? Not America. A Last Man Standing self-appointment? How can anyone to whom she addresses her Notices, letters, directives to arrest, etc, take her seriously, act upon such, if Anna has no contract to be Fiduciary, nor one agreed upon by the People for whom she's presenting & defining her obligations as Fiduciary? Does anyone know her obligations? For how long, or is this until death?
    Self-appointed until death... kinda sounds like the very thing we think we're escaping. Are they to just take her word, take her husbands word?

    I bring this up because WHY WOULD ANYONE take her notices, orders, etc seriously, after all there are several people claiming status as Anna claims (or is it her husband)?
    There's a whole lotta air between claims, beliefs vs law, truth. Belief is NOT law. Claims is not law. Contract is law. No contract, no law. Anna has no contract. Is Anna lawfully the Fiduciary? Whole lotta air, Folks.

    1. this is true, contract makes the law.

      it overrides some other types of law sometimes, is more accurate -- theres still many other "law" that doesnt need a contract or consent though -- "laws of nature" "law of gravity" -- noone agreed to be born, for example.

      and supposed "laws of god" (instead of grace i guess)

      i am nitpicking, but these things used to come up with maxims and back when it was common law. essentially, they would make maxims to extract the "essence" from multiple cases.

      thus, "law" was "what is right" "what is true" etc. but also "spirit of law". this is (well, was) still lawful versus legal. spirit versus form(alism). scalia ruined all this -- went full "formalism"

      point being, this kind of "spirit of law" went back to time immemorial, so there wasn't necessarily a "contract" per se, and it may even include things like "this is how nature works, law tries to go with this flow not against" etc. is why i split hairs. some law might have been based on some tradition, where noone remembers where it came from, or original motivation, etc.

      "time immemorial"

      and, the obvious example: 2 people "contracting" the earth is flat, or there is no gravity, does not nullify gravity, for example.

      the lines are blurry. "contract makes the law" is true, but theres many types of "law" ...not all require human consent...

    2. xerces yakir - good stuff. This is good: 'lines are blurry... not all require human consent'. Does Nature have agency? It has qualifiers for whats true (just for fun, image what it means for a wheel to be true, it has to be in tension balance, so all forces/spokes are generally equal, in agreement. The perfection of true wheel is its general tension, 'obligation'/ contract imposed by the spokes. Do the spokes agree? The spokes agree). Does Nature function on consent? The 'will' of the thing is to perfect itself, to be its full Beauty.

      Whats necessary to function in the density, as for evidencing Law? We'll need evidence of Law to present, as here is a contract agreed upon by Living Men & Women.
      We're forced into contracting by imposed talmudic law, this is the condition we are in, thus, there is no contract. However, to evidence there is no contract, we provide substantiation that we know there is no contract.
      We have to substantiate what DOES NOT EXIST. This is insanity. Add, we're to 'believe' in a Fiduciary who may be a Fiduciary for another.
      What if its not Anna, its her husband who has the Last Man Standing claim. Claims are not Law. Belief is not Law. The wheel is not trued.

      And just to make this fun (i know you get this, just for fun's sake), what if there is no Gravity, thus no Law of Gravity. What if its Compression (an implosion of charge)? So an object falling is held back in speed of fall. Its not being pulled, its being suspended, carried.

      Apologies, as this is ALL SO FRIGGIN INSANE. It is so much better to live in truth than under the talmudic boot, eh. Just call out the jew. Just call them out. And yes, its 30-40% likely the jew you're dealing with is insane. Just walk away, People, just walk away.
      There is NO such thing as judaeo-Christian, its an oxymoron. Does not exist, its fiction. Can't be Law of the Sea (jew law) & claim Law of the Land (Christian Law), can't do it.
      One's religion is one's Law, no dual/duel's as thats the 'ugly', the insanity.
      Yes, to your ""this is how nature works, law tries to go with this flow not against" - is basis for Christian Law'- its sane, has 'Law of Beauty', is most pleasing to life.

      Just for kicks, if the mind can tolerate such vulgarity, read this piece of talmudic Baalsh*t:,in%20turn%20is%20generally%20based%20on%20the%20U.S.
      Law in the state of Louisiana is based on a more diverse set of sources than the laws of the other 49 states of the United States. Private law—that is, substantive law between private sector parties, principally contracts and torts—has a civil law character, based on French and Spanish codes and ultimately Roman law, with some common law influences.[1] Louisiana's criminal law largely rests on American common law. Louisiana's administrative law is generally similar to the administrative law of the federal government and other states. Louisiana's procedural law is generally in line with that of other U.S. states, which in turn is generally based on the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

      This above, IS ALL FICTION, LIES, none of it is true, shows how utterly insane they are. None of the above is Law, its all Color of Law (talmud) & this is what is imposed in Louisiana. Several jurisdictions are conflated. They make it up, rewrite as their insanity increases. It is Baalsh*t. jewed-brains write this cr*p.
      thanks & stay sane

    3. winkwink,
      did you see that video shelby posted on the recent "An open letter to the..." article?
      its in her comment about 20-25 up from the end of the section: -- "buffering the hell out of it"?

      would be interested to know if he says anything that you do not agree with.

      thanks, janmarie:woman

    4. goodE - is this it
      Took too much time to find it... too many good posts... had to read them... good stuff... Don't make me have to do this, I'm bizee.
      Yeah, have seen this before & good hearing it again.

      I'm not the great learned one, but have taken other trajectories, thats all. The info is good, & I'd adjust it to a truer chronology. Worth hearing again now.
      Yes, the 'jew' didn't exist then, but were an enemy of Christians & called 'pagan' forcing human & animal sacrifices to THEM as gods. This is the basis for jew bloodline baalsh*t. A battle was fought & won by Apostolic Christians, Kulkiovo 1380, because they used the first cannon, invented by a Christian Monk. This is why Christian is sometimes presented with a serpent, as it appeared as sky serpents. So in the video its said the Serpent Race are the jew-cult, which is true, however... the serpent used with Christ'ians is due to the invention of the first cannon, see below. Its all good. They do steal our signs & symbols to desiccate them.
      Another aspect have begun to unpeel, is the identity of what Abraham may be, as A Brahman, early Christianity.
      He also mentions the Caduceus with 2 serpents on a rod, which means negotiation, commerce, theft, deception, and death, Mercury tricks in commerce & is used by military Surgeon General who heads jews petro-chemical poison profiteering. Staff of Aesculapius—one snake, no wings—was the symbol of medicine. Fascinating, ain't it. The jews spell is all around us, & for this they must never be fore-given, for it is all purposeful. We must not ever 'give the jew' any damned thing, ever.

      Below is a What If alternate chronology, based upon extensive decades long compilation by Fomenko Chronologia not necessarily relating to the video :

      *Christ's life 1152-1185 (may have lived to much older)
      -Sails invented XII century. Horse Cavalry closer to XII-XIV
      -Exodus of Moses - circa the year 1430 passed over a river of ice, not parting sea. Ostrog Bible unequivocally describes the crossing over the ICE-GLAZED RIVER
      ~ the jews Royal Christianity was overcome, a war ensued Kulkiovo Battle 1380 & jews "bloodly" sacrifices were banned. From the end of the XIV century, Royal Christianity was declared as 'paganism' (primal judaism), that is to say 'a false cult'." Apostolic Christianity brought peace & prosperity, eliminating human & animal sacrifices to the jews as gods. Christian Monks invent the Cannon used for the first time winning the war.
      .-The 'Antique’ Statues with rippling muscles were created not earlier than 1534.
      - Popes of Rome are a recreation invented in the 17th and 18th centuries, made by the Benedictine Order, along with the genealogies of the main monarchic currents in Europe.
      - ‘Columbus’ voyage to America in 1677 not 1492
      -Martin Luther The Captivity of Babylon 1705 not 1520
      -Roots of Freemasonry 1717-1736 (may differ from Masonry)
      -1725-1773 Society of Jesus (not 1520) dismantled by Pope Clement XIV in 1773 (is 'Jesuit' a different franchise?)
      -Society of Jesus creates the Christian “saints” in 18th century & Benedictine Order creates the genealogy of the Popes of Rome.
      -jew Protestant Jesuit Scaliger rewriting of history, 1768 not 1583, added 1000++ yrs, changed to Gregorian calendar; publishes false 'official' chronology map; mid 1800's jews fabricate their history we're told today.
      -First twelve Argonauts are Christ's 12 Apostles

      thanks & stay sane

    5. thank you winkwink.

      timelines such as this are so helpful.

  7. After reading everyones comments that have been posted, and knowing that protecting one's self has been paramount since time immemorial, and how many different sects have sprung up with the promise to do just that only to find out later on that most were/are no different than the original controlling entity that the persecuted were trying to flee from initially. Then maybe (just a thought) when required to sign anything we should first write before our “Name”; “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”—“Name” (instead of “Name”— 1-308/ARR/with prejudice…, or any like/similar device).

  8. My sad​ - she probably has to foot the cost of her medical bills because many insurance companies won't cover vaccine related injuries and "vaccine" manufacturers are exempt from liability. ​These people​ are real, not rare.​ ​Share this video with a friend or loved-one who you care about.​ - Reposted

  9. Can't seeme - Don't know-know, but seems Gould is still dealing with entities, isn't on land & has acquired property that belongs to America on which claims are made. His language isn't for the people, but a dog-latin. As for his Postmaster claim, i forget.
    Parse Syntax isn't viable as functioning language. For instance its not language for the people, but for a kind of limited hangout, then for a priest class & may develop into that, as the 'jewdicial' priest class today.
    what do i know, eh.

  10. the comment section is shut down on the next article, the history of gold --
    however, in the first parag. of that article is printed:

    1. joseph didnt receive his fathers blessing.
    yes he did!
    genesis 48, verse 15:
    "...and he blessed joseph and said..."
    just look it up for yourself,
    its right there!
    genesis 48:22
    "moreover i have given to thee one portion above thy brethren..."
    [the double portion blessing that traditionally went to the first-born son -- he blessed joseph AND josephs sons]

    2. he asked his father to bless his sons instead
    no he didnt!
    genesis 48:9
    "...and he said, bring them to me i pray and i will bless them."
    then if you want to double check that jacob/israel did bless joseph, not just Mann. and Ephr., go here:
    to moses words before he died in deuteronomy ch 33 verses 13-17.
    he spends 5 verses extolling the blessings put on JOSEPH!!

    geez, these *people*.

    its easy to look something like this up... what is the point of saying joseph wasnt blessed, when their own actual lawbook says joseph was blessed??


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