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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice -- Blood Money 27 -- The Sanctity of Life

 By Anna Von Reitz

It is indeed ironic that the head of the Roman Catholic Church, long the bastion of resistance to abortion and other life-denying and murderous practices, should be the ultimate owner and operator of the corporations engaged in the current worldwide genocide.
Those responsible attempt to condone this situation and this obvious conflict between doctrine and action, a hypocrisy beyond words, via the simple artifice of operating a Sacred Office and a Secular Office under one roof.
For centuries this was accomplished by having the Pope operate in the Sacred Office, and having the same man operate as the Roman Pontiff in the Secular Office. As of 2008, examination of this situation revealed that no man can serve two masters, and the decision was made to liquidate the Office of the Roman Pontiff and the underlying Roman Pontifex Trust as of 2011.
Wonderful, we all said, with a sigh of relief. Now, maybe the Church could get back to being a Church and the City of Rome and its sleazier adherents could slink off into the darkness where they belong.
No such luck. Instead, the separate offices were simply redefined a bit and shuffled around, and the duties split between two men, with the Pope Emeritus retaining the Ministerial Sacred Office, and a loyal Jesuit, obligated to obey the Pope in all things, tasked with all the nasty business and material affairs --- the de facto office of the Roman Pontiff was passed on to Pope Francis.
Anyone familiar with the operations of the Roman Church was alarmed and not deceived by this shuffle dance. Oh, yes, they seemed to say. We got caught. So what? We'll throw some dust and incense and a little smoke in the air and continue on.
We'll use an innocent young woman from Chicago with the last name of Urban, and an "open assignment" to transfer the assets of the Pontifex Trust to JP Morgan, and use the proceeds to bulwark our favorite banks all over the world.
We will pat the confused heir of the City of Rome (Urban) Trust on the head, without ever allowing her to read the Trust Indenture, and send her home to poverty and obscurity, while we skate on with our double-dealing and our chicanery unobserved and, apparently, accepted by the world.
Only it was observed and it wasn't accepted without objection. We objected and we published our objection. Flat out, in public, for all the world to see.
Either our young American wasn't a valid heir of the Roman Trust, or she was; and obviously, they agreed that she was, because they accepted her signature as their authority for the transfer of funds. They failed their due diligence and responsibility to fully disclose to an American standing on the land and soil of Texas. They pretended, knowingly, that she was a Municipal citizen of the United States, instead, and deprived her of her birthright in all respects.
And they benefited themselves and JP Morgan and BNP Paribas and Banco de Brazil, and so many other players without a backward glance, thinking that their deceit was sufficient to wash their hands and claim that they'd cleaned up their act ---- when they hadn't.
Similarly, the same players colluded to harvest the Life Force Value Annuities owed to the people of Mexico, "the" US, and Canada, and arranged to have the receipts transferred by the fictitious GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA to Prince Philip, who received $950 Trillion dollars and three days later announced his retirement from Public Life. How convenient.
Again, it did not pass unobserved and was not accepted without objection. We objected and we published our objections. The entire process of creating life insurance interests and insurance annuities based on the lives of innocent third parties and the value of their labor and ingenuity, takes the concept of legalized gambling beyond any pale, and subjects life itself to the rules of a dishonest casino. Where, after all, was any valid "insurable interest" granted to Prince Philip?
We objected a third time when British Territorial "President" Barack Obama provided foreign governments, including the Government of China, with official printing presses and supplies of custom paper and ink from the United States Mint and Bureau of Engraving, and so, opened the door to broad spectrum and uncontrolled foreign counterfeiting of the currency attributed to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA --- another foreign corporation, with the intent of foisting off all resulting costs and claims on the American States and People and our credit, as a debt to be "assumed".
But again, we objected and we published our objections. We didn't assume any such debts. Those debts and the resulting damage to our economy and our credit belong to the banks and the whackjob out-of-control governmental services corporations responsible for the transfer of the printing presses, engraving plates, papers, and inks.
The use of our money and our good name to purchase the landmass of the Philippine Islands, Alaska, and Hawaii is another example of our Subcontractors run wild, as is their subsequent misadministration of these properties "in our names" and their creation of a False Trust naming the purportedly independent Government of the Philippines as the Trustee of our gold reserves, when they continued to control the interest in the landmass of the Philippine Islands in our names.
How "independent" could the Government of the Philippines be, under such a circumstance?
And so, on and on it goes, a long. torpid, sordid, selfish, dishonest, criminal misuse and abuse of the purloined powers of our American Government and our assets in all jurisdictions, by the Popes, the British Monarchs, and the Lord Mayors, all playing Footsie with each other, and passing roles around like almond clusters, so that each could play "Good Cop" or "Bad Cop" as the situation might demand, and the Americans would take it in the shorts each and every time.
All this and so much more hypocrisy and Breach of Trust was expedited via the use of impersonation and here we get to the meat of this final pointed discussion -- the sanctity of life and the need to end the crimes of personage and barratry that expedited all of this, and the insurance industry that provided the motives for it.
These present evils entered the modern world with the establishment of the Mystery Company in Great Britain--which set up the quid pro quo for sharing out receipts of the scam, and found fruition following the Great Fire of London, with the establishment and use of Cestui Que Vie Trusts favoring the Government's seizure of abandoned properties and the presumptive redefinition of living people as Public Trusts.
By 1702, these same tools of impersonation and Government advantage combined with incentives from crooked maritime insurance purveyors, which resulted in the Bottomry Bonds Scandal, in which non-existent ships and non-existent cargos of the Dutch East India Company were nonetheless insured, and the insurance collected upon.
By the handy trick of impersonation, the entirety of the Dutch East India Company and its Fleet disappeared, leaving the Temporal Earth ---- and making a beeline across the Atlantic for diverse locations in New York, the Bahamas, and elsewhere ----and also leaving their investors and insurers to hold the proverbial bag.
Since then these same crimes of deceit have been allowed to flourish under the auspices of the Roman Civil Law wherever and whenever this form of law has been preserved, and in every case, a flourishing economy based on crime and on inland piracy has been the result.
And in every case, this law has been imposed via courts impersonating living people as things (crimes of personage), court officials bringing known false charges (crimes of barratry), and false injury claims (insurance fraud).
These three things appear together, consistently, over the course of the last four centuries: personage, barratry, and insurance fraud go together like peas, carrots, and potatoes. Despite repeated and disastrous acquaintance with these evils, we have failed to get rid of the plague and failed to remove the incentives for these crimes --- both the incentives of the individuals involved and the incentives of the governments.
It always starts the same way, with officials in positions of trust --- especially tariff and customs and tax and naval officers, being granted authority to act as privateers and earn commissions from recoupments and impounds on the land --leading to asset confiscation based on various spurious legal presumptions, and improper salvage operations at sea.
These crimes always start in international jurisdiction and naturally arise in international jurisdiction, because the international jurisdiction stands between the actual, factual realm and the totally theoretical realm --- and it is here in the middle ground occupied by first degree Legal Fictions that the identities of the living can be obscured and "mistaken" --- accidentally-on-purpose--- and unlawfully converted into the identities of dead Legal Fictions, a process serving to benefit predatory malefactors.
As you can observe, the Bottomry Bonds Scandal involved ships, seagoing "vessels"-- that were completely imaginary.
Today, we battle with a similar scam, in which completely imaginary persons are created, and used like voo-doo dolls or poppets, to imprison, impound, cashier, rob, defraud, deprive, enslave, traffic and murder living people without consequence for the criminals guilty of this onslaught of constructive and institutionalized fraud.
Today, we battle with a foreign conspiracy that systematically redefines living Americans as foreign citizens, and then proceeds to create not only corporate personas to impersonate those living Americans, but also a dizzying array of derivative personas, each gratuitously and arbitrarily defined as a different kind of incorporated entity: cestui que vie trusts, public transmitting utilities, public charitable trusts, special purpose vehicles, and so on, in endless proliferation, all designed to do one thing---- steal or otherwise benefit from the identity and assets of the victims.
For Satan comes only to lie, to murder, to steal, and destroy.
These crimes of impersonation and barratry, and the insurance fraud schemes that accompany them, are nothing new. They are fully known, and they are just as damaging and destructive today as they were in 1609.
Those who do not remember the past may be condemned to relive it, but as we have adequately demonstrated, we have remembered the past and we have remembered who we are, and what we are owed as living people. There can be no pretension or excuse for continuing to misaddress us.
The International Court of Justice is uniquely situated to act in a variety of roles, as an Arbiter, as a Peacemaker, as a Comptroller, as a Prosecutor---- all within the targeted international jurisdiction wherein these specific crimes have occurred and been allowed to flourish until they threaten to destroy all life and the identity of life on this planet.
The sum total effect of these impersonation schemes serves to unlawfully convert the identity of living men and women and to render them as things---- dead things, corporations, and legal fictions. These legal fictions function in ways and under rules that are totally foreign to living people.
We ask that The International Court of Justice and the other High Courts herein addressed act as Arbiters in the interests of peace and engage these numerous issues with Good Faith and Determination to put an end to the evils presented by these pernicious crimes of personage, barratry, and insurance fraud, which have resulted in misery, confusion, mercenary conflicts, unjust enrichment, enslavement, peonage, murder, kidnapping, unlawful conversion, inland piracy, human trafficking, and many other crimes over the course of the last four centuries.
It has often been remarked that the courts have no positive powers, but only the powers of restraint --- then let these courts provide a mighty and determining rebuke and insightful permanent restraint upon the motivations of those criminals and criminal enterprises that have endeavored to mischaracterize and misidentify and impersonate the living as the dead, so as to benefit from their estates and purloin their credit and other assets, and exercise coercive power over living people via deceitful legal artifice.
Mankind has suffered for four hundred years under the lash of this institutionalized fraud scheme, and what the Bible calls "a strong delusion" --- but neither we nor anyone reading this is deceived any longer.
To the High Courts of the Roman Civil Law ---- take notice. We are not deceived and in your own language --- "Fictio cedit veritati; fictio juris non est, ubi veritas."
To the High Maritime and Admiralty Courts --- take notice: possession by pirates does not change ownership.
The sanctity of life must be upheld, and the rights of individual living people must be enforced, and the bar between the living and the dead must be honored or nobody and nothing on this planet will be safe, there will be no peace, no sanity, and no end to poverty, ignorance, enslavement, peonage, and genocide.
The motivations of the gamblers must be taken away, and the merely presumed-to-exist insurable custodial interest of the British Crown must be firmly and permanently denied.
The courts of the international jurisdiction must be aroused to high dudgeon and motivated to protect their own credibility, honor, and competence, to put an end to this 400 year-old reign of terror brought to us via secretive insurance scams and profit-sharing schemes between governments, instrumentalities of governments, and corporations chartered by governments--- all seeking to deprive, defraud, misidentify, and impersonate living people as dead things for purposes of coercion, barratry and unjust enrichment.
We've had 400 years of delusional double-speak, lies for profit, and abuse of the living for the sake of the dead; it is the duty of the international courts to bring these abuses to an end.
May the High Courts bear Witness to the Law and the Source of all Justice in this most urgent hour, and take up their roles to preserve life, to affirm life, and to protect life from the ravages of their respective foreign domains and may they act to re-establish firm and lasting boundaries again between the Kingdoms of the Living and the Kingdoms of the Dead.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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  1. .
    Here we go again --- Today there is no real money for the people to have/use, as the FRB and Banks only issue CREDIT.

    However Banks NA CAN NOT issue credit according to 48 states case law (case law constitutional ? - NO)

    Is three case law that says case law is CONstitutionals ...........LOL

    Life ...... does the DCP and oligarchy and CONgress believe in Life ---------
    look at the boarder and the past alleged 44 - POTUS.



  3. Hey goode-- quote "this implies that some created thing claims to have removed the boundary [ref.: kjv luke 16:26 the "great gulf fixed"] between the living and the dead that our precious creator established.""
    THAT--- is Exactly,, what the corpses (Dead things-- "created thing" in-Corporations) attempting to gain complete dominion over the entire living population on Earth claim to have DONE.. Using the devices they created at Cern.. Whether or not they actually did that thing,, They believe they have,, and are proceeding with their depopulation and re-population programs as we watch their "Opening Ceremonies" on public vidio channels..
    This is not a game.. stop whining and mis-stating and subverting facts and provide a solution instead of complaints and denegration..

  4. The Roman Catholic Church is more a political office the teaching of Jesus and those that keep his law is true Christians.
    The controld of all communication is the real power of the zionest they do thair dirty work then do damage control with Lies,lies and more lies.

    1. Currently young minde are getting it more and more the global cabal counters with stricter corporate orders .
      Hopefully we can reach the more intelligent one and explain how they operate as foreign for profit corporation’s using color of law.

    2. Many years ago (at least twenty) I asked a priest how a (wo)man is determined to be a good Christian by the “Orthodox Church”. He responded by saying that Coming to church, adhering to the Church’s Doctrines, observing the the Church’s Forefathers’, tithing… At no time did he bring up Luke 18:18-23, so I did. He became mute. I graciously let him off the hook, and ended the conversation knowing that for even a man such as he, that has given his life to the church can’t come to terms with this type of powerful life change of total Faith. After all, 70,000+ a year for over 40 years, and having an establishment such as the Orthodox Church to be interwoven in (protected by) can be very appealing, as most occupations are. However, if what has been written below is the true response that Jesus said to this “ruler” (I believe it is), then most of US have failed miserably.
      Luke 18:18-23 KJV - And a certain ruler asked him, saying, - Bible Gateway King James Version 18:18-23&version=KJV
      18 And a certain ruler asked him, saying, Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?
      19 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God.
      20 Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honour thy father and thy mother.
      21 And he said, All these have I kept from my youth up.
      22 Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.
      23 And when he heard this, he was very sorrowful: for he was very rich.

      This whole excerpt in it’s entirety is quite poignant especially when it applies to the Birth Certificated Person. By all of US claiming to be this “Person” we have broken at least 3 Commandments; Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honour thy father and thy mother,Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.

      The Coveting of this Birth Certificate is where they have gotten all of US.