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Sunday, January 19, 2020

To the May Queen:

By Anna Von Reitz

This note is addressed through Bathsheba and will be understood by those who need to know:

My dear, 

It is best always to remember Merlin's prophecy. 

The White Snake has no power over the Red Dragon and fighting will not change that. 

The Seals have been broken.  The Blessed have returned.  It's time for celebration. 

If, as you say, you want the original Treaty of Peace with the Devics honored, that is much in our way of thinking, too.  

If, as you say, you want the greatness of Scotland honored, that, too, is easy to respect and arrange.  

Nothing you have suggested seems outlandish or wrong or improper -- except the idea that six billion people have to die in order to bring this planet back into balance.  

Cooperatively, we have the technology and know-how to repair every aspect of the natural environment and resolve the waste management problems, too. 

As for the broken economic and banking system, we have all the answers for that, also.  King Darren has already agreed. 

Killing six billion people would cause a vast labor shortage if the object is to turn the Earth back into a garden space and create peace.  And if that is not the goal that unites us, what is?  

You know as well as I do that such a catastrophe would create no enduring peace.  Quite the opposite. 

That said, let go that one contention, and the rest is easy.  The Great Dipole is complete.  The Heavenly Host is content.  The Interstice is cleared.  The Ancient Kingdoms are restored. 

There is nothing left, except your peace--- and while I cannot grant your desire to have the Romanovs live again, or return the child you once were, my Father can. 

In view of all you have been given and the kindness of life within you, is it really such a stretch to trust the Lord and Giver of Life to "make all things new"?  Even them?  Even you?  




  1. The question is not are 'they' scared, it is: "Are they scared enough?"

    2 Chronicles 7:14 If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

    "Fear not little flock, for it is your Father's pleasure to give you the Kingdom. You and your children."

    1. @Marcus:
      What are you trying to do? Blaming the people for Not praying enough?

      We have ENOUGH confusion in Laws, in Government(s), in Finance, and in Deceptions of every day.

      The religion corruption during medieval in Europe didn’t do people any good. Why bringing extra confusions when we need to focus on fixing America core problems?
      That is to expel the foreign agents. You cannot expel them when 1) we have NO funding, 2) we have no power (no Gun and no Bullets, no power).

    2. Pinkham,
      He is not blaming people for not praying. He is quite right to point out that the majority of people have not nor ever 'Truly' repented.
      Can you truly look around you and say they have? This nation? The world?
      Oh but we can all run around with all our thoughts of what we deserve.
      And whats more this is not "extra confusion," this is the basic and very simple Truth many( especially "the church) wishes to ignore.

    3. i might also add, " are they scared enough?"
      Of Whom?
      Do the people fear each other or do they correctly fear God, Yahuah Elohim?

  2. Men's hearts will fail them when disclosure of benevolent ET with many large powerful dark skinned beings is made and 'Christians' realize that they will not be flying up into the air to meet Jesus, who they will finally realize is not blue eyed blond haired but burnt brass colored skin with hair like wool. That is such an uncomfortable truth it will kill 90% of Americans.

    1. "There is no such thing as White supremacy. You just can't deal with your own feelings of inferiority" said somebody.
      Maybe your benevolent ET is dark. Good. But if your savior teaches against truth then you'll be in the dark.
      And if you're hell-bent on anti-White'ism then go for it! Stop using any, all White inventions, advancements. Whites are responsible for 98% of all inventions, advancements, but Whites don't say only Whites can benefit. So strip your life of ALL WHITE CONTRIBUTIONS. Go for it! Let there not be one iota of Whiteness in your life! Turn you face upon all that is White! Deny that computer, electricity, gas, oil, lights, anything with wheels & wings, manufacturing but of your own doing, food production, etc etc etc.
      Be a Warrior against Whitey! Live in your truth! Do not fail, do not whence, do not succumb to the White contributions! Drink from a ditch & cr*p in a hole! Show Whitey you will not stand for their contributions! thanks & stay sane

    2. Have a read Wink Wink

      AI and the role healthcare will play in the genocide of the United States

      Check out the global organization called HiMSS

    3. Another link to refer to

    4. Shelby - 'tak tak' that's positive acknowledgment in Big Foot. Meanwhile each day, pick an article on crimes. If its a jew perp, they'll say White, if not in the headline, then in story. We demand all jews to be called jews, not White. In 1987 jews changed their status from non-White to White specifically to commit crimes & blame Whites.
      Negros should demand the same as per JEW Sodomite Smollett hiring his Negro immigrant drug dealers to fake a crime blaming Whites.

      Searching Criminal Profiling the word jew has ZERO... Yeah right. Folks doing research find most all so-called White serial killers are jews, not White. Same we find w these false flags blaming Whites as Crusius of El Paso, Betts of Dayton, Fields of Charlottesville, Hogg & Cruz of Parkland.. list is too long... are all JEWS not White. One reason jews hate truth, eh.

      Suspected 'Pillowcase Rapist' who terrorized South Florida women in early 1980s arrested MIAMI — Authorities have arrested a man they believe is the notorious Pillowcase Rapist, who was blamed for attacking over 40 women in South Florida during the early 1980s…. Law enforcement sources identified the suspect as 60-year-old Robert Eugene Koehler, a registered sex offender from Palm Bay. He was arrested on Saturday and is being held at a jail in Brevard County to await transfer to Miami-Dade…. At the time, police detectives said the rapist was likely young, athletic and white and with no discernible accent.

    5. Jewish Sackler drug empire targets white Americans

    6. Shelby - Yes! And JEW SACKLERS primary target are WHITES as stated & revealed in court records Richard Sackler says its purpose is profits by TARGETING WHITES.
      And folks still TAKE UP FOR JEWS! Coddle JEWS. We ask: When has the JEW ever spoken against JEWS harming, killing, genocide of Whites? When has the JEW ever said its not Whites, its JEWS committing crimes, like JEWS ran the African slave trade, not Whites? Like those so-called White supremacists killers/shooters are JEWS not Whites?
      Now, Good Folks, what we have to FACE, REALIZE is Sackler JEWS are not being charged, only Purdue. No JEW is charged for racism, for genocide directed at Whites. Why is this? Becuz the JEWS have their supremacist Mesirah law protects jews from prosecuting other jews. 'FORBIDDEN BY RABBINIC LAW' >>> This is WHY JEWS CANNOT BE STATE NATIONALS, CANNOT BE TRUE AMERICANS becuz to be a JEW is to be under JEW LAW.
      Are we comprehending this? No JEW can be Christian, there is NO such thing as jewdaeo-Christian anything. Its jew-selectivity, as tho the JEW CAN BE WHATSOEVER IT DEEMS & we had better honor the JEW no matter what.
      Mesirah - Wikipedia
      - (or mesira, Hebrew: to turn over‎) is the action in which one Jew reports the conduct of another Jew to a non-rabbinic authority in a manner and under the circumstances forbidden by rabbinic Law.
      As we look at court cases involving JEWS we see JEWS stacked upon JEWS, defense, DA, judge, spokesman, news article authors, reporters, investigators... stacked with JEWS. Example: PEDO JEW Senator Dennis Hastert, judge said worse case of PEDO he'd ever seen >>>> JEW Hastert spent less than 3 years incarcerated. This happens all the time IF the jew even gets prosecuted. And... inevitably the jew will try for their 'insanity plea' which often gets them soft-time, even release, returned to their mommies basement to continue DOING THE SAME THING for which they were arrested. Such as Florida jew Joshua Ryne Goldberg who was fake online jihadist calling for killing jews, bombing synagogues>>> LITTLE JEW-BOY gets insanity release right back to his jew mommie in Florida. And JEWS blame Whites, when its the JEWS themselves. Charlottesville 'killer' Fields is not White, he is JEW, exposed in his attempted insanity plea revealing in his own words, his jew grandad killed his jew grandma then himself, thus making Fields insane >>>> YET FIELDS IS CALLED WHITE SUPREMACIST today.

      >>> “The launch of OxyContin tablets will be followed by a blizzard of prescriptions that will bury the competition,” Richard Sackler, the son of a Purdue founder and the company’s president from 1999 to 2003, said while celebrating the drug’s entrance to the market, according to a document cited in the complaint. “The prescription blizzard will be so deep, dense, and white.” <<<
      The JEW claim any crime against anyone, fake baalsh*t every time the JEW opens its bagel hole, at either end, its all about JEWS Pity-Party-Identity-Politics & most often LIES AGAINST WHITES, CHRISTIANS which by the way Christians is what Whites were called thru out history CHRISTIAN = WHITES. And jews are non-White, changed their status to White in 1987 to commit their crimes & blame Whites.
      GREAT WHITES you are heirs to magnificent creations, Whites & Whites alone contribute more in a SINGLE DAY, as a result of their high productivity, inventions, generosity etc than any people on face of Earth... to feed the entire planet >>> in ONE DAY.
      This is why JEWS must, must, must DESTROY WHITES to rule over all Earth. Whites are the most generous people on Earth, most giving, most altruistic... & its this the jews use to destroy, harvest Whites & White Nations using our qualities against us.
      thanks & stay sane

  3. Tara says stop fawkin with the people and Man up. Or Kali will come regardless.

  4. Why is everything about skin color for some of these folks?????^^^^^^

    1. ...small minds? closed eyes? to smart to be wrong? ...most people argue to validate their own understanding of a topic.
      Being open-minded is NOT just listening, it's trying to see it from someone else's point of view.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  5. Kar'ma ran over dog'ma. It was a sorrowful scene, but the pups doing fine today, chasing the Kali around the beautiful Yuga.

    1. per yukteswari we're in the dwapara Yuga upswing...

  6. Bethsheba… Beersheba?

    1. Bellerian1 - good article. ok. its the same fruck-ews, Cybereason'ews, Unit 8200ews, Israhelli'ews - CIAews, IDFews, backdoor'ews, & Beer'sheba'ews >>> SO FRIGGING SICK OF DAMN J'EWS

      Cybereason, thus far, has disclosed the following groups as lead investors in the company: Charles River Ventures (CRV), Spark Capital, Lockheed Martin and SoftBank. Charles River Ventures (CRV) was among the first to invest in Cybereason and has been frequently investing in other Israeli tech start-ups that were founded by former members of the elite Israeli military intelligence Unit 8200 over the last few years. Spark Capital, based in California, appears to have followed CRV’s interest in Cybereason since the venture capitalist who co-founded Spark and led its investment in Cybereason is a former CRV partner who still has close ties to the firm....
      Cybereason widely used by US Government, thanks to Lockheed... Beersheba not only houses the IDF’s technology campus, but also the Israel National Cyber Directorate, which reports directly to Israel’s Prime Minister, as well as a high-tech corporate park that mostly houses tech companies with ties to Israel’s military intelligence apparatus. The area has been cited in several media reports as a visible indicator of the public-private merger between Israeli technology companies, many of them started by Unit 8200 alumni, and the Israeli government and its intelligence services. Lockheed Martin quickly became a key fixture in the Beersheba-based cyberhub. …

      ISRAHELL CONTROLS ELECTIONS thus Trump must placate JEWS:
      Furthermore, with Cybereason’s close and enduring ties to Israeli military intelligence now well-documented, it is worth asking if Israeli military intelligence would consider intervening in 2020 if the still-to-be-decided Democratic contender was strongly opposed to Israeli government policy, particularly Israel’s military occupation of Palestine.

      Well at some point surely the armed spying deceiving thieving traitorous CATHOLICS IN DROVES are going to appear on the scene... right... Cuz its those CATHOLICS... the same CATHOLICS who manipulate entire false flags, employ their CATHOLIC actors, publish lies & fear porn in their CATHOLIC msm, feeding their CATHOLIC swamp agencies... Armed trained military CATHOLICS behind it all... NOT.

  7. The Queen is neither May or April at this point. She is a Leo, a Cold hearted fixed fire sign inequality, that how she transcended as of now. So Don't believe common Astrologers saying "we were bound by a frozen chart/energies". We are not bound by such a belief.

    Leo is the lion, this well suited symbol represents them very well. They possess a kingdom which they protest and cherish. They are high esteemed, honorable and very devoted to themselves in particular! The kingdom could be anything from work to home to a partner, whatever it is, she rules the earth manipulatively, she learned to control from Winston Churchill.

  8. Need some help please, We are in the process of selling our house/property, so in 29 days we will close. I filed a UCC 1 in March of 2016, is there any thing I need to do before it closes. Thank you.

    1. Pam - hard to help, we don't know details, as whether you've recorded docs, what UCC-1 says & why filed. Is it UCC-1 questions or selling property...
      Not having any real idea of your issue, was just poking around on some notes we have. Here's one article's comments on UCC, scroll down for comments, see if any of this helps:

    2. Thank you Wink Wink, I will check it out.

  9. Wink Wink part of the MO to label everyone tin foil wearing hat conspriacy theorist


    CIA, FBI, UN, Israel all set up after WWII by you guessed it
    They have never been American - NEVER

    I suggest that you read the below as well - all being orchestrated out of G20 and Switzerland

    1. Another fraud and predictive programming

      The NOAHIDE laws, Sanhedrin and Hasidic interpretations

      The G20 connection

      Einstein the fraud

      And except from the link above
      It is this overriding ambition which drives Zionists, even the most wealthy, to support Communism, either openly or secretly, only to bring the world to a point where it would seem it must accept their long envisaged ‘peace plan.’ “One of the major reasons for my visit to the United States,” said the mayor of Jerusalem, according to the South African Jewish Times of 14th March, 1952, “is to interest Americans in the beautification of Jerusalem, the Capital of the World, no less than the Capital of Israel.”

      It all has been decided as described above. Why has so little been heard about it? For the simple reason that IT HAS BEEN DECIDED. The matter will not be thrown open for Gentile discussion in the popular (?) press UNTIL the Nations are browbeaten to the point where they are ready to acknowledge the Zionists’ “International Super-Government, and WITH SUBMISSIVENESS”.

      (Note: On November 21, 1954, Czecho-Slovakia called upon the Western Powers to delay signing the Paris Agreement regarding the re-armament of West Germany, until they had discussed with the Russian bloc an agreement which might eventually result in a United States of Europe. A ‘United States of Europe’ was the aim of Trotsky stated in Bolshevism and World Peace, published in 1918. “The task of the proletariat is to create a still more powerful fatherland with a far greater power of resistance—the Republican United States of Europe, as the foundation of the United States of the World”).

      I direct you to the UN map and the remake of Europe

      Pay close attention to the military commands of the specific regions of the world

    2. SHELBY - WILL CHECK IT LATER >>> doing chores >>> Listening now to LIVE now
      Alex Jones Confronted by High Impact Flix at Virginia 2A Rally

      In their own words, including Trump about his Ex Order protecting JEWS, their fake anti-Semitic baalsh*t for his jews >>> Against Free Speech >>> Favoring JEWS, damning those who even speak out about jews. >>> The JEW NEVER CEASES, is never satisfied, is the death of all so the JEW MAY REIGN SUPREME.

  10. Mike Morales, who does you tube videos on weather warfare
    Wife may have been targeted?

    Serious information contained in the below link

    It is not fear mongering it is fact

    I pass along information so everyone is informed and conscience of this world wide assault


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