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Friday, July 23, 2021

Thoughts for Great Britain

 By Anna Von Reitz

Though people are used to thinking of "Great Britain" as a country, it's really not. It is a lumpy Federation of countries --- England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, to be precise, which operates under some mutually "donated" delegated powers granted to the British Monarch, otherwise known as Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, who acts as their Public Trustee and Owner of all Lands in the Realm.
This is not that much different from the system that was imposed on the Americans --- only that was a custodianship via the Commonwealth instead of a Territorial custodianship ---- not a lot of difference, except as regards the amount of savagery allowed to the Territorial Raj in America, versus the more refined and diabolical savagery of the Municipal Raj in "Great Britain". But I digress.... the real point here is that "Great Britain" and "The United States of America" occupy parallel positions in international jurisdiction, both are Federations of States---States which are by nature singular, unincorporated, and independent. Our States are Wisconsin, New York, Florida, etc. which are all fully formed nation-states in the same sense as England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
In this way, Great Britain holds the land and sea international jurisdiction, while England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales hold the soil jurisdiction that overlays the international land jurisdiction belonging to Great Britain.
Thus, in the Bilateral "Blue Dot" Banking System, there are two banks, one International Trade Bank, and one Commercial Bank that is owned as a wholly-owned subsidiary by their International Trade Bank. This allows for the People of Great Britain to trade with whoever they like, or conduct commerce with whoever they need to.
Under these two international Banks and their corresponding Accounts, are national Accounts of the independent countries --- international trade bank accounts for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and commercial accounts for England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, too.
Next, there are County accounts established in the same way.
So, for example, someone living in County Clare, Ireland, will have an account in a Blue Dot Bilateral System Bank, and be able to receive a pre-paid Vendor Account to use to pay off (offset) all debts owed by the STRAWMAN attached to their Proper Name. For most of us that means certain large items like mortgages and automobiles and college loans and utility bills and property taxes will be paid off this way, using a pre-paid credit account. They will have access to traditional banking services as well as credit union services and investment services all under one roof.
They will also have access to educational classes to teach them how to best use and apply these services for their own benefit and the benefit of their communities, counties, countries, and international federations.
Both precious metals and other assets and credit reserves will be used to promote the health, safety, and welfare of all people in all countries, and as we do this, the "national debts" will all be gradually paid down.
This is the part that many people find to be a mind-bender.
Imagine that you have a traditional bookkeeping ledger with credits on one side and debts on the other.
What happens when the two columns are never offset or paid off, one against the other?
A humongous credit develops on one side of the ledger, while an equally humongous debt develops on the other.
When you and your actual country start applying the pre-paid national credit to the national debt, the national debt decreases.
There is no more excuse to claim that you are a debtor or that your government is in debt, when in fact you are owed 150 years-worth of national credit that simply hasn't been applied, and no more excuse for the government "poor-mouthing" about the national debt, which by rights doesn't actually exist.
There is also no more excuse for slush-funding the surplus of both assets and credit for the use of unscrupulous people and "public" organizations that keep those same persons in positions of political power.
All of this has now been exposed and thoroughly understood, and it is simply a matter of enforcing the actual Public Law and agreeing to reorganize. Certain Parties have opposed this "popular movement" which is actually nothing more than enforcement of the Public Law, because they fear that they will lose money and even more importantly, will lose control.
This is a very old argument --- about 1500 years in the making --- about mankind's capacity for self-rule and self-discipline, and our ability to choose things that are right and good for ourselves, instead of getting lost in fantasy and illusion and drugs and other evils.
There are those who argue that what we need are good, solid, flat-footed, practical leaders to make all the decisions, some sort of "meritocracy", and there are those who argue that the actual end of the misery is for mankind to learn on a one-by-one basis how to self-govern, and for all of us to recognize the fundamental illusion that "money" is.
Creating a meritocracy whose source of power and control is based upon the promotion of a fundamental lie, only leads to another cycle of abuse and corruption. So, I stand with those who stand with education and self-governance and rational thought, which will eventually end the delusions of money and make way for a better world.

Please join the effort.


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  1. Thank God I always knew as a little boy it's was a game the government were playing on the people thank God I got to see the real truth, only I hope my grandparents could see this.

  2. I've been trying to find out more about an English / British / UK assembly or lawful bank for ages and have had some contact with Anna and Teri, but as yet none of the contact details that I have been given have ever worked.

    Is there anyone out there who is doing anything regarding banking or assemblies on the British Isles. If so please leave a message here of contact me via Anna, Teri or the Alaskan Assembly.

  3. My book mirrors this idealism---which is self-governing collectively without politicians. The only true answer for civilization emerging a vast utopia worldly. The real way of concluding this idealism is academic prowess. I believe it can be done overnight; however, it must be done without insouciance---for the world is in need of cleansing.

  4. An example of self government: