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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

"Planetary Liberation"

By Anna Von Reitz

We cringe here at The Living Law Firm when we hear buzz-words and euphemisms, because we have learned first-hand and down-and-dirty just how much the use of such deceptive language has cost us, individually, and as a global family. See today's case in point: "planetary liberation".
This planet will be free when men and women free their minds and hearts from the chains of false beliefs and authorities.
And not a moment before, or by any other process.
Think about it, realizing that you have been lied to since babyhood.
You've been lied to on purpose by government officials and media persons and corporate robber barons, but you have also been lied to unintentionally by parents and teachers and others who passed on incorrect or incomplete information without meaning to.
Many people are expressing dismay over President Trump's performance and asking --- why isn't our President..... doing this or that, or just standing up and telling the truth about this Corona Virus Hoax?
Well, for starters, he isn't "our" President, though he is our employee.
Mr. Trump works for the Queen who exercises our Delegated Powers and tells him what to do. He is acting as "the" President of "the" United States of America ---- not The President of The United States of America.
The difference, which you can only see when it is spelled out as above, and not when spoken verbally, is huge.
As President of "the" United States of America, Donald Trump is in charge of the double bankruptcies of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc. ---a foreign Municipal (City of Rome) corporation and a British Territorial corporation, respectively, both operating on our shores. He is obligated to represent the best interests of the Pope and the Queen in these bankruptcies and the best interests of the employees and pensioners scrapping to get their share out of it.
As The President of The United States of America he would be in a far different role, and would be assisting us and representing our interests as the Priority Creditors of both the UNITED STATES, INC. and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc.
We honored his election by 63 million Americans, most of whom were never legitimately Federal Citizens at all, but he has declined to occupy the actual office that we all think of when someone says "President".
Perhaps he thinks he can do more good acting in the capacity he has chosen.
That said, his current position places many limitations on him, and that is not likely to change in the short term.
The settlement and vacancy period for the UNITED STATES, INC. bankruptcy began in mid-March. For ninety (90) days the Municipal Government has to vacate Washington, DC.
The "Covid-19" Hoax has provided them with a convenient excuse for shutting down for three months and the "live exercise" of conducting a "simulated war scenario" has given them access to defense funding in the interim to keep "essential services" functioning.
The Queen is under obligation to protect American State Nationals and American State Citizens and to honor every jot of the guarantees we are owed under the actual Territorial Constitution. She has no such obligation to the "citizens of the United States".
This is why it is of such grave importance that Americans declare their proper political status as American State Nationals and/or American State Citizens. We need to do this for our own sakes, for our own protection. We also need to do it for the sake of our country.
We are not U.S. Citizens (subjects of the Queen) and we are not "citizens of the United States" (subjects of the Pope), either one.
As long as we unwittingly permit the Pope and the Queen to play their game of misidentifying us as their employees and dependents, that is, as some form of "US" citizen, they have no obligation to us under any Constitution.
And therein lies the rub.
They have been deliberately employing an institutionalized fraud scheme involving False Registration of American babies to evade their obligations under their respective constitutional agreements.
The Queen has been claiming that we are British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and then surrendering us to the Pope's Municipal Government as "paupers", poor abandoned babies, wards of the state, subjects of the Commonwealth.
The Queen and the Pope have been colluding together to do this, openly, since 1937 ---when their minions here signed "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States".
Of course, we were never told a word about this, and were simply victimized by this institutionalized fraud scheme, by which they have conspired against both The Constitution of the United States of America (Territorial) and The Constitution of the United States (Municipal).
To top it all off, the Pope holds both the right hand and the left hand in this situation, as he directly controls the Municipal Government (Federal Civil Service) and, through the Queen, indirectly controls the Territorial Government (U.S. Military and Dependents) as well, because the Queen acts as his Overseer of the Commonwealth, and Puerto Rico and the Marianas Islands are British Territorial Commonwealths operating as United States Possessions.
Through this back door, this entire collusion against us and against our country has been papered over and staged and justified as a Commonwealth issue ---- and then applied throughout the entire country and to everyone in it, "as if" we were all the abandoned sons and daughters of run away Puerto Rican sailors.
No, dears, we must "liberate" ourselves.
Donald Trump is in no position to do it for us, and couldn't even if he wanted to.
The task of freeing our own minds and of realizing who we are and of bringing forward our true identity ---- and claiming what we are owed ---- is ours and ours alone.
Run, don't walk ---- go to: and join your State Assembly.


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  1. Anna said :

    “Think about it, realizing that you have been lied to since babyhood.
    You've been lied to on purpose by government officials and media persons and corporate robber barons, but you have also been lied to unintentionally by parents and teachers and others who passed on incorrect or incomplete information without meaning to.”

    But Anna wants the masses of Americans to be ‘spared’ the 24x7 videotaped confessions of pedophilia and murder, thus leaving the masses with ‘incomplete information’ and ‘meaning to; do so; intentionally.

    Is that not bifurcating the message?

    Anna seems not to be concerned with the American people “unwittingly” permitting this abuse against innocent children because they remain blind to it.

    Show the videotaped confessions and prove that you are not a hypocrite talking out of both sides of your mouth, then we’ll join you.

    1. No slacker, you knucklehead. We joined Anna long ago. I'd say you're the lagger. Just because you get your jollies spreading fear porn doesn't mean others do. There is no value in parading the atrocities. The perpetrators of the crimes......death will bring the proper end to them, then their rehabilitation. You can bet Karma will not let them off the hook. Not to mention you got enough stuff of your own without majoring on the failures of others.

    2. csmith said:

      Anna...said Based on this:
      >> have also been lied to unintentionally by parents and teachers and others who passed on incorrect or incomplete information without meaning to.

      I do feel a shift in Anna 3-4 days ago. TRUTH is Sovereign. The Test of Heart will be at the Full-moon May 7-9.

  2. What happens after the 90 days are up? Do both houses of Congress sashay back in and take over again? What role does our Lawful government play in this bankruptcy?

    1. Yes exactly, excellent point. Anna drops a few bread crumbs here and there but there is no substantive information on the nature of the bankruptcy and what the protocol and implications are for now and the future.

      Yet everyone is impacted by this situation and more knowledge would be appreciated. To be prepared mentally for what might be happening in future as a minimum.

      Are all corporations pretending to be governments of all countries with a Rothschild central bank also bankrupt right now. Is it too much to ask to get some clarity on this matter instead of endless history lessons on States of States etc., but no real meaning. There is a big elephant in the room here regarding what Anna knows and is silent about. If the information was more forthcoming it might spark more vibrant debate and public engagement.

      It encourages one to speculate whether a government of and by the people is even remotely possible. Ancient Rome and Greece oscillated between tyranny and more democratic swings when the public forgot to keep shooting the psychopaths when they spring up like Whackamole.

      But as it sits the info disseminated is lukewarm leftovers. Don't know if this is by design or by accident. Many people are trying to shed light on what is going on. Over to you Anna.

  3. Agreed the only way through or to resolve this mess is for ALL of us -- all 320M Americans and the rest of the People of Planet Earth -- to stand up strong as One and destroy the evil parasitic cabal like healthy T-cells eliminating microbial and pathogenic invaders from the Body Politic entire. That's it. All you Trumpsters who have deified him and who "trust the plan" are both deceiving yourselves and being deceived all over again. Trust no governmental (mind control) or military (U.S. Armed Forces not American Armed Forces) plan, and throw off your own chains. But, ah, to be a liberated minority percent in a sea of ignorant denial...WAKE UP and, as Anna says, GET EVEN!

    1. That will never happen, how often do you see everyone agree on anything.

    2. Given the stupidity of people begging to be locked in their houses and begging for a vaccine so they can get permission to get on with their lives, it does appear to be a remote possibility. It makes one questions how self governance could have even been remotely feasible. The only possible answer is that the population WAS different back in the day, during that time. This timeframe has produced a pack of whiny, entitled snowflakes with zero critical thinking skills. With the population today, it is not possible for people to agree on anything as you speculated.

      By the same token, we should not get stuck in a self fulfilling loop whereby there is no room left for advancement. Insisting that something will never happen seals that fate faster than any attempt to try changing realities would suggest. It has been observed that crisis tends to rally people together for a common cause more readily than the status quo ever would.

      And if anything qualifies as a crisis, this situation surely does. By that I don't mean the virus hoax, I mean the economic suicide attempt by every country in the universe right now. This will require a Manhattan level effort to right this capsized ship given the determined opposition to doing so by the stakeholders intending to rob the stage coaches globally.

    3. Will Smith,

      Look at the power of one man's determination to correct things. He and his group of like minded people did something huge!

      Watch the video till the end.

      In it, you shall discover that The Kingdom of Hawaii does in fact exist and is not a State part of USA. (In fact, The Kingdom of Hawaii is the first "Switzerland or Sweden" of our world. Totally neutral.

      The Kingdom of Hawaii has a treaty with Italy, ya? OK. So what happened after the illegal occupation of The Kingdom of Hawaii by the US Army, is that, they declared The Kingdom of Hawaii lost or captured by the US Army and became a "State" or more accurately, a "Territory" of UNITED STATES INC.

      Now, because of the illegal occupation which was never talked about and justified. Italy thought that The Kingdom of Hawaii is over and hence, they moved the treaty they had with The Kingdom of Hawaii from their Record Library to the Inactive Section; showing that the treaty no longer existed.

      Through the hard work of Dr. Keanu and his team, they, through the Hague, corrected this assumption that The Kingdom of Hawaii was lost or captured and showed, through evidence and proof that it was actually an ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of US Armed forced in The Kingdom of Hawaii.

      The Hague interevened and took their time, but declated the evidence to be true. That indeed. The Kingdom of Hawaii does exist and is being illegally occupied by US Armed forced.

      After this news, the Italians moved the treaty from the Inactive Section back to the Active section of the Records.

      Infact, the Italians weren't even aware they had a treaty with The Kingdom of Hawaii. Dr. Keanu talked about it and one of the Dr's from Italy went to confirm the information and correctly found the treaty, but as I stated before, it was in the inactive section of the record library. Through their joint efforts. They've 1) Declared The Kingdom of Hawaii is alive, well and kicking. 2) Re-established the treaty of Italy with The Kingdom of Hawaii. And now, just like us. They have to move towards repopulating people by correcting their political status.

      Don't think too much of this or that. Dr. Keanu has proved, that, through the Hague, fraud will cease to be. Let's all take up boots, put them on and run as fast as we can to the State Assemblies website and correct our political status. Once we do that, The Hague will follow and correct on International Grounds what've been talking about here for years.

      Like all good things, time is essential. But now, we're close to our harvest. Don't think about the next steps. Once we are in our power, things will fall into place, as they've for Dr. Keanu.

      God Speed.

  4. I recommend honest, truthful, and positive, cooperative interaction for good with the positive forces of the heavens at this time in our world.

    1. Some dude
      Then why are you listening to this nutjob?

  5. We are going to have to let go of the very very stupid things that we have been doing and/or tolerating, of course (individually, and collectively).

  6. Also, I fully and completely declare my independence from what's his face and what's her name, whether or not those are their real names, and all of their little friends.

  7. Liberate yourself by BEWARE of the coming Powerful Full-moon 6-8 May 2020, in Scorpius:
    IF you deal with the Narcissists [Neg. Capricorns+neg.Scorpius]. You should read:

    They’re Narcissists. They may be the immature BAR attorneys, w/ fake Sheriffs.? (With Govt or authoritative mask) / They are very addictive, materialistic, obsessive with people properties, wealth, and out of Controls in their deceptions; not wanting to see the Truth, in denial, blocking their emotions, refusing to see facts, evidences, putting before them. Their Thefts or obsession maybe overdoing 4+ years non-stopping in fraud/ or misbehavior. They may be the Narcissists, corrupt, maybe selling drugs, do drugs as criminal Gov't body, in corrupt manner.

    They may be the criminals, out of Controls. So take your time out, don't deal with their toxic directly, deal with them safely, not face-to-face, Be smart. Have a plan.

    Their extreme unhealthy misbehavior maybe Unstoppable, unpredictable, forgivable. they will react in May 6-8, 2020.

    If you're facing fraudclosure, be prepared to re-access your house later. Make your front door 10X difficult to drill, or break. With SS. You can examine their fraudulent papers later online.
    * Know the Bar.ass. fake court Stamp, Bogus certificate of purchase, Bogus auction (instant low&closed).
    * Their self-notarized by their boss, same party in office.
    * Fight back quickly by giving them a notice of FRAUD. You can make your own [Black Stamp from SW], overlaying their papers (jpg), to Dishonor their Fraudulent papers, downloaded to your PC; to Stamp your wording [Contract dishonored, Rejected, Revoke, denied], then file and serve. This is a good sample:

  8. It helps to look at the thing, without any words to see what the reality of the thing described with words is. Like seeing a bird when young and being told it is a bird then later adding in a lot of things about birds that you learn in words and images that are not actually the bird but what you have learned to think in words about it in you brain image capacity. One knowing the thing then use words to deal with it in reality

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  10. The laws in the UK concerning the coronavirus are brutal..mandatory vaccine..the only one Exempt from the vaccine is Her Majesty The Queen herself..

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. What would happen if We the People assembled and occupied their abandoned seats during the shutdown?