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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice – Blood Money 26 --- Land and Land Assets

 By Anna Von Reitz

The word "real" means "royal". So, "real estate" means "royal estate". The phrase "real estate" shows us that the system of land ownership that we have unwittingly been participating in is foreign. Specifically, it's British.
In the British system, all land ownership vests in the Monarch. The Monarch then gives a "title" to her loyal Subjects (who are wealthy enough to pay) who are then tenants on the Queen's land with a leasehold on the property so long as they pay another thing that is foreign to America --- property taxes.
Americans own their land by land grant or land patent, not according to foreign titles. Americans are landlords and owe no property taxes to the Queen. This is just one of many ample proofs that you have all been deliberately misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and therefore, Subjects of the Queen.
This system of things was imposed in the 1930's as part of FDR's plan to pay off the debts of his Municipal Government. The British Territorial Government was allowed to issue titles against every speck of land in this country, even though in fact, British Territorial Citizens accounted for less than 10% of the population.
Imagine that a Special Tax was passed against Americans of Russian descent, and as a result, everyone was redefined as Russian, to allow them to tax everyone "as if" they were all Russians?
That's what happened in America in the 1930's, and once again, we have FDR, the then-Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London to thank for this. Every American was "presumed" to be a Municipal citizen of the United States, which automatically defined them as a debtor responsible for the Municipal Corporation's debts.
Municipal citizens of the United States were already pre-judged as being guilty and as Debtors under the bogus Territorial Corporation's 14th Amendment, so once Municipal citizenship was "conferred" on everyone by the Municipal Congress, we were all presumed to be Municipal slaves and to be criminals and to be responsible for their debts.
The Queen's Government then self-servingly also redefined us as British Territorial Citizens in order to collect this debt we never owed and to subject us to foreign British Commonwealth laws. Nobody told us about any of these cozy arrangements made by our erstwhile Public Servants to serve themselves. And they unlawfully converted our American System into a British Commonwealth Land Title System and stole title to our land regardless of whether we were "federal citizens" or not--- all in Gross Breach of Trust, and under color of law.
So, what does it mean to be a "Real Estate Agent"? Ever heard the phrase "Foreign Agent"? As in "IRS Agent"? Or "FBI Agent"? Technically, all these people are in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, Public Law 75-583, which requires them to publish their status and register as Foreign Agents.
The same thing applies to "Real Estate Agents". They are all Undeclared Foreign Agents, and 90% of these people have no clue that they are acting in any such capacity, much less do they know that they are acting against the actual government of this country by participating in these activities.
Virtually none of these people are registered as Foreign Agents, as the Public Law requires. And they get away with this, because the Public Law is not being enforced. And absolutely all of this outrageous Faux Pas is the fault of the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor, because while Joe Average on the street in America was totally unaware of any of this, they most certainly were fully aware of what they were doing, and they knew it was wrong.
They in fact knew that it was criminal, but they did it anyway, in Gross Criminal Breach of Trust and in violation of their constitutional contracts. As a result, generations of Americans have paid property taxes that they didn't owe, and often enough, they have lost their land when various economic circumstances left them unable to pay such property taxes.
Now, of course, all of this is strictly illegal and unlawful. They got away with it because it was never discussed in public, so that only those Americans who seized upon their land patents and demanded exemption from property taxes received exemption.
Over time, ignorance and "common use" led to people accepting titles and paying property taxes that they didn't owe, as if this was simply part of their government instead of being part of the foreign British Territorial Government usurping against us.
And now, the rats have unleashed a plague, trying to escape the consequences of their actions, like an octopus spewing octopus ink into the water to allow it to escape a predator. But be aware, if this entire charade is not brought to an abrupt and appropriate halt by the Pope and the Courts, there will be justice done.
Now we come back to the individual "licensed real estate agents". The first question should be, why "licensed"? When did selling land and homes become a crime requiring a special dispensation--- a license? It became a crime when the Queen's Agents misidentified us and misidentified our land as anything belonging to them.
No American could lawfully participate in this, and British Commonwealth Citizens had to be licensed, because the Crown has to control them. Licensed Real Estate Agents are, therefore, Officers in the Queen's Government, administering the lease-holds (that is, titles) that attach to the Queen's land and other property interests. They are working for the Queen and they are Foreign Agents, even though 99% of them do not realize this.
We have recently had problems with other Agents of the Municipal Government, the FBI, also Undeclared Foreign Agents. They have been inquiring about Licensed Real Estate Agents who also happen to be Americans participating in our State Assemblies as State Citizens. Obviously, Real Estate Agents who are working for the Queen cannot at the same time act as State Citizens, a status that requires unique loyalty to the specific American State. As a State Citizen, you cannot have a job or license or conflict of interest obligating you to any other government. If you do, you can be prosecuted both by the Queen's Government, and by the American Government, or worse, on behalf of the American Government.
We have recent indications that FBI Agents, who have also been improperly acting as Undeclared Foreign Agents in contravention of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, have been interfering with our State Assemblies and investigating the participation of Real Estate Agents in these organizations.
All licensed Real Estate Agents in America are faced with a hard choice: (1) continue working for the Queen and limit their participation in their State Assembly to the role of a State National, or (2) quit their licensed Foreign Agent activity and work as an American Land Patent Clerk for the Federation of States, in which case, they can choose to operate as a State National or as a State Citizen, either one.
As more Americans wake up to the inappropriate custodial claims of the Queen’s Government and the pernicious usurpation practiced against them and their lawful government, more and more Americans are not only restoring their own official political status, but they are seeking services to establish the Chain of Title back to the beginning of such presumptions, and then publishing their underlying land grants and United States Land Patents.
Only Americans can actually own land in this country, so Land Patents will not be transferrable to British Territorial or Municipal citizens of the United States, who must continue for the time being to have a lease-hold Title and consent to being donors to the respective foreign trusts during their condition of servitude.
As of the first of October in the year of 2020, all the Territorial “States” formed since the Civil War have been formally enrolled as States of the Union. There is no longer any basis to presume that our Government is in interregnum and no longer any basis for Territorial officials to presume a custodial interest in American property held within the borders of any State.
These are all matters of international law, treaties, and venerable contracts that effect the international land jurisdiction and which also impact various Agents working for the Queen’s Government and for the Pope’s Municipal interests. None of these people should be left “working in the dark” --- left not knowing the nature of their employment, not even realizing that they are working for a foreign government, and not obeying the Foreign Agents Registration Act.
This includes not only Real Estate Agents, but Insurance Agents, FBI Agents, FEMA Agents, ATF Agents, Tax Agents of all sorts, U.S. Marshals, Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, U.S. Patent Clerks and Bar Attorneys, --and various other licensed “professionals” --all of whom are acting as Foreign Agents, who have not been fully informed about their status as such and most of whom have not registered as Foreign Agents.
This lapse on the part of our Federal Subcontractors has resulted in numerous Federal Agencies being misdirected and their Personnel assuming powers never vouchsafed to them; the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice have been especially misinformed and have frequently abused and trespassed against their American Employers.
More recently, Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses have been prevailed upon by foreign government interests to participate in dangerous experimental medical procedures foisted off on the American Public as vaccines, when in fact, these serum injections are not vaccines, but are instead the introduction of foreign and damaging Messenger RNA which irreversibly changes the natural genome of the victims and damages their immune and reproductive systems.
This de facto attack on our Public Health by incorporated entities owned and operated by the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London must be stopped. The motives for it appear to be financial and specifically calculated to kill and sterilize the Priority Creditors of these same commercial corporations, and also possibly promoted to advance claims that the victims have been turned into Genetically Modified Organisms subject to patent claims.
We unequivocally and officially rejected and have outlawed all such repugnant commercial claims by any party or any incorporated entity seeking to create or own GMO humans since January 1, 2020. Anyone making such a claim will be denied and anyone enforcing such a claim will be subject to capital punishment under public and international law.
We must note that the vast majority of American physicians and nurses have never been informed of the fact that obtaining a Medical License changes their political status and involves being conscripted as a U.S. Citizen and subjected to the Queen’s Government as a Uniformed Officer defined under Title 37 of the Federal Code.
This lapse lacking full disclosure voids these contracts and has resulted in these people operating unknowingly as Foreign Agents on our shores, and in their being misdirected by corporate policy to take part in the above-mentioned repugnant activities wrecking damage upon their innocent Employers in violation of their pre-eminent commercial service contracts, which are the respective Federal Constitutions--- and all in Gross Breach of Trust.
We must call upon the Principals and the High Courts to honor their obligations of full disclosure to their American Employees and to put an end to these trespasses and travesties and failures to obey the Public Law and the requirements of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.
We must also call upon the same Parties to Cease and Desist all inappropriate interference and trespass, all imposition of private corporate Public Policy on members of the Public, and also to Cease and Desist the misrepresented and deliberately damaging mRNA experiments.
Despite elaborate attempts to prepare a complex exit strategy seeking to leave no one financially accountable for these injections, the Incorporated Entities and the governments responsible for their misadministration and oversight will be held accountable under our Public Law and under International Law as well.
We have already issued and provided international arrest warrants for Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates III, and other known conspirators.
We understand and note that not only the land, but the soil, belong to the people of this country, and that the living people are themselves assets of the land and soil jurisdictions. Any attack against them or their persons, any interference in the exercise of their prerogatives, any lapse of commercial contract performance, any overreach of merely presumed authority against the interests of the Public (such as claim of any granted authority related to individual or Public Health by foreign governments and corporations) are fully actionable.
We have similarly and correctly claimed all primary right, title, interest, patent, and claim to all Public Infrastructure in America, all roads, natural resources, mineral deposits, and other resources of the land and soil belonging to the American States and People.
We have conducted an audit and found that the great preponderance of debt is owed by our European Subcontractors, and that the only reason that it has ever appeared otherwise, is a self-interested accounting scam and failure to offset the respective debts.
Whereupon we call upon the other Principals and the High Courts to order the immediate offset of all Public Debts, so that the balance of the payments may be released and zeroed out, and everyone may be relieved of this ridiculous presumption of debt in the midst of plenty.
The interests of the land and soil jurisdiction are paramount and well-represented. Acts of Piracy by legal fictions are illusions among the demonic manifestations of this world, subject to the Seal of God. All Principals and particularly the Pope are well-aware of this fact and circumstance, which absolutely requires action by all the High Courts, all the High Justices, and all the Charter-holders involved--- including the UN CORP and its derivatives and franchises.
We note that the Court of the Lord High Steward has returned its judgement and found the Crown and the Queen's Government in error. It has in fact left the entirety of Great Britain and the Commonwealth under Judgement in the Biblical sense; the Lord High Steward, Lord Shrewsbury, the Highest Judicial Authority left representing the British Empire, has issued a scathing and exacting recitation of the failures of the British Government in sum total, resulting in the inexorable progression of plagues and damage inflicted on innocent people worldwide.
The Highest Court in England has yielded clear and compelling and irrevocable condemnation requiring action by the Queen and the Queen's Government to correct and repent. We hold Lord Shrewsbury's findings for examination and also his claim of jurisdictional authority under the present circumstance for the advisement of all world governments.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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  1. .
    Americans own their land by land grant or land patent, not according to foreign titles.

    Try and get one...... (Ron Gibbs 3,000.00 +, + about 3 months) + property survey

    Then the Banks and courts will not let you enter it into the court case...........

    Court of International Justice -- Please provide facts and evidence that this alleged court (fictional) is not tied to the BAR Guild and oligarchy and the CONgress schemes to keep the people poor.

    Oh ....... forgot the Central Bank and Federal Reserve Board -owners

    and then there is the Vatican controlling interest.

    Did I forget anyone that is not against the American people (DJT maybe)

    1. .
      ONE thing you might want to keep in mind is "The Reset" and the false flag of Alien Invasion coming soon.

    2. .
      When did the Attorneys cancel the Land paten and convert all property into [regis]tration(s) (into a TRUST maybe)

      regis = property of the king

      Happy litigation everyone.........

    3. This is what happened, when a blind cannot see the world in 5D:

      .... mind is "The Reset" and the false flag of Alien Invasion coming soon.
      flag of Alien Invasion coming soon.

      Even the 2D or 3D Astrologers cannot tell ( WHEN PLUTO RETURN) will happen. They can only guess. They guess 2020 will be the year, but I reminded you that's a false PLUTO RETURN.

      Pluto Return will be at 2023.. In 5d I see, yes Reset will happen. The Anna_associated Devils 😈😬😠😷 could slip in.

      So don't accuse me being part of their mind games. And don't follow the idiots to go die for the Richmen agsin as in ww2.

  2. ...But you said the FBI and Marines are ours...part of our American government. How can they be foreign?

    1. (chachan) changed or put a bondage on your military..

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    If you don’t have cash you don’t eat (if you can find an ocean store that has any crumbs left).
    Have a bicycle and I’m building another electric bike and multiple batteries.
    Stand by for Bolshevik gulags and trains into fema,