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Saturday, June 26, 2021


 By Anna Von Reitz

At the end of reading an impassioned plea, the Queen passed it on with a one word comment: “Shrewsbury.”
It seemed to say, “Hmmmph!”
So much for the Lord High Steward. We’ve heard from him before. We shall no doubt hear from him again. He is persistent. And he is ignored, like all the prophets.
The name “Ivan Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury“ means either the Messenger of Grace or the Messenger of Destruction, depending on how you read it—or perhaps more importantly, how you respond to him and his message, which is as simple as Jonah’s message to Nineveh: repent!
The obligation of the Queen to act as a Christian Monarch cannot be abrogated or evaded by substituting another office or adopting another religion. The de facto Abdication of the British Throne in favor of The Chair of the Estates, can’t be allowed to continue —- and the Highest Hereditary Peer in the British Empire, the Final Judge in the Highest Court, has said so.
As a result, the entire Kingdom and Commonwealth is under Judgement of the Biblical kind.
The Court of the Lord High Steward has addressed the problem and there can be no doubt that if the bad behavior continues, so will the Plagues of Revelation.
Now, for those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear, it is apparent that those plagues are daily advancing.
The Great Tribulation (tribute paid to Rome) has come and gone. Thanks to the nuclear disaster in Japan a third of the life in the oceans has perished. And the Antichrist and the False Prophet have both arrived, on cue. The plague that will kill off a large part of mankind has been released and even now is doing its job….
And still the world will not repent and turn to the Living God and be healed.
The leadership of this planet, with rare exceptions, continues to ignore the obvious. We are under judgement for cause.
If you do this, you get that.
The Laws of God, unlike the laws of man, are self-executing. The results are known, and the results come, yet nobody in the Government appears to have noticed, except for Ivan Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, whose duty it is to render judgement.
And so, he has.
How much more must we and the rest of the world suffer before this insanity ends?
Peace could be attained so easily, and profit, too, if those misleading the world understood that God’s Law is like gravity.
It simply is.
God’s Law, which is built into the fabric of our existence, doesn’t alter or forgive or change direction until we alter our position with respect to it.
If we trip, we fall down.
When we give up our hardness of heart, then God relents. When we obey His Law, peace abides and life is abundant; but when we obey our own “law” things go to….well, take a good look around you.
The “law” of our own ego has brought us to this. Our idolatry of money and weakness for sex has once again yielded its ugly results, and yet we stand here like dumb, driven cattle, as if we haven’t been told how this works.
But we have been told, and Ivan Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, just told us — and the Queen— again.
Repent, or this misery will continue and enlarge in scope, until the last dregs of wrath have been poured out and the suffering of both man and beast is repaid upon those responsible.
Meanwhile, those of us who man the ramparts, have been sounding the alarm. No blood will be on our hands, because we have done our duty by you—- now, will you do the duty you owe yourselves?
Repent in your hearts and minds. Return to the land and soil of your Fathers. Be simple and humble and glad to have the True God reign as your king and together, accept no other. Be grateful, for even now, mercy abides with those who love what is good and who turn away from evil.
Let the record stand that the Lord High Steward has done his duty and rendered judgement. The Queen’s dismissive answer, —“Shrewsbury.” — will also stand, but in the end, the outcome of this spiritual war between the Liars and the Peacekeepers will depend on you.

What will you answer and discern?


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  1. .
    "Let the record stand that the Lord High Steward has done his duty and rendered judgement."

    Where does this alleged authority and enforcement come from ? (with this fictional creation of fantasy)

    Babylon Law or further back?

  2. scoffing-ie downgrading someones words and opinions with your own unsupported words and opinion,, a person who does that is called a socofflaw.. You goodie fit the description,,
    AND again you are taking comments out of context from various legal and lawful descriptions and sources and mixing and matching quotes and commentary to provide a basis for your obfuscation to the truth..
    busted... dont go away mad.. just,, go away..

  3. I take note all the stories in bible depicting polar opposites .
    Contrasting good vs evil .
    Cain vs Able
    Essau vs Jacob
    Shem vs Ham
    Jesus at the well and the Canaanite woman
    I cannot gone to dogs what is for my children.
    Evil can succeed but at a heavy price the animals senses evil .
    And a sensitive person can as well .
    Without going to new age I digress.