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Monday, April 27, 2020

Quick Start Guide for Veterans -1

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked, repeatedly, for a very brief explanation that everyone can understand, that explains the structure of our government --- how it is supposed to be, and how it is, and the obligations of veterans and current military personnel with regard to their oaths made to defend the Constitution(s).  

Okay, that's a tall order and one I have struggled with for years.  How to make it simple?  Quick?  Easy?  I now have it down to six pages.  It's a dense six pages, but only six pages.  Not a book.  I am publishing this new effort in a series of three posts, 1, 2, 3, each one about two pages long.  If you are a veteran or know someone who takes their commitment to this country seriously, this was written for vets. Please pay attention.  

Part 1 -- A State is not a State of State: 

State is not a State of State.
Read the statement above as many times as necessary and think about it. 
Florida is not the same as State of Florida.
In fact, Florida is not the same as The State of Florida, the State of Florida, or the STATE OF FLORIDA or anything calling itself the STATE of FLORIDA or FLORIDA or…. These are all separate and distinctly different entities. 
Florida is “corporate” but unincorporated--- meaning that it has a name and a physical definition but is not “incorporated” into any other country or corporation. 
Florida, the actual State, stands alone.  It is complete.  It has well-defined physical borders and is populated by living people. 
All these other things calling themselves some variation of “State of Florida” are fundamentally different.
These are called “inchoate states” or “states-of-states” or “incomplete states”.  
These States of States are various kinds of business organizations and they have no physical borders and no people live in them. 
They are all incorporated, meaning that they are part of larger, parent organizations, and to the extent that they are “inhabited” they are inhabited by “persons” not people. 
Persons are officers and employees of corporations who have duties to perform and who “reside” on a temporary basis in our actual States.
Stop a moment and think about what you have just learned.
The people living in Florida and the persons working for the State of Florida are not in the same political status.  They aren’t operating in the same capacities
Just like a State is not a State of State, one of the people isn’t a person.
The difference is very clear-cut, yet many of us get confused and think that the State of Florida is the same as Florida, when it is not.  We also assume that if you have a pulse, you are one of the people, but in fact, you may be acting in the capacity of a person, instead.
There is an “apples and oranges” difference involved-- and it needs to be clearly understood.
You, as one of the people born in a State of the Union, say Virginia, start your life as a Virginian. You are one of the living people of Virginia and you employ the State of Virginia (or some other State of State organization) to do business for you. 
However, you can, if you so choose, go to work for the State of Virginia, and accept “an office of personhood”.
Do you see how that changes the capacity in which you are acting? 
You went from being one of the people and an employer, to acting as a person and being an employee
In effect, you left Virginia behind and entered the State of Virginia.
By doing this you subjected yourself to the private rules, codes, regulations, statutes, and policies of this business organization, which is simply in the business of providing “governmental services”.
In addition to accepting a paying job with a State of State, you can unwittingly enter this status if you “volunteer” to serve the State of State as a voter, a tax collector known as a “withholding agent”, a juror, or in any similar capacity. 
Finally, there are two other ways you can leave your home in Virginia (or Florida or one of the other States of the Union---) and find yourself in the “foreign territory” of a State of State.  
You can willingly and knowingly seek welfare benefits from the State of State, or you can be turned over to the State of State as a “ward of the state” --- that is, an “incompetent” of some kind--- an abandoned child, a pauper, a mental incompetent, or someone so physically incapacitated they can’t care for themselves. 
Most of us have been misidentified as “wards” of State of State organizations when we were babies in our cradles.  This has been done via False Registration processes that result in equally Unconscionable contracts obligating us to act as persons --- known as citizens of the State of State.
So how do you get home to your birthright political status as one of the living people?  A free man, a Virginian-- living in Virginia, owed all the protections of the Law of the Land?
This question will be answered, but first, we need to look a bit deeper into the what these State of State business organizations really are--- and who or what operates them?  


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1 comment:

  1. Yes.
    What she says is correct. Corporations (especially the ones who have hijacked our nation) are actually of the realm of the dead. Period. End of story.
    This is not acceptable. The Living People of our Lands must have in and of themselves all authority which God grants them.