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Monday, April 27, 2020

Reply About the Fourteenth Amendment

By Anna Von Reitz

Apparently, one of my "translators" got the wrong link to this particular snippet from the Congressional Record --- most likely went to the House discussion instead of the Senate or the final combined Committee. I am absolutely sick of "chasing the cheese" for people who seem blissfully unaware of how complex Congressional records are or how they are constantly manipulated, re-numbered, re-paged, and re-annotated to obscure the "juicy parts" such as this clip from 1967 defining "citizen of the United States":
"A "citizen of the United States" is a civilly dead entity operating as a co-trustee and co-beneficiary of the PCT (Public Charitable Trust), the constructive cestui que vie trust of US Inc. under the 14th Amendment, which upholds (read:"pays") the debt of the USA and US, Inc." ---- Congressional Record, June 13, 1967, pp. 15641-15646."
Pay close attention.
The "Fourteenth Amendment" was adopted as a By-Law "Amendment" of the original Scottish Commercial Corporation that usurped upon us immediately following the Civil War and operated as "The United States of America"--- Incorporated --- from 1868 to 1907.
The "Constitution" they published in 1868 as "The Constitution of the United States of America" was in fact a cleverly disguised attempt to "legally enclose" the earlier Constitution of the same name and convert it for use as the Articles of Incorporation for the aforementioned Scottish Commercial Corporation.
As a result, for the purposes of that organization and their Articles of Incorporation deceitfully mislabeled as a "Constitution", the "Amendments" are in fact "By-Law Amendments" --- so did not require ratification by the States.
That's why when you look for evidence of ratification by the States for the 14th Amendment onward, you find that none of these "Amendments" were ever ratified by our States of the Union--- because they weren't actual Amendments to any actual Constitution.
Just more phony look-alike, sound-alike semantic deceits and Templar Bullshit.
The Board of Directors --- the members of the Rump Congress --- simply voted on it, and since they were keen to collect war reparations from the Municipal "citizens of the United States" they set up the "Fourteenth Amendment" as a mechanism to expedite the process of collection by predefining these Fourteenth Amendment "CITIZENS" as guilty debtors and as criminals, both.
The British Territorial Government sided with the North, and the Pope's Municipal Government sided with the South.
The Scottish Commercial Corporation intent on collecting war reparations after armed hostilities ended "redefined" everyone not directly in its employ as "presumed" enemy combatants, "citizens of the United States" within the meaning of their precious Fourteenth so-called "Amendment" and prosecuted everyone as debtors, criminals, and fugitives from justice already condemned-----and applied this scheme whether or not you were ever actually a Municipal citizen of the United States.
They used this despicable set up as an excuse to mischaracterize Americans who were never Municipal "citizens of the United States" and to extract war reparations from us when we never had anything to do with their filthy self-propogated "civil war".
And they never disclosed what they were doing to the Public, either, so unless you were extraordinarily well-informed and knew what they were "presuming" about you, and objected to it appropriately, their Carpetbagger Courts --- then, as now--- simply rolled over the victims of this deplorable, criminal activity on our shores, and pillaged and plundered the "individual Municipal Public Trusts" set up under our NAMES to expedite this fraudulent plundering.
When the Scottish Commercial Corporation dba "The United States of America" --- Incorporated--- went bankrupt in 1907, their Articles of Incorporation, including their phony "Fourteenth Amendment" ceased to have any meaning or authority in any context at all, but that did not keep the politicians and Bar Attorneys from continuing to use this defunct set of presumptions to pillage and plunder under conditions of deceit and color of law.
Ask yourself --- what possible authority a By-Law Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of a defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation --- a corporation that went bankrupt in 1907--- could possibly have in 1967? And the answer is?
NONE. Their "Fourteenth Amendment" is as meaningless as a dry fart in a high wind.
This little snippet quoted above from 1967 proceedings, is the admission by the Federal Rats that they were still operating under this fraud scheme sixty years after all possible basis for it --- bad and invalid and lawfully and legally unconscionable as that basis was --- collapsed.
Absolutely every prosecution brought against every American mischaracterized as a Municipal "citizen of the United States"under these False Registrations and False Legal Presumptions from 1868 to 1907 were nothing but unbridled fraud, racketeering, piracy, pillaging, and plundering exercised under color of law by the usurping foreign Scottish commercial corporation.
And after 1907, all such prosecutions brought against all such STRAWMEN were completely unjustifiable by any stretch of the imagination.
Even people who actually were "citizens of the United States" shouldn't have been prosecuted using these mechanisms after 1907, but as you can learn from reading the Congressional Record, they were still milking this criminal constructive fraud scheme in 1967.
They were still milking it and employing it as of last year!
They will go on using any excuse to milk and bilk that you will allow, as long as you put up with it, but they deserve to recognized for what they are and prosecuted as marauders and pirates under international law, instead.
Read my lips: there is no "Fourteenth Amendment" that ever applied to any American who wasn't a Federal Civil Service Employee or Dependent, and since 1907, there shouldn't have been any claim against Federal Civil Service Employees or Dependents, either --- though you can see that as of 1967, this fraud and all the False Legal Presumptions were still being employed.
Everything that these Vermin collected from everyone was illegal. It was all collected under conditions of fraud and deceit and non-disclosure, and all done under color of law. And they've gotten away with it on our shores for 150 years. No wonder they think we are too stupid to breathe.
And here you are, apparently still sucking up the idea that there was ever any valid "Fourteenth Amendment" that applied to us, still going along with the idea that the "Constitution" published by these yahoos in 1868 as Articles of Incorporation was valid, all of it?
It's like a joke nobody gets. A very bad joke, indeed.
Why don't I sell you all some Florida Real Estate? It's only underwater half the year.


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  1. We know it’s corperate bylaws well now thanks to the internet.
    The complete monopoly on public information was controld in 1865 Reuters news service created no doubt to not let Europe get wind of the savage abuses.

  2. I love this article Anna. Thank you for the Congressional Record reference. I read the whole entry, Congressional Record, June 13, 1967, pp. 15641-15646. While I didn't find any reference to a definition of "A "citizen of the United States" is a civilly dead entity operating as a co-trustee and co-beneficiary of the PCT (Public Charitable Trust), the constructive cestui que vie trust of US Inc. under the 14th Amendment, which upholds (read:"pays") the debt of the USA and US, Inc", what I did find astounded me.

    This is a brilliantly written and evidenced piece of writing mastery which spells out WHY the 14th amendment was NOT dully ratified into law.

    Everyone should read this and it can be found at this link.

    1. it mostly shouldnt matter anyways. american jurisprudence (look it up for exact words, following is a paraphrase) states a person is subject to the jurisdiction of the united states for purposes of acquiring citizenship at birth if one is born into a TERRITORY of the united states

      "federal territories" are not states. federal territories have no bill of rights for example, IIRC that is at the "discretion" of the leader -- root word is "terror" (see e.g. bouviers law dictionary 1856) -- because the magistrate is essentially occupying the area.

      when a colony becomes a "state" and "joins the union" at minimum they are supposed to get a bill of rights, join on "equal footing" (join on same terms as original 13) -- and this includes "the right for people to be state citizens and/or state nationals, no requirement anyone be a "federal citizen" (the 14th didn't even EXIST at that time, as noted by a few court cases)" -- this applies even for "civil law" louisiana (under "code napoleon" previously, so there was some hope/attempt at maintaing "comity" with the prior system -- but even they got some basic "american common law" after statehood)

      in my experience (with my brother, a corporate cop) and others as well i believe, people say "the 14th passed" etc. to try to mislead and "guilt" people "oh you just got mislead by some conspiracy, we all make mistakes"

      point being, it is quite irrelevant if it "passed" or not.

      the real further crime is they are assuming/kidnapping everyone at birth into it.

      instead of being e.g. a virginian born in virginia, people get assumed to be an xyz born in the "united states" (federal zone/area/territory)

      it is bad enough it exists, legitimate or not -- but it wouldn't matter so much if they weren't kidnapping everyone at birth

      if someone says "it passed" don't waste time arguing with them IMO -- IT DOESNT APPLY -- NOONE NEEDS IT -- I believe the time when white, land-owning males over 21 (freeholders?) were needed to kickstart restoration of things is over (see anna's articles a few years back calling for such people)

      there is lots more re: the 14th, which i hope i dont come off as withholding information or being "shady" -- it is just totally irrelevant IMO. not worth my time to dig through my notes and post it, unless someone clueless is trying to assert authority they don't have -- they will mislead and lie and distort things and try to pressure people.

      the simple fact is they are kidnapping people at birth into foreign status -- REGARDLESS of whether the 14th "passed or not -- it is utterly irrelevant, they are kidnapping people even now, decades later after any miniscule relevancy, regardless.

      as anna pointed out, long after 1907, they are still doing it.

    2. this "territories dont necessarily get bill of rights" is also seen in "hang em high" IIRC (from memory, some of these statements may be off). clint eastwood is in oklahoma territory (pre-state) and deputized IIRC -- the judge notes they are the only court there right now, so that is all the "law" they have, even if there are lots of complaints, justice is slow because apparently there is only one court, it is essentially federal IIRC, etc.

      that doesn't prove anything -- except it confirms what i have read elsewhere how "territories" work, and that they certainly differ from "states"

      generally, terroritories want to become a state so they have more "rights". so they are/were generally seen as a pre-statehood status, normally is a path to statehood

      exceptions might be places that were conquered or otherwise acquired "non-consentually" perhaps -- and the feds might make a treaty with the people there or otherwise have some reason to not join the union e.g. the people don't want to become a state because they prefer some other style of government or law, etc.

      my point? the truth is simple. anyone who has an option to be in a "state" normally probably would not want to be in a "federal territory" in the first place -- because any "rights" or "bill of rights" is at the discretion of the "magistrate(s)" -- because a "territory" is not a "state"

  3. Mike
    I agree with Truth Seeker. I can't find any information relating to
    "A citizen.......... I would like to find that if it exists. Can Anna or anyone direct me? Thank you.

    1. I did find it (A citizen..) in immigration forms, or government (service corp.) papers.

      Why you will fall? The divine powers are with people. I see the trend is coming up. Right now, your Thievery Capricorns (Bar attorneys, Scorpions, or Pisces) are in trouble, for falsifying courts papers or sheriff deeds, fake purchasing papers. or whatever fake papers you manifested to push your Scamming foreclosure's on people.

      You vermin had been given with the lawful instructions on how to fix your problems. You've never wanted to fix your problems (you normally asserted as public problems).

      Your own scamming codes or (corp.) legislation/code, together with the manipulative UCc 8-102 are confusing you. After your regime altered American history, and law, you radical GHBush toxic president, created for you somewhat complex scamming scheme. You cannot follow his sins, profitable lust in power and moneys. You will lose big, with the way you enriched yourselves, by dumping people on the streets.

      I see the trend coming, right now, Vulkan (higher Authority) is opposing your Cap. Position. Vulkan will oppose your Pluto (manipulative) position likewise. It reminds you, it’s time for you to surrender, come clean, and be responsible. If you still refused to reconcile per our term, Vulkan will team up with China against you. It sits in China’s power sector with its Capricorn.

  4. Here is a related past topic, in ref. 14th Amendment flaw:
    Paul Stramer June 28, 2019 at 1:09 PM
    Reply from Anna:

    There are no 14th Amendment Citizens. That is the whole point. I am getting ready to publish a lot of stuff. Including that.
    Paul Stramer June 28, 2019 at 8:30 PM
    Reply from Anna:

    STATUTORY CITIZENS are not people. They are things--- literally, municipal corporations of one kind or another, created by the Municipal United States Government. 14th Amendment citizens are defined by the 14th Amendment to the Territorial Corporate Constitution. There is no "mixing" of apples or oranges. The 14th Amendment references real living people ---- black people --- and their political status after the Civil War according to the Board of Directors of a now-long defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation. The Municipal STATUTORY CITIZENS are the direct result of improper claims by the Territorial Government claiming that such "citizens" exist, when they don't.
    Here is a related topic for the BAR attorneys and their side-kicks (Sheriffs):
    day, November 26, 2015
    The Missing 13th Amendment: *No Lawyers Allowed In Public Office*
    13th Amendment — Missing
    Wednesday, March 28, 2018
    Repeal of the 2nd Amendment would not Abolish any Right
    Rights are Not GIFTS from government

  5. Corporate persons feel to me like large empty hollow invisible bodies filled with compartments that make up its organs like CEO Board and Employee/Customer office compartments filled up with those who come to pay homage and offer up to the invisible entity or legal person. Corporate persons far exceed now nations and other forms of organization of people. An incorporation like incorpororating maple syrup in to your cookie dough to make it all one connected thing yet false and a kind of creating person beings that themselves are hollow shells only living by way of peoples actions a contrived forced organ system for the false being.

  6. A “citizen of the United States” is a civilly dead entity operating as a co-trustee........ is incorrectly referenced.
    The congressional record referenced has no entry:

    There are sites on the internet that also have the information incorrectly referenced, maybe that is where it came from?

    Must have missed the period:

    Things mentioned as facts here are tough to verify.

  7. .

    NO ONE has ever been a US citizen BY LAW of STATUTE.

    CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS v. REUM. (Circuit Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit

    The Statute at large to become a US citizen is The act of Congress of April 14, 1802, (2 Stat. 153, c. 28, § 1; Rev. St. § 2165,

    Gratitude - keep moving forward