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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Newsflash: Your Government is Not Bankrupt


By Anna Von Reitz

We have spoke about various incorporated entities being bankrupted.  These include both Federal Service Providers responsible for Territorial and Municipal Government Services.  These functions are now in the hands of bankruptcy trustees appointed by treaty, and both corporations are in receivership.  

This causes considerable disruption as the Bankruptcy Trustees and the Secondaries eke out a "basic services interim policy".  

The Municipal Congress was looking forward to this being a time when they could access more and more and more of our credit, using the "Covid 19" False Flag as an excuse.  

That hasn't turned out the way they planned, because we charged it back to the other Principals who are responsible for this mess as a gift.  Not being able to access our credit --- without having it charged back to their own dear Principals --- has considerably dampened their zeal for more appropriations. 

The plain fact is that access to our credit and to our underlying assets, and decisions regarding expenditures, actually remain with us.  And when we pull a Jethro Beaudine and innocently accept their gifts, they have to pay for them, not us.  

Both the Territorial and Municipal Governments are well and truly bankrupt. The Municipal Government is soon to be defunct, and the Territorial Government will be reorganized. 

Your Government, standing in the jurisdiction of the land and soil, is the only government left standing.  It's the only one that is not bankrupt.  It is the only organization with the provenance, standing, and jurisdiction competent to act for this country.  

So you need to wake up and get moving --- ASAP.   Declare your birthright political status and record your 1779 Declarations and join your State Assemblies.  Fill the jury pools.  Fill the militias.  

It's time to move, move, move. 


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  1. "we spoke" or "we have spoken" but not "we have spoke" a simple typo

    1. Not intentional, BTW, it could be her keyboard issue, or a speedy typo. She is an extraordinary writer, thinker, lover of her country. I bet you have made million mistakes you've been forgiven. I bet you honk at every body on the road all the time. I also bet your intelligence doesn't come close to her. I know so, I don't need to prove to any ignorant, but I shall prove to people who can pay for my time, it will come to pass.

  2. 1933 Geneva convention was reall mask for bankruptcies of G20 nations.
    We get communism railroaded president Hoover great guy pointed the finger at the same bankers who caused the 1929 depression and the communist plot weaken and conquer won .
    Same with Lincoln he tool of same red mafia
    Hated local in Illinois as communist but big banks bought the office and the conquest of America never reconstruct fleece.
    No doubt U.N. would assume a leadership roll and all things communist.
    Presently two committees are cheerleading anti nationalist attack strategies so we get more South Africa , Bolshevik,white genoside.
    That’s the real plan
    Anna is in my opinion the gate keeper were the only legal remedy is blocked kill zone .
    Sick but that’s been history the zionest have all roads false flagged blocked .

  3. Isn't it bizarre to see the government legalize fake news since 2012 under obama so that they could terrorize the american public without fear of being held accountable and now that thats gone on for 8+ years... they are now trotting out the "mental health awareness" tactics trying to get everyone to check everyone Elses mental health so they can arbitrarily now start claiming mental health is a valid reason to do whatever they want to the american public, nevermind they CAUSED the mental health issues by allowing fake news and holding none of the corporations spouting off accountable for their lies...

    How long is this bullshit charade going to continue? the full 4 years of the second term?

    Are those who record their paperwork setting up the counter force to the duped american forces believing this covidiocy tripe? Are you just drumming up a division local to the domestic states to set those groupings at odds and see whose left standing as the herd that the manipulators will take on and control like in Logans Run?

  4. Hmm not bankrupt but ask you to donate that fake fiat monopoly money

    If you are not broke then why solicit donations?

    Remember when they started advertising Louisiana as NOLO

    The script
    Remember then no flags article at the UN building
    Hmm I wonder if it is preparation to destroy the old and bring in the new UN under the guise of an 'event'
    I'm sure that UN building is full of asbestos like the trade towers were and insurance money probably doubled or tripled in preparation of it's untimely demise??

    All of it is Hebrew Jewish lies

    Meanwhile the 5G roll out assault continues it's roll out and the frequencies being put out with this shit is OFF THE CHARTS - IT IS TRULY DEBILITATING
    What this shit is doing to children hearing these fucking frequencies non stop has got to create huge effects on them


    And people like RDS claiming their Earth Intelligence Network bullshit and Sasha and his new earth

    As I stated before as Bellerian1 states above to a degree
    Those who file their paperwork have agreed to be part of the fraud, they after the fictitious credit accounts being dangled as carrots in front of everyone
    Love of mammon, after the money

  5. The Age of Aquarius LIE

    Funny too that they have everyone running around wearing mask like a cover over your face like they do there

    In one of the guys links above he explains how the new ALLY bank is actually an Islamic bank as in ALLA

    Shiners are required to swear an allegience to Allah to become one

  6. War Drum Beating is used in instilling fear and COVID19 Pandemic is a false flag used in instilling fear and cover-up of the World Corporate Government Bankruptcy and the impending Global Currency Reset. The Governments of the Bretton Woods' member countries are illegitimate corporations.(KH)
    Karen Hudes: Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF announced a transition to asset-backed currencies.


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