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Sunday, September 13, 2020

About "the" Flag, War-Castles, Russell Gould, Etc.


By Anna Von Reitz

Title IV Flag is just a particular dimension of our Flag, as specified in the Federal Code, that the British Territorial Government was allowed to use while exercising delegated powers for us. 

The flag in all dimensions, however, ultimately belongs to us, the American States and People doing business as The United States of America --- an unincorporated Federation of States since 1776. 

Russell acted as a pirate, not a savior.  

And the actual Law is that "Possession by pirates does not change ownership."

He has also tried to lead everyone astray with his claims about PARSE.  PARSE is just another round of the old Justinian Deception.  See Romley Stewart's work on this subject. 

English is still our Official Language, and it had better stay that way, unless people want to be left struggling to use PARSE to express even simple concepts. 

PARSE can't distinguish between a pickle and a cucumber.  It is not mathematically "correct" and any school child can prove that. 

So, what else do you need to know?  

How about the fact that Russell doesn't have a contract with us, the American States and People?   

It's his own fault and arrogance and duplicity that has resulted in this outcome.  

We helped him for months, and tried to show him the errors in what he was proposing, gave him several thousand dollars to allow him to travel, and in the end, found him describing me as a "jackal".  That was his thank you.   When confronted about this, he lied.  

We played the tape back for him. 


This is not a man that anyone should trust and we have the proof of that in our own experience with him and his false claims.  

Run like antelopes away.  


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  1. saw a new video of his somebody interviewed him recently, dudes a delusional moron, seems to be playing king of his own backyard castle with no subjects, parse means nothing its like a new jurisdiction AKA contractual nexus, if not recognized by any current system it means nothing, doesnt change any existing contracts if parties already agreed to the terms, be like saying "I only recognize Chinese now!", doesnt change/void the original contract because you claim its not in Chinese???

  2. Anyone know which article Anna mentioned posting a sign in your business about not being lisenced to serve federal employees? I can't seem to find it...was in the last two weeks

    1. You will find it here:

  3. Hmmm... I think when people become too specialized, they can develop special filters too! LOL. However, it is up to us to discern and use their particular merits, and expand our own thinking by their ideas.

    The Quantum language is made up of three sections: Grammar, Parse and Syntax.
    Grammar: Constitutes of is organised by these features: Position, (AL)Lodial, Fact. Precisely to establish what say you on paper as one meaning ONLY.

    Parse: Breaks the words down into its constituents, to derive at the true meanings of the words, by separating/splitting each word into Prefix, Suffix and Syllables. As each component of the word, much like for chemical elements, each has its particular, unique feature and character, and special influence on the compounds that it attaches itself to. Much like the Prefix, Suffix and Syllables affect the meaning of the words. But our dark forces, just wants us to accept and believe the false meanings given in their patented dictionary!
    For which, have powerful subtle impacts on our psyche and thinking. Disconnecting our brain into left and right, and can't function as a whole brain. Deep subject my friends.

    Syntax: is the process of correcting the babble, the non sensible grammatical structure they teach us at school. With the coloring and use of the Adverb/Adjective that distorts the facts; and mixed in future/past tenses so that one can't know when something was done, or will be done. Nothing is written in the eternal NOW time.

    it suffices to say, that Quantum Language, is valuable, if for nothing else, other than the writing of contracts. Which by the way our world totally functions on. Offer and counter offer. Presumption and assumption.
    Getting the drift on how valuable Quantum Language really is now?

    Hope this helped a little. And know that all has its rightful place, as given by God.

    thank you.

  4. (((Gould))). (((Miller))). Nuff said.


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