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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Clif High: Next Level Woo

If you can stand the bad language what he says is very interesting. The guy can think.

Give us your mind on this presentation. The comments are open.


  1. "*YOU* and YOUR GOD-CREATED LIFE are their "currency"!
    NOT fiat paper financial instruments -- those are just place-markers... like poker chips.

    the "RV" is their re-valuation of *YOUR* VALUE to them; added together with the value of YOUR portion of the earths natural riches.
    *YOU* and your life *ARE* the "money"! (money/value/credit).
    ... even the riches of the earth are worthless without someone to harvest them and they decided for you their Harvester is gonna be YOU.

    YOU are their CAPITAL.
    they deal in "HUMAN Capital."

    a.k.a. "trafficking"
    a.k.a "human trafficking'
    a.k.a. formerly: slave-traders.

    they are re E-valuating your "contribution" to "their" world.
    do you contribute more than you use?
    they might chart and document that using their:
    social "credit" score.
    carbon "credits".
    Strike Force Teams:(obama referred to something he set up as "Nudge Squads" or something.)
    snitches in your neighborhood under contract? (ref.)
    InfraGuard? stay behind units": ala operation gladio? "stasi"?

    its looking more and more like complete separation is the best, maybe only solution for peace and possibly everyones sense of well-being, too.

  2. This much I have personally observed about Clif High.

    Over the years I have heard him make many predictions and all have failed.
    Some call that a false decide.

    Over the years I have heard him make many impressive claims, yet today I see no evidence or fruits growing out of these claims.
    Some call that decide.

    Over the years I have heard him make many strong and seemingly clever arguments, most of which end up coming full circle to right where he began and no progress happened. His particular brand of logic has a remarkable ability to take the progressive 3 dimensional spiral of life and flattening it into a non progressive 2 dimensional circle that sounds very much like a skipping record (I'm speaking of vinyl records for the younger generation).
    Some call that circular arguments at best, and deception at decide.

    In my personal experience the Farmer's Almanac has proven to be far more accurate and useful than Clif High's monologues. His stuff leaves me wanting in every way. His research methods I consider inadequate, and usually focused on the wrong facts.

    Is he a fraud or genuine? I honestly can't tell.
    Is he a reliable and accurate source of information? I say definitely NOT.

    The opinions expressed above are based on my personal experiences and understanding after having viewed and carefully considered several dozens of his video presentations.

    I don't judge the man, but I no longer endorse him as a valuable source of information. It is clear to me that he has no understanding of the foundational concepts and principles that our world is built upon.

  3. I have been following Cliff for years. Go to bitchute and search clif_high. Watch Tippy Woo, Wooplosion, his interview with Beyond Mystic on the Return of Trump and his other videos. He gives you much to think about.


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