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Saturday, December 26, 2020



Psychological warfare weapons developed by the US military with US Taxpayer money are currently being used against the American People, as described in Millie Weaver’s film, ‘ShadowGate’.


  1. Stop paying Swamp taxes. We need to sink the ship and build a new one. The swamp is layers and layers deep, and monumentally corrupt. Stop funding them and fund yourselves instead to make yourselves secure and America prosperous again.

    1. Yes yes... we do !!

      The biggest mistake is, Americans should never let the British Bankers/ Giant Thieves to be our tax collectors because everything they collect they spent on their killing machines against us, on themselves and gave away to their Eu Masters commonwealth. They didn't even put our tax moneys back into the system.

      They claimed so "we pay taxes voluntarily", they won't allow us to do the same. These Devils are very manipulative, and HIGHLY TOXIC.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Paul. It's nice to hear and see the work of awakened patriots, in taking our country back from the NWO crowd. And speaking of them, a message:

    "I want to give the Far Left, the Establishment elitists, and their nearly monopolistic mouthpieces in the MSM, thanks for making it so obvious how they would govern if they were ever unfortunately allowed to do so. Which would not be to govern so much as to rule. Over their totalitarian and dystopian New World Order. Where people could only say, and thus ultimately think as well, what the total State, in all its arrogant ‘glory,’ allows them to. So, thanks for allowing us to have the opportunity to hoist you on your own petard, as it were."

  3. Until you listen and do as said. U all a joke..

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      Paul what does this mean ?


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