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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Complete Coordinators Handbook

 Thanks to the work of Diane Light we now have the Coordinators Handbook in PDF format as one document.

Here is the link.


  1. I know that she has had trouble with this lady before, but Virgo still thinks that Anna is a fraud:

    Virgo Triad: Viewer Questions to Anna Von Reitz

    1. And who the hell is she??? Never heard of her she sounds remedial on her video, has no clue what she is even talking based on her indoctrination in this purely commercial legal system she probably thinks the robed morons in traffic court are actual Judges though...

    2. Anna explained that already. Virgo may just have an obsession with her for some reason.

    3. Virgo triad may be hired by the UK-BASED Banking Cartels to call Anna a fraud, to claim their stolen Non-American Gold away from them. Right or wrong it's for all to practice what we preach. Do not steal from the poor or from the rich. Y'all need to understand and recognize who Anna is. A sign of Mercury loves to act fast in speaking, not in deep thinking, with Pluto conjoining her sun (life, character) now, she does think deep but still fast and somewhat manipulative like the UK-FED doing. Their Rothschild Churchill had murdered FDR, in 3/1945, as Joseph Stalin, his ambassador and I verified.

    4. If you have an old copy of FDR wikipedia, read it and think deep why his 1937 Govt increasing spendings had nothing to do with their massive gold theft. You would have a clarity on the fact that the U.S.INC, UK.INC, CANADA INC, Australia Inc, were on the verge of their largest GOLD THEFT in human history. That's the birth of their fuels for their Greatest Wall street Fraud on humanity.

    5. Folks, I'd just found out that the Narcissistical bar bastards play Black Magic on you guys. I checked this and I cannot believe it. These guys are not growing they just think that they are God's, when they are really the parasites.

      They never seemed to grow, they just keep on hypnotizing themselves that they are the government, the court, .. playing Their Robber moronic games.. they never paid full taxes back to the system, bc they said so ( we pay taxes on volunteer...)

    6. Carpenter, you give many words, some attempt to support on sentence; failing. YOur points are all over , I 'm not certain what you are trying to convey, then your third paragraph.. Could we have at least one proper noun for each pronoun , so that we may know who the players are in your paragraph.

      I have been researching Law, history, processes, civics, ethics, all this about five years now. In that time, I have countered Anna's published points. I have hounded her about identifying grandiose titled "subcontractors" corporations, letters of incorporation, for governments that end in ", Inc." Recording vs filing, giving a statement , but never an affidavit, though and uncontested affidavit is as bulletproof as.. I was going to say the Constitution, ( which one? ) right.
      I have learned more here, than from many website, from any you tuber, from any Pay you go, free yourself claim the Straw, UCC-1 / 3 SPC bull-onie Yea I've read it all. Yea, I actually know how to get money out of the TDAs, how to work the bonds ton still open accounts. It's work, you've got to know what you are doing, but once you set it, it's like royalty checks. But that's not what I'm here for.

      Yea, and if you took a moment to read and another moment to understand, the paying of taxes upon your income, is a:) unlawful, B:) voluntary, c:) every cent of tax collected pays interest on the national debt. there is NOTHING which goes to local or national services. nothing. there is nothing "left over" after paying that bill ,. because it's never paid off, because they, the fed, are always printing worthless fiat to pay the service providers, the government staff, the military, the ... everything. We have no national product, where do you think all these salaries come from? Taxes? HA! there..... is.... no.... money.
      we have been creating out own national debt upon borrowed debt.
      Who is Anna? Would you believe a retired Judge?


    7. Here is what Anna has said about that troll.

      "I have had several people contact me all excited and upset because some woman calling herself
      "Virgo Triad" is all over the internet saying I am a fake.
      Fine. Here is an object lesson in what I am trying to teach.
      1. Why would you trust a nameless, faceless "voice" on YouTube and give them any credibility at all? I
      listened to one of her broadcasts and she was just blithering rumors and gossip like "Katie Courier"
      before her.
      2. And why trust a nameless, faceless person calling herself "Virgo Triad"? Virgo star constellation?
      Triad -- name of Oriental gangs? Hello?
      The Virgo star constellation is the home of the "Doctrine of Scarcity". If you want to continue to suffer
      and go without things you need, that's where you want to go. All Masochists please form a line.... and
      Triads? You listen to Japanese and/or Chinese gangs as regular news sources? But she doesn't sound
      Oriental. She sounds like a confused Midwestern housewife in over her head.
      3. And if I am a fake and impersonating a judge, openly, flagrantly, for four years running now --- why
      is it that I am still here, still running my court?
      The obvious answer is that I do know what I am talking about, my interpretation of jurisdictional
      issues is correct, and what I am teaching you all is correct, too. If I wasn't exactly who I am and doing
      what I say I am, I'd be in jail like a great many others who have visited federal "correctional facilities"
      before me."

      Our galaxy was once believed to be a part of the Virgo Constellation. This is in fact false. Virgo Triad is just a weakening force losing its grip on our galaxy and our path in the universe. Bye Bye Virgo Triad.

  2. DID YOU KNOW THERE IS AN INTERNET GOVERNANCE FORUM and they are in their 15th year
    It is part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, NOW HOW ABOUT THAT

    The below link is also of some interest as it gives some details on accessing the trading information pertaining to bonds, might be of some help

    1. Thanks, Shelby. Checking out these links.

    2. Shelby, the UN Sustainable Development Goals is the New World Order which eliminates the middle class, gives everyone a monthly minimal check and takes all our property and rights away. It is called communism.

    3. Yup, backed by our assets first without a permission.

    4. THank you Shelby.. Checking the links


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