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Saturday, May 23, 2020

3 part Series "Who is running the WHO?" By Charlene Bollinger

This 3 part series by Charlene Bollinger really unmasks the movers behind the coronavirus lockdown.

Well worth your time to read this.





  1. Thanks for posting, but I already figured out who runs the W.H.O. Same discovery.

    BTW - The assassination of JFK is not about The Fed alone, but about the largest Gold Theft the Secret Society had been running back then, tied to Winston Churchill - FDR, to Truman, all the way to JFK, LBJ, NIXON.... The Whole War SCAMS were not about saving se Asia from falling into communism, it was about the Gold Theft, and the illegal Land Partitioning of se Asia, remapping, so the THIEVES can succeed in their 34 year of conspired war(s).

    There are so much Governmental Scams by the deceptive authorities:

  2. Hmmm. Looks like those bank records showing pay offs to US Presidents including Lincoln shows just that, they have been lying and now only can hope to keep the "legal not liable corporate remedy" from wilting away and surrendering once people use the law due to the persons acting in the corrupt on purpose fake offices are bound by law to the truth. Like a Walmart employee there are limits to Walmart's policy


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