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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Enough Rope

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here is a list that everyone needs to study and keep for reference---- a list of the major banking families (except one that is notably and perhaps pointedly absent) and the banks that they to a greater or lesser extent, control:
Bauer-Rothschild Barclays
Brown- Harriman NatWest (RBS - Royal Bank of Scotland)
Rothschild and Lord Citigroup (London domiciled)
Warburg SBC Warburg Bank of Hamburg (includes Warburg Bank of Amsterdam)
Lazard Brothers Banque Fédérative du Crédit Mutuel (Paris)
Israel Moses Seif Unicredit (Banks of Italy)
Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs ([London domiciled])
Lehman Brothers Lehman Bros ([London domiciled])
Kuhn Loeb Kuhn Loeb Bank ([London domiciled])
Bundy BNP Paribas
Bilderberg (Bilderberger) Credit Suisse (Switzerland) controls
US Presidency since LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson)
Rockefeller HSBC (London domiciled)
If we are to be truthful, "Rockefeller" would also include "IMF" as well as HSBC, and instead of just "Bundy" being associated with BNP Paribas, you would see the far more familiar name "Bush".
The Federal Reserve Bank would be shown as a consortium put together by various families and banks shown on this list, for the issuance of military script used to buy the services of the Americans as Mercenaries defending these banks almost for free. Quite a sweet deal --- for them.
The missing family is "Li" and the familiar banks associated with them are Plum Blossom (arguably the oldest bank on Earth), World Bank, Bank of China, and Bank of England. You can also include IBRD and the various "specialty banks" that spin off from the World Bank.
Brown-Harriman as in Lord Malloch-Brown, and as in Thomas Harriman, the American Railroad Baron.
Lehman Brothers has been so profligate and dishonest and cut so many corners that they've lost most of their stock and trade, though they have fought their way to a reprieve.
It is self-evident why the Eastern Hemisphere's most famous and indeed, infamous, banking family, the Li Family, has not appeared on the original list above; and, it's also obvious why they need to be included, if only because they are causing much of the current worldwide problem and because they are trying to keep their part in the melee quiet.
The Li Family compromised the Bank of England in the early 1900's during the 1906-07 General Bankruptcies, so there is far more than Rockefeller's HSBC hidden behind that woodpile. Plus, via Bank Treaties and other means, they have established influence over several major Muslim Banks that aren't even discussed as part of the Families shown above --- which must also include the House of Saud.
As always, it isn't just a matter of what appears in front of your nose, it's a matter of what should be there ---- and isn't.
For example, while all these "banks" appear to be banks, they are all actually acting in a different capacity --- that of credit brokers.
Remember how I told you that although they continued to use the name and logos of "Wells Fargo Bank"--- as if it was still functioning as a bank, the cretins in charge of the US Attorney General's Office who used "Wells Fargo Bank" to monetize land assets that don't belong to them, were in fact acting as Securities Brokers and not as a bank at all?
This is because only a few Eastern and Muslim banks deal in actual money--- money that has intrinsic value in and of itself. The rest all deal in "monetized credit".
How would you like a currency backed by nothing more than the good faith and credit of the members of the US CONGRESS? How much is that worth? Need I say more?
People have asked me why Trump went through this entire process and why he spent so much time chasing after criminals and criminal networks, why go through an election process if he knew that it would be rigged against him, why has he fallen out of favor with the Bilderbergers?
Now that you know that the Bilderbergers are NOT some mysterious cabal with unknown objectives --- what you've been led to believe by the Mainstream Media --- and that the Bilderbergers are in fact the representative shareholders of Credit Suisse, the credit side of the Swiss Banking Industry, ah, well, more shoes begin to drop in place.
Let me look into my crystal ball....
Could it be that Trump has given them all "enough rope" to finish the Swamp draining?
Please remember that the economy of Switzerland is very dependent on banking and other related services. Remember that every family listed here is dependent on "public confidence" --- that is, public belief --- that their products have value, and aren't just so much ginned up bunk.
And now, also realize that credit brokering, especially credit brokering based on assets you don't actually own, is a giant leap beyond the original sin of idolatry--- and you will begin to realize why all the bankers are so frantic.
The entire House of Cards is built on fraud and natural resources that don't actually belong to the players benefiting from this system of things. And the actual landlords just woke up.
This is why they all keep asking me, "What do you want?"

And why nobody is happy with the simple, obvious answer: "Our assets returned unharmed."


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  1. They keep asking hoping you will soften so they can continue playing the game.

    1. Thanks Anna & Team Tasa 4 standing in Truth with lawful status 2 hold space 4 awakening Americans 2 come home so they can participate meaningfully in our peaceful lawful Reconstruction project as each so chooses 4 highest Good of All. Teamwork makes the dream work. Blessings 2 All in Joy_ FreeMom7

  2. I am afraid that they have been stalling you out to ensure we don't get anything. Now that the Communist Biden regime is in charge they won't give us anything because they don't have to. You've been played. They are Communists! The great deceivers - pure Satanists!

      .. WHO?
      U.S.INC / U.S.A. INC both are the Devils, perhaps CHINA IS ALSO.



    2. As usual they have, had been for many decades ago.

    3. there is no Biden regime and there never will be.. Why can't people understand that Biden did not win, they stole the election and it will be proven. Biden will be at GITMO soon

  3. Thanks Anna. Knowledge empowers confront.

  4. motive still pushing Qswamp drain ed ing
    still stating Qlies as though they are True>examples>Soros arrested>binKylon arrested for esPIONage>ciaHEADquarters raided in Gemany on & ontalMudwood🇿 Fake pentaGon/Gramists News Revelation of da 🛸 command🕍 method From 1968 Pharaoh Ferengℹ TV 🕎 ity Show Thirty Minute Theater " News Benders"
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    WARloc🇰 down 3rd 👯♀ Kosher Yeshua The 7⃣ NOAHideInLaws SAPP🍼 USA 🐶 LATIN Pig🔯
    Ein Sof mutter⛪ maryIAN🕍 s 48 Revvis Metatron🤖 ascension
    fast talKing talMudwood💤 COWards pentaGON/GRAM🆘 ists ♾ Lia-son OSS🏳🌈
    Ein Sof🐍 ers Tikkun Olam
    anti Caucasian/Christian/Male Demo/Geno cide🕳 rs 🎯 Main St CIVILian Creditors/Grantors in all Ethnic HOSTland's

  5. ..
    it will take a Long Live Life time - to try to understand the colorful crayon gibberish which most people dont have time to decipher.

    1. .
      yes it does give some people a headacke

    2. because everyone is afraid of their own shadows

  6. Great line-up of JEW World Order, who has done to America what its done to world including the Catholic Church. Same modus operandi. When Catholics with power to inform speak out, they are made to withdraw, or its withdrawn for them. SAME IN AMERICA, we can't even freely speak either! So I ask, whats the difference?

    The Vatican Bank (IOR) was attempted capture the say way America's banking system was captured. All the LIES & VILLIFYING by those who ought to know better!
    We know about Archbishop Vigano has written many times over the years, so have Bishops, Clergy, Catholics etc, BUT ALL IS IGNORED so as to blame the Catholic Church.
    1929 >>> the Vatican City State was formed by >>> Mussolini<<<. Same time America was being taken down by JEWS via debt slavery banking. BUT THIS IS IGNORED. Instead, a fabricated fake history was/is promoted !
    When folks realized it was ONLY IN 1929 they paused & reflected upon the PRPOPAGANDA LIES, which only serve the jew agenda to destroy Christianity, Catholic Church, White people, White nations, a White Genocide compact by JEWS.

    Cardinal Burke Warns 'Great Reset' Brings Marxism to US
    Cardinal Raymond Burke is warning that the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" initiative in response to the coronavirus pandemic is an attempt to manipulate "citizens and nations through ignorance and fear" at the same time that Marxist materialism is taking hold in the United States.

    Burke, the former archbishop of St. Louis and now a member of the highest judicial authority in the Roman Catholic Church, made his comments in his homily on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Dec. 12, Rome correspondent Edward Pentin writes on his website.

    "The worldwide spread of Marxist materialism ... now seems to seize the governing power over our nation," Burke said of the U.S., adding that other nations are also undergoing a similar crisis. "To attain economic gains, we as a nation have permitted ourselves to become dependent upon the Chinese Communist Party, an ideology totally opposed to the Christian foundations upon which families and our nation remain safe and prosper."

    Cardinal Burke Warns 'Great Reset' Brings Marxism to US Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke arrives for the presentation of his book Divine Love Made Flesh, in Rome, Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015. (Andrew Medichini/AP Photo) By Surya Gowda | Wednesday, 16 December 2020 04:51 PM

    COVID-19, he said, is being "used by certain forces, inimical to families and to the freedom of states, to advance their evil agenda. These forces tell us that we are now the subjects of the so-called 'Great Reset,' the 'New Normal.'"

    The Catholic leader said these sinister forces want people to "find in a disease and its prevention the way to understand and direct our lives, rather than in God and in His plan for our salvation."...

    thanks & stay sane

    1. Adding, 2009, Federico Lombardi, SJ, the official Vatican spokesperson, spoke up against the JEWS! Forced to take down the article, in compliance with its Vatican II (1998) infiltrators, Club of Rome's demands. Club of Rome = JEWS.

      SSPX removes "Mystery of Jews;" Lombardi on Vatican James Martin, S.J.February 05, 2009 - A reader wrote to let us know that the Society of St. Pius X has quietly removed from their website the article "The Mystery of the Jews," which we referenced in a blogpost a few days ago, and which asserted that Judaism was "inimical" to Christian nations, responsible for the death of Jesus, and so on. That anti-Semitic piece is no longer posted on the group’s official American website.
      Also, Federico Lombardi, SJ, the official Vatican spokesperson, is quoted in a Reuters story, speaking candidly about serious problems with the Vatican’s recent communications strategy over the SSPX controversy in a story with the surprising, but accurate title, "Spokesman says Vatican can’t control its message."
      For me, the Vatican’s strongly worded statement yesterday, which called in no uncertain terms on the Society of St. Pius X to embrace the Second Vatican Council, as well as the authority of the post-conciliar popes (which, lest anyone in the SSPX misunderstand, they listed by name), and the Vatican’s clear instruction for Bishops Williamson to repudiate publicly his denial of aspects of the Holocaust, was exactly the clearly worded statement needed to clarify what was a situation that confused Catholics and non-Catholics alike, around the world. It reassures all parties that indeed Vatican II was an essential part of a modern Catholic’s faith, and that the kind of anti-Semitism espoused by Bishop Williamson (as well as on the group’s American website) has no place in the Catholic church...

      Just as in America, anyone who speaks the truth, calls out the jews can be forcefully silenced using their anti-sh*t canard. No jew is a semite.
      Numerous exposing attempts by Catholics is (((shut down))) by the same bastards born of satans backside, in America, in Germany, Europe, world over! YET anything can be said of the Catholic Church & defending the Church becomes the problem???? Defending Whites is a problem in America, called White Supremacy, forced via Fed Gov Thugs Inc, as their "Diversity" programs to what? DESTROY WHITES, CHRISTIANS, CATHOLICS & allow the JEWS to commit atrocities as 911 (without question & still zero prosecutions).
      >>>> Who then, ought to be suspected of such villainy? JEWS.
      thanks & stay sane

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. War Drum Beating and COVID19 Pandemic false flag are used in instilling fear and cover-up of the World Corporate Government Bankruptcy and the impending Global Currency Reset. The Governments of the Bretton Woods' member countries are illegitimate corporations. (KH)
      Karen Hudes: Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF announced a transition to asset-backed currencies.

    4. nbakay ~ What Living Man & or Woman will be responsible for this asset backed 'currencies'? Unless it is held by those to whom it belongs, for them only, then its going to a corporate entity. Even if Hudes was to be the head of it, she works for the entity.

      Hudes is born a jew, turned Christian. But still a jew, no matter what its the genetics, which prevent the jew from accessing an ultimate Truth.

      Thankful to Hudes we are, for all she has done, sacrificed, & that is a LOT & still ongoing sacrifices. What the World Bank claims isn't theirs to claim.

      Those assets may be held by WB, & they enrich themselves with the bounty, when no corporate entity may do so. Only living men & women who are for the living men & women may be the custodians & only living men & women may benefit from its holding.

      The interest alone is more than many countries GDP. That profit cannot go to a corporate entity's benefit. It must be only for living men & women.

      Thanks & stay sane

    5. The term 'currencies' is what? Same schtick, same baalcr*p. If its a 'currency' its their captured assets. If they say they will provide to people their assets, who benefits from distribution & maintenance? "It" does, giving a Zombie simulated life.

      thanks & stay sane

    6. Ahhhh gheez was looking for dates on Hudes, its right there in the link 2015. Yep, very familiar with it all, the aurum, Feketa, Network of Global Corp Control map, etc.

      It was good info in 2015, 2017 brought forward, especially the work of Fekete & Vitali, paper'ized using Swissy computer data. Good stuff, still today. Be good to see their updated current version. See how things may have been Swiss'ed around. thanks again

    7. Proof that the Global Debt Facility, aka. The Global Collateral Account is true


  8. Love you Anna for spelling it out pure and simple!
    Have Faith everyone our assets will be returned back to us one way or another once a majority of Americans are made aware.

    1. Sonia - beg your pardon. A majority of Americans being made aware... gonna have to be a lot less than that, cuz they're masked up & ready for their vaxxxines like sheeple to the slaughter. thanks & stay sane


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