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Saturday, November 7, 2020

For Ammon Bundy and Ron Vrooman and All Other "Patriots" -- Part 1

 By Anna Von Reitz

This part is about you and your American Government.  What I am going to describe for you is your actual government.  

I want you to imagine a map of your home state showing all the counties.   

Most of us are of an age that can do that without any trouble, but for younger people who have never seen a county map of their State of the Union-- just go online and hit the search bar with an inquiry like this: "County Map of Wisconsin". 

A multicolored political map resembling a crazy quilt will appear. 
A county map of my home state, Wisconsin, looks like this: 

All these counties taken together create a state of the Union.  You can see at a glance that you are looking at Wisconsin, even though it is cut up into all these  county pieces, each one having physical boundaries.  

If you were to create a map like this showing all the states and all the counties in each state, you would be looking at over 3100 counties total, and what you would also be looking at, as a whole, is called: The United States.  

The United States is also called "the Union".  The United States represents the national soil level jurisdiction of our country. This is, by definition, a layer of soil that is six inches deep overlaying the land within each county and reaching contiguously to our country's borders. 

The underlying land jurisdiction is an international jurisdiction that extends deep into the Earth.  The counties don't appear in this jurisdiction.  All that appears in international jurisdictions of the land and the sea is the outline of the State. 

Below is a map of the State called Wisconsin, with the location of a few cities shown as dots. 

The State represents the counties' soil and surface waters (national jurisdiction) and the land and sea (international jurisdiction) attached to Wisconsin, both, for the purposes of international recognition and trade.  

Thus, our States are nation-states.  They include the state formed by all the counties taken together, as well as the international jurisdiction owed to each State.  

We acquire our nationality from our state, because each State is also a nation-state. 

I am a Wisconsinite.  You may be a Texan, a New Yorker, a Minnesotan, or hail from somewhere else in this great country, but wherever you were born and wherever you move to, you and I are also Americans. 

Each one of the fifty (50) States joined together to form a Federation of States called The United States of America.  The Federation is how we get our "American" status.  

Early on, 1776, the States agreed to place certain "mutual powers" in the care of the Federation of States, so that they could provide their people with such conveniences as a common defense, a common currency, interstate roads, access to seaports, and free access to each other's commodity markets. 

Thus, we have The United States and The United States of America, both. 

Just imagine the crazy-quilt map of all the counties comprising our country and you can see The United States.  Now imagine a common map of the fifty (50) States such as you have seen all your life, and you will be looking at The United States of America.  

Each State is governed by a State Assembly defined as all the people who are living permanently within that State's borders who are claiming state nationality and/or State Citizenship.  

As babies we all start out as State Nationals, because we take our nationality from the soil we are born upon.  Later, when we reach the age of 21 or over, we can choose to accept the responsibilities of State Citizenship and enjoy both the hard work and the rights of self-governance. 

In 1781, each State of the Union also formed a State-of-State organization, and these joined together to form a Confederation.  The Confederation was set up under The Articles of Confederation and did business as the States of America from 1781 to 1860.  

If you were to look at a map of the Confederation it would look the same as the fifty (50) State map of The United States of America, but instead of showing the names of the States --- Wisconsin, Vermont, California, etc., it would show the names of American States-of-States: The State of Wisconsin, The State of Vermont, The State of California, and so on.  

These "Confederate States" -- both North and South -- are not physical States like the States of the Union.  These are business organizations set up to perform routine functions of government for the State and to carry on business for the State when the actual State Assembly is not in Session.  

Being a government of, for, and by the people of this country, it was understood that we have lives and businesses apart from constantly operating our government, so the State Assembly is our actual government, and the corresponding State-of-State is meant to take care of business according to our standing directions when our Assembly is not in Session.  

Something called the Civil War happened which destroyed this happy vision of people-centered government.  The Confederation broke apart in 1860 and has never been Reconstructed.  Instead, all the assets of our American States-of-States were rolled into State Trusts, and British Territorial businesses calling themselves by very similar names took over the routine business functions on an "emergency" basis. 

Before the Civil War we had American States-of-States doing business as, for example, The State of Oregon.  After that conflagration, we have had both "the" State of Oregon (a British Territorial entity) and "the STATE OF OREGON" (a municipal corporation) substituting for our intended American State-of-State. 

This usurpation based on "emergency powers" which were never granted, means that the day to day business operations of our States have been entrusted to foreign State-of-State organizations for over a hundred years, and like Rip Van Winkle, we've slept on. 

Our State Assemblies were quietly replaced by District Assemblies, both Territorial District Assemblies and Municipal District Assemblies.  

So now what are we talking about?  Look at the map showing the outline of Wisconsin with a few dots representing cities. 

The cities represent a third separate jurisdiction, called Municipal jurisdiction, which is a global jurisdiction. This is what they call the "Empire of the City". There aren't supposed to be any incorporated cities or municipalities in our country, except for Washington, DC --- but there are. 

There have even been Municipal STATE-OF-STATE organizations and Municipal Boroughs established. 

This is a separate issue and a problem our country is facing thanks to malfeasance and Breach of Trust by both the Popes and the British Monarchs.

But right now, all of those foreign Territorial State-of-States and Municipal STATE-OF-STATE organizations are bankrupt.  They and their Principals owe us far more than they can ever pay. 

We woke up to all this long-standing fraud and called the actual States to assemble.  

Only the States have the power to reconstruct their own American State-of-State organizations and only the States and People have the ability to liquidate the State trusts which have been operating under names like: Ohio State, Nevada State, and New York State---and so on.    

Only our nation-states are populated by living people, competent and able to make these decisions for our country.  And only our Lawful People operating as State Citizens or as Officers of The United States of America can enforce the Federal Constitutions. 

Welcome home to the actual American government: 

(1) The people of The United States formed by our unincorporated counties, (2) The People of The United States of America formed by our unincorporated States of the Union, and (3) the Persons of the Confederation doing business as American States-of-States--- long lost in the fog surrounding the end of the Civil War.

Please note that the entire Civil War was fought by Confederate States, both North and South. It was a mercenary conflict, not a declared war.  The men were mustered out by The State of New York and The State of Florida, for example, not by any actual State Government.  

Read that: the actual States were not involved.  Our State Assemblies and our Congressional Deputies never voted on the Civil War.  Our States and People are, as a result, peaceful, non-combatant Third Parties--- as well as the actual owners of every square inch of land and soil.  

So --- this is our American Government.  These are your nation-states, your States of the Union, and your rightful American States of States which you have to reconstruct.  And which nobody else can reconstruct. 

(1) Unincorporated counties form the nation-states, and together, the nation-states form The United States; 

(2) Unincorporated States represent the nation-states in the international jurisdictions of land and sea, and together form the unincorporated Federation doing business as The United States of America; 

(3) Unincorporated American States-of-States are supposed to be conducting the routine business of their States  --- but they've been moth-balled since the 1860's waiting for the State Assemblies to come into Session and finish the Reconstruction. 

It's the "absence" of these American States-of-States which has given rise to the suppositions of other nations that we, the American States, no longer exist.  

Our State Assemblies haven't met for decades.  We haven't been minting our own coinage. We haven't stepped forward and directed the operations of these State Trusts. We haven't sat on and disciplined our "federal" subcontractors.  What's the rest of the world supposed to think?  

Well, we may have somewhat forgotten how things are supposed to work and we have certainly been duped by certain foreign subcontractors, but the Americans and the American States are still here. We are still able to muster State Assemblies of declared Americans in every State of the Union and we have done so. 

So, join your State Assembly.  Enter your State Offices, elect your officials, operate the courts you are heir to, and get a move on.  The rest of us are already in motion and organized and standing for our States, but there is a lot of work to be done and the call is out for "All hands on deck!".  

Go to: --- declare yourself an American State National or State Citizen of your State of the Union and join your lawful State Assembly.   

Then you don't have to worry about who won any private corporation election, because the winners are obligated to do whatever you tell them to do. They are ---drum roll--- your employees. 

This is the way it is supposed to be, because you are the actual landowners, possessors, and inheritors of the whole actual and factual enchilada.

Please note: what I have just described for you is the American Government.  

You also have a bunch of Subcontractors to deal with, that are known as the Federal Government. 

That's Part 2. 

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  1. What does aforementioned have to do with "Foul mouth..Ron Vrooman?

  2. Paul the image of Wisconsin in Anna's article is not showing up.

  3. Appreciate this.
    What an education.

  4. FYI:
    This infra structure was elective courses in the universities/colleges in the 1980's thru the 1990's, now all the foreign corporations are reaping the benefits of our own people working against ourselves. Doesn't matter what "STATE/COUNTY/CITY" you are ResIDent In(or InTo). Thing Identified: Res=thing; ID=identified.��������

    Wisconsin Dept Of ReVenue (door): DOR Revaluation Municipal article & map:

    Revaluation Resources: Contract, Specifications, and List of Certified Municipal Assessment Help

    ​​​​​​The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) provides standard specifications for revaluations, as well as a sample contract municipalities may use in general property revaluation. Both items are available below.

    DOR also maintains a list of individuals and firms expressing interest in helping municipalities perform revaluations. The list includes names, addresses, phone numbers, and which areas of the state they cover. This list does not include all certified individuals, only those who asked to be included. By making this list available, DOR is not endorsing any of these individuals or firms, or the quality of their work. Any municipality using this list to hire assessment help should carefully screen candidates and review references. DOR only attests that the individuals on this list successfully passed an Assessor Certification examination and registered for placement on this list.

    The list is divided into seven geographical areas of the state, each consisting of several counties. The areas are denoted on the map below by color. Click any area to display the area's list of names. For a complete list, select "All" below the map.

    Standard Specifications – see pages 30 to 38 of the Property Assessment Process Guide for Municipal Officials

    Sample Contract for Revaluation – see pages 31 to 42 of the Property Assessment Process Guide for Municipal Officials (same link as Process Guide above).

    ​All - List of all certified individuals willing to work in all areas of the state. [Hey, am just surviving & doing my job & joined the list, right?]

    Application by certified assessors for inclusion on list.

  5. I'd like to be part of this constitutional convention. Can you contact me on this matter? Thank you. Name is Gustav.


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