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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Round Three With Neil Keenan


By Anna Von Reitz

Almost a decade ago, I came forward in support of a lawsuit that Neil Keenan brought against the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  Although there is a lot of underlying detail and skulduggery involved, the essence of the case is simple. 

The Chinese Nationalist Government that was eventually overcome by Mao and the Communists deposited a very large amount of gold with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for "safekeeping".  The bank was supposed to pay interest on this Special Deposit, but the Nationalist Government fell, and nobody came to collect for many years. 

The Fed basically just kept the gold, claiming that the original depositor, the Nationalist Government of China, wasn't present to reclaim it, and therefore the bank would just keep the Special Deposit and not pay interest on it to the current Chinese Government, either.  

I have since become aware of many, many other instances where banks around the world availed themselves of Special Deposits that were left with them in good faith, and which they basically commandeered, used for their own benefit, and stole from the original depositors and their heirs.  

It's not just a Chinese problem.  It's a problem of gross dishonesty and greed and malfeasance by banks worldwide. 

These Special Deposits, often referred to as "Legacy Accounts", and often claimed improperly by the banks as "Abandoned Funds", were kept on special separate ledgers by the banks and only appeared on certain computer screens that were accessible only by those who had "keys" and codes to access these screens. I have worked with a wide variety of Trusts and Heirs to these kinds of deposits and the story is the same: the banks seized the depositor's assets, used those assets to profit the bank, and denied the depositors access to their own assets. 

So far as I can see, it's Chinese gold and it clearly belongs to the Chinese People.  So long as they know that it is their gold, and know that their current government is in receipt, that should be their business.  Not ours. Any excuses by the New York Fed, the IMF, or Bank of International Settlements notwithstanding, we know that it is Chinese gold. So give it back to the Chinese, right?  

It's not a political question.  It's a question of very basic property rights and the trustworthiness of banks.  

This problem is so widespread and so pernicious that it has spread worldwide. 

We have bank deposits of assets in the pentillions of dollars that have been cashiered away in this manner, leaving the actual Heirs and Depositors, and even the Bank Trustees at a loss.  Most of the victims haven't even had access to the agreed-upon interest that was supposed to be paid on these deposits. 

This has gone on and only gotten worse since the Second World War, until it has become an issue threatening world peace and economic stability.  

We, Americans, are similarly owed a very substantial part of the gold horde cashiered in the Philippines and Indonesia.  We know where it went, how much was transported, who transported it, who was responsible for it going forward. 
And still, like the Chinese, the actual Depositors to whom this other cache of gold belongs, the American States and People, are being denied access to their own assets and not even being paid interest by the banks.  

Here's the update on Neil's latest efforts: 

Please be aware and please be supportive going forward.  You, just like the Chinese People, are owed a great deal of gold, silver, and other assets that are yours by right.  A great many other people all around the world have similarly been cheated, and suffered the same kind of theft by other banks and institutions around the world. 

One of the key American Trusts that has been defrauded in this manner is the V.K. Durham Trust, which actually owns and should control a substantial percentage of the world's silver assets.  

It appears that this process of cashiering actual assets and refusing service to actual Depositors is part and parcel of the Roman Pontificate's Doctrine of Scarcity discussed elsewhere, and that it has served to artificially cripple and obstruct the world economy for the benefit of the banks and various other parties and Principals acting in gross Breach of Trust. 

We have been working behind the scenes in tandem to the work that Neil Keenan has thus far successfully prosecuted to bring justice in these matters to the entire world---including the Chinese.


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  1. Neil Keenan a respectable gentleman, so I was thinking in him
    until I have been reading Jane Haines statement about him.

    She has been writing that she gave him 300 000 $ from her savings
    in order to help him and never has seen a pence repayed to her.

    Now, I don`t know if she is still living. Wordpress has canceled her blog.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. See page 47 number 34 to 34-4 of the link below. ( Read How much wealth has been deposited to China.)

    Also in this link page 4 – 5

    Also See Item 158 to 179 of the link below.


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