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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Monkey Business Christmas Special - Episode 17

 Something is up. Confirmed military movement in a big way.

Come to your own conclusions. Comment below.


  1. 26 Dec 2020 viewing this and Monkey wraps up with 23,000+ viewers. Remarkable! Merry Christmas Paul & Staff!

    1. Thanks Dan! Your comment inspired me to view this in full (which I'm grateful to have done)! I got a couple gems from that and quoted them at a couple of my CureZone blogs re: "Constitution" and "medicine doctors"[1]. There is another gem re: "bankers" - all of these made by Dr. Jason Dean

  2. ...
    25 Trillion that the UNITED STATES created and force the American people to pay (LOL) for everything in the world thereby the Dems get back through money laundering

    Nance and chuck are worth 200 million on a CONgress salary ?????

    About 50% of the people will never understand or wake up - sad


  4. I'm a Pacifist. But not stupid. If the Insurrection is necessary then lets get it done and over with. We need to have extra dry goods in our homes incase shopping is curtailed during that time period. They also mentioned a new coin currency coming out. That's what this country needs.
    Went to Dr J's web page. Suggest to all to consider buying his Parasite removal products. We all got em, and they need to go!!
    Also suggest folks getting Silver and Gold, via Paul Stramer's Mint Builder program. Better than a 401k or IRA.!
    For Spiritual support suggest:
    For anxiety issues use Organic, food based, herbal products from your local HFS, or:
    Also free anxiety help from U Tube. How? In the search box put in: Frequency Vibrations. Scroll down looking for those that are specifically for stress/ anxiety, etc.. Listen to them daily, as I do. They work!!
    Lastly your 4 legged companion having anxiety "attacks"?
    Check out Michele Welton's web site:
    She offers info for 180 breeds! She, like me, promotes only using Holistic Veterinarians. This is includes holistic dog/ cat foods that can be found via a DuckDuckGo web search.


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