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Friday, July 23, 2021

Notice of Prior Established Default and Liability

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is Notice to the Bank of International Settlements, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, it's Trustees, Board Members, Settlors, Assigns, and Accounts: you have previously been given Due Process and Notice and have been addressed both directly and via Agents to Principals regarding the liabilities you have promoted and accepted.
It has come to our attention that you have once again changed the date for Basel III Compliance and that this is creating a worldwide banking panic which is unnecessary and which will predictably result in chaos, economic losses, and massive loss of life for no sane reason.
This is to remind you that you are already in cured Default and that continued mismanagement and malevolent behavior will only increase your overall liability and the liability of all your partners, subsidiaries, franchises and agents. We must also remind you that any further breach of trust is a breach of fiduciary duty, which carries a penalty of 800 X the damages which are already published and set at $1,000,000,000.00 per life lost or maimed.
You will return to the original agreed upon compliance date of January of 2023, or you will bear the additional fines, fees, and penalties, which will result in systemic liquidation of all member banks, plus civil and criminal prosecution in international courts.
This liability is pre-established, cured, and non-negotiable.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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  2. I thought it was one trillion per, not one billion.

    1. yes, and in a 2018 avr article that amount was $250 trillion per.
      it doesnt matter.
      it could be 2 quadrillion per...
      it doesnt matter because they are the creator of the fictional "charge" and the creator controls the creation, so they can just as easily bibbity-bobbitty-boo the creation of the "DIScharge" as they bibbity- bobbit- boo'ed the "charge".

      theyre making up both the charge and the discharge.
      its all baloney.
      its all a hoax on the people.
      its a system, en-force-d with violence and hatred, to steal from all nations and peoples: mankind.

      this is why were not seeing any punishments upon the wrongdoers.
      theyre creating the charges with their sealed indictments, then DIScharging the charges they created.

      this is also what this glut of "disclosures" is about:
      to set up grounds for charges to be created so that the corresponding DIScharge can be created.

      bibbittybobbityboo. poof! like magick. all gone.
      along with your stolen property.

      but it isnt working.
      theyre getting confused.
      watch 'em.
      theyre more and more frantic.
      theyre making more and more mistakes.
      its unraveling.

      if their Plan keeps coming apart (and, imo, it will), all they will have left is to be increasingly openly violent??

      we have holy angels around us. thankfully, they can see in the invisible that we cannot.

      im going to be looking for "miracles" more often.

    2. also the new article that the following quote came from is not accepting comments so i will comment on it here:
      "Just as with the Colorado Nine, we have sounded the alarm, rung the bell, and told everyone the Truth."
      my question is:
      why is the word "Truth" intentionally CAPITAL-ized?

      hasnt "anna" scribed time and time again that CAPITAL-ization is "code" signifying that what is being referred to is a FICTION?

      Well, does that signal that the Truth "anna" passed on to the so-called Colorado Nine was FICTION?
      i always thought that was a weird name: colorado nine.

      COLOR-ado NINE (9=code for judgment?)
      is that color of judgment?

      i just looked up "ado":
      "a state of agitation or fuss, especially about something unimportant" "trouble or difficulty".

      color of judgment?
      fuss about something unimportant?

      a HOAX?



  3. Hi Anna,
    My name is Nelson; I changed my political status to an American State National. Is there a similar process that I could use to fight against two child support case. I would really appreciate it ...if there is please email at, Thank you,
    Nelson M

    1. I have battled these scum for 30 years ....not much has fazed them I changed status , I did letter of rog , but I did cost them a mint I did a market call on the bonds and within 3 hrs they had to dump most of the 200 bonds they had on this case :]

    2. "THE U.N. has taken over the Salt Palace in Utah. They appear to have been given the ability to write and implement fully enforceable local law. They were granted the right to declare the premisis international territory and deny anyone's rights on that basis. The Salt Palace is on I-80 westbound out of Salt Lake City and is near the Dugway proving grounds. The U.N. was allowed to occupy the salt palace, which is a failed tourism venture that was wrecked when someone threw sea monkeys into the salt lake, which multiplied and created a disastrous brine shrimp problem.

      I am at present attempting to get the details on this takeover, but they do have the ability to tell anyone they want to shut up and leave them alone. A well done video on this event is HERE.

      I will have to get the details to make sure this is actually permanent, and if it is, I'll say right now that the salt palace is a TOURIST VENUE that failed. NOT a military compound, which could be quite advantageous if the people of Utah do the right thing and oust these bastards."


  4. Kissinger Quote on "thinning out the herd"....."Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations, it's game over. They will accept anything....."

  5. Why am I not surprised....

    "I knew it! #KlausSchwab is a Rothschild!"

    1. Why wouldn't you know it when is all over the Internet.

      KlausSchwab is a Rothschild Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, same road... to Top Conspirators, they paid 2 sides, top level, to cause the confusions, on the Native Gold owners to steal / win at all costs..

      From that state, to fictions..., to use False Or Fraudulent Fractional Banking, to defraud the world.

      I've heard some idiots in this blog, giving their bogus support to Anna false claim, supporting Rothschild stolen gold, CLAIMED as American gold.

      Funny... Did Rothschild paid 2 sides, to rob American gold ? Heck NO. AMERICA isn't stupid, in fact she's the top player in Conspiracies, with and for her masters.




      absolutely right.

      and claiming what doesnt belong to them is exactly what they do.
      its their game.
      they know they have no right to what they are claiming. it doesnt make any difference to them. they know they are lying. it doesnt make any difference to them as a matter of fact, they took an oath to lie, trick, and deceive. watch their faces with their little-pig-smiles: Duper's Delight. they more convincing liar, duper, and trickster they are, the higher they move up in their hierarchy. look: heir= applies to man(kind): son or daughter of the father/creator... then they change/invert it to hier[o]:hierarchy= hiero: sacred, priestly.
      they know they are harming man and woman and our home, the earth and our air. they claim they are acting as priests. but priests for an entity who is claiming what belongs to our creator... and part of that false claim is us: mankind.

    3. for those of us who want to, we really will do well to come before our creator, together now, (being) in recognition of OUR bloodline connection with one another through our creator; and make OUR declaration that we refuse to disrespect our creator or each other or creation.
      we can: let it be known.

      the announcement/ declaration that we are man, woman... not the property of anyone except the one who created us... puts up a boundary that they have to intentionally break through; and breaking through it incurs penalties upon them and they know it.
      they will take the penalties for awhile to try to make us think our declarations dont have any spiritual power, but our declarations do have much power.

      look at what they spend their time supressing to see what they fear.

  6. You go girl...this brave woman lays down some whoop
    Easiest to mute the video and just read the captions.

    "Well known retired actress Eleanora Brigliadori from the Abruzzo region of Italy was recruited to pitch a pro-vaxx public service announcement. Instead she turns the table on them, eloquently enumerates almost every aspect of their evil agenda, material and spiritual, and utterly condemns them."

    Bravo Brother Nathaniel
    The Pandemic of the Vaccinated

  7. Dear Anna, many many thanks for all your work and inspiration, especially for lots of German supporters.
    This is the first time I really have to ask for one spedifc expression you use on the bottom of your statement because I have no idea what it finally means:
    "This liability is pre-established, cured, and non-negotiable" - or shorter what does it mean that a liability is cured?
    Looking forward for your replay :-)