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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Coordinator's Handbook -- Chapter One


By Anna Von Reitz

1. Call to Session.  There are three (3) ways that the State Assemblies may be called into Session: (1) they may be summoned by The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation; (2) they may be summoned by the President of The United States of America (the same Federation of States); (3) a committee of nine State Assemblies may call the General Assembly.   

In the present instance, in the year 2020, we are now called to assemble and fifty State Assemblies have answered. 

This has been made possible by our State Coordinators, who are State National volunteers employed by The United States of America to organize and expedite the State Assembly process. 

2. There may be more than one State Coordinator, and in the larger States especially, it is highly recommended that more State Coordinator volunteers be brought on board.  When more than one State Coordinator is present, the Coordinators work together as a team and elect one from the group to function as Lead Coordinator.  The Lead Coordinator from each State will be responsible for corresponding directly with the National Coordinator and The United States of America. 

3. New Coordinators are to receive instruction, including this Handbook, upon completion of the necessary paperwork and vetting process.  

4. New Coordinators need to learn the "Bottom Up" structure and spirit of our actual government of, for, and by the people of this country.  It is exactly opposite to the "Top Down" structure and spirit of both the Federal Government and the corporations that many of us have worked for. 

In the Assembly Process we are engaged in community building.  We are not building a corporation. Corporate business structures do not apply.  Let us all keep that firmly in view.  There are jobs to do, and functions to perform, but the principles of hierarchy and compartmentalization are largely absent. Ideally, everyone in every assembly will know all the jobs and functions, and numerous people will be ready to fill vacancies and bulwark efforts as needed. 

Your State Assembly should resemble a family gathering, because in essence, that is what it is and what it is intended to be: an extended family of friends, relatives, and neighbors working together for their mutual long term security and benefit. 

5. Definitions:  Each State Assembly consists of one (1) Body Politic composed of all declared State Nationals and State Citizens living within the boundaries of each State. 

(A) Anyone who qualifies by birthright or by legal Naturalization processes and who (1) lives in a State on a permanent basis and (2) who declares and records their political status as a State National or State Citizen must be included in the State Assembly.  

(B) Each State Assembly is organized to perform four functions: (1) the General Assembly provides a discussion and decision forum for intrastate business and acts as a Committee-of-the-Whole to decide issues of general interest, conducts elections, and provides oversight for all Assembly functions; (2) the International Business Assembly which is composed entirely of State Citizens, conducts the international and interstate business of the Assembly; (3) the Jural Assembly provides the Court Services and oversees the Grand Jury, Trial Juries, Officers, and functions of the courts; (4) the Assembly Militia is focused on promoting public safety within the boundaries of their State and is the "well-regulated" militia guaranteed to each State for its internal security.  

(C) General Assembly meetings are, generally speaking, public meetings.  If the General Assembly wishes to conduct any private or sensitive intrastate business, they simply divide the agenda and close that portion of the meeting, so that only State Nationals and State Citizens participate.  

All State Nationals and State Citizens must be allowed to attend all General Assembly Meetings.  

Regular Assembly Meetings are scheduled and posted in advance.  Adoption of Rules of Order for the conduct of meetings is highly encouraged.  Publication of an Agenda at least a week prior to all regularly scheduled meetings is also highly recommended.  

(D) Business Assembly meetings are relatively rare events at first, but become increasingly important going forward.  These meetings are open to State Citizens, who are the only ones with standing to vote on the international and interstate business under consideration. 

(E) Jural Assembly meetings are Special Meetings organized by the active members of the Jural Assembly, all of whom are qualified Jurors, able to serve on both the Grand Jury and Trial Juries, or officers of the courts. 

(F) Assembly Militias often meet before or after General Assembly meetings, but many also maintain a weekend schedule for training and to conduct exercises and conduct business unique to the militia.  All able-bodied members of the Assembly between the ages of 21 and 65 are expected to actively support their militia in one way or another, either as active militia or acting in support, supply, communications, and administrative positions.  


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  1. Printed and added to my white notebook.
    Gary Meade
    Connecticut Coordinator
    The Connecticut Assembly

  2. Claim to fame but others have other ideas sccession from the communist red s and Texas republic knows the zionest will take control and democracy or mob rule.
    Look fine but the ppl who built and fought for independence will be lucky to have a seer in the back of the 🚌


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