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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Names and Obligations

By Anna Von Reitz

The world created by Nature is unincorporated and actual.  In the actual world, we don't have a name--God doesn't write one on our foreheads-- and we have an unknown Creation Day which is, on average, about nine months before we make our separate appearance on Earth.   This is our genesis, our true state and beginning.  So the correct answer, the truthful answer in court, is that you don't have a name and you don't have a birthday --- you do have a day when you were created, but neither you nor anyone else but God knows exactly when that was.

Upon our arrival, we enter the corporeal world created by men and are given a Name by our parents or other responsible adults.  This Proper Name is "corporate" but not incorporated. It has a know birthday and a known point of origin known as a place of birth--- but it is separate from you, a point that many people miss.  A Proper Name is a convenient utility like a bicycle or a chest of drawers, a Thing that belongs to you, if you accept it, and which you can use for many different purposes.

This first level of "fictionalization" is the least understood, in part because people don't understand that their Proper Name is a fictional Thing  to begin with.  Your Proper Name can function as a Lawful Person on the land or as a Legal Person on the sea. So, when you write or say your name it is difficult to tell the capacity in which you are acting, especially because sailors can come ashore, and landlubbers can be found on the sea. 

An important point for Americans is that we are protected under the auspices of our States and our Federation of States while on the land, and, if we are "recognizable" as Americans, we are protected by HRM Elizabeth II and her Government while on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.

When we are acting on the land, people are supposed to print their names in Upper and Lower Case as we learned to do in Grade School, and when acting "at sea" we are supposed to sign our names in script, but because we are never taught this or any of the surrounding circumstance, people routinely sign things without being made aware of the implications of the act---- which invalidates all signatures that are not specifically and explicitly and knowingly executed at sea and all signs that are not specifically and knowingly executed on the land. 

Beyond this basic level of fictional personhood, there are actual "incorporated" entities that we recognize as "corporations" which are chartered under Articles of Incorporation, have Boards of Directors, and are subject to Statutory Law, Codes, and Regulations.  These are the "Strawmen" used as Trademarks of the Persons created in the first level of fictionalization. These incorporated entities can assume the character of all manner of incorporated organizations --- trusts, foundations, cooperatives, public transmitting utilities, etc.

Let me break this down for you:

John Albert -- your Given Name. (Your copyright.)
Peterson - your House Name (Family copyright held by State.)
John Peterson - Lawful Person (on Land --supposed to use printed name as signature)
John Peterson - Legal Person (on Sea --supposed to use script name as signature)
John Albert Peterson -- your Estate Name/Patent
JOHN ALBERT PETERSON - your Estate's Probate Name /Trademark
JOHN A. PETERSON - your Public Transmitting Utility
JOHN PETERSON - a Pauper who is a member of the Commonwealth Public Charitable Trust

When the same process is applied to a State, this is what you get:

Wisconsin -- name of the (national jurisdiction) sovereign state of the Union, with borders defined by landmarks, populated by people = state nationals, private persons.
Wisconsin - name of the (international jurisdiction) State of the Union, with borders defined by survey/patent, populated by People = Lawful/Legal Persons
The State of Wisconsin - doing business name of Confederate State, an unincorporated but corporate mercantile State, Legal/Lawful Persons, which are M.I.A. since 1865.
the State of Wisconsin - doing business name of a British Territorial State of State, Territorial Legal/Lawful Persons
the STATE OF WISCONSIN - doing business name of a Municipal STATE OF STATE, incorporated PERSONS of various kinds, LLCs., Trusts, Foundations, etc.

As you can see, when the Confederate States went missing in the Civil War, the British Territorial States of States substituted themselves for our intended American States of States and have been secretively occupying the proverbial catbird seat ever since, while claiming that a "National Emergency" necessitates this. 

In fact, the States, like Wisconsin, have an unincorporated Federation of States known as The United States of America; this original Holding Company that holds all powers of the States in international jurisdiction is more than competent to receive back and exercise all powers delegated to any Confederation of States of States like The State of Wisconsin, and there really is no "National Emergency" ---- just like there is no "National Debt". 

Because we are never taught any of this, we are "incompetents" ----left unable to decipher the codes being used by the courts to prosecute us, and our signatures have no particular meaning or jurisdiction because we can't possibly know the ins and outs of what we are signing, when, where and in what capacity ---- or so they think.  This circumstance then requires the interjection of a Middleman, a lawyer or an attorney, to act "for" us.  This is a position of constructive and actual trust that many attorneys abuse. 

Putting an end to this "state of ignorance" and thereby preventing these abuses is Job One.  Declaring our proper political status is Job Two.  Assembling our States is Job Three.  Assembling our Courts to serve the land and soil jurisdiction is Job Four---- at the State level.

Meantime,, at the level of The United States of America, we are hard at work to hold certain Principals feet first to the fire to obtain relief and remedy that has been owed to the American States and People for over a hundred years. 


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  1. It is essential to know this and an excellent place to start!

    The "birthday" certainly deserves to be completely omitted in court given that there are other-than-conventional meanings ascribed to it.

    I don't equate the day of conception as "a day when you were created" however I do agree that "neither you nor anyone else but God knows exactly when that (your original creation) was." (Actually according to the Bible we are encouraged to identify with being a new creation!)

    There is also a day of incarnation and that day can be identified as it is calculated in the Human Design System at 88 degrees before the moment when one was born.

  2. No one needs to admit to a court that the named "DEFENDANT" JOHN DAVID JONES is himself, one and the same as the living man. John David Jones, the man, can tell the court by Affidavit that the ALL CAPITALIZED NAME is not himself, so he cannot possibly be the "Defendant".

    A court must have a Defendant to have a case. A court must have a dispute to settle to have a role to play as arbitrator and judge, or there is no dispute and no Defendant for the judge to arbitrate or adjudicate over. Therefore there is no case. Therefore "Case dismissed".

    But remember the courts of the United States are commercial courts for profit. They will Solicit your using their forms, paying their service (court) fees, in order to get you to join into their jurisdiction. You the living man do not have to accept their commercial offer to contract, do not have to use their forms, or pay their fees, in order to present your Affidavit of truth.

    Remember if you use the courts forms, pay its service fees, list the case number, speak of plaintiff or the issues the plaintiff is talking about or if you mention the plaintiff or his attorney, or mention any of the issues of the case, you are entering the courts proper jurisdiction and giving the court jurisdiction.

    An Affidavit of truth however can be presented to a court telling why THE NAME IS NOT YOU, John David Jones, and can certainly tell the truth about an American State National is not a man who looks to any foreign United States Court for its services. Why would a man ask anything of a foreign commercial corporate court that is designed to handle disputes between fictions... like JOHN DAVID JONES? OTHER THAN TO MAKE IT PLAIN BY AFFIDAVIT THE FICTIONAL NAMED DEFENDANT IS NOT HIMSELF, THE LIVING MAN.

    Think before you accept their baited offer to contract with them.

    1. The prosecuting attorney is the defendant at the time the charges are filed. They also don’t bond the case. They are banking on you dishonoring the process at some point, which will place you in the position of trustee and provide their bond (evidence of a debt). They know you’re not the fiction, but if you can’t differentiate from the public debtor and the private creditor capacities you hold; they’ll take all debtor held possessions necessary to tender payment. If you bond the case and accept the charges without controversy: the plaintiff stays the trustee and is responsible for payment, though they’d probably drop the charges if they can’t get you in dishonor.


  3. Good - maybe
    Have yet to see it work in 35 cases

    There is a lot more to what they have done/ created to the people and it goes much deeper; causes and effect in the illusion they have created from 1776 and again in 1860.

    We will most likely never learn the truth as the winners of the wars write the history - almost like 1984.....LOL


  4. Go have a look at the Declaration of INTERdependence they signed everyone up for

    Another article of interest

    1. The ABA members created the Declaration of Interdependence and trafficked millions of persons under that declaration


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