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Sunday, January 19, 2020

About Virginia Second Article Rally

By Anna Von Reitz

It is happily noted that someone, somewhere, has realized that the Second Article has far more power and standing as Law of Substance than any theoretical "Second Amendment", and that this principle guarantee cannot be violated as a taking against the Will.  

Kudos and congratulations to whoever had the good sense to notice that there is a difference between an "Article" of the Constitution and an "Amendment" to the Constitution. 

That said, and in the same spirit of awareness --- when you take reference to "civil rights" and Federal Code sections (except for the explicitly declared purpose of reminding them of what their own law requires) you are placing yourself under their law, not yours, and you are then unavoidably separating yourself from the protections of the actual Constitution.  

You can't be "in" and "out" at the same time.  You can't claim "Equal Civil Rights" as a Federal Citizen, and at the same time claim Natural and Unalienable Rights (and Constitutional Guarantees) as an American.  

I cannot say this often enough or emphatically enough: both US Territorial and Municipal "Federal" citizenship(s) are created by the Constitutions, so either variety of "US Citizen" are not Parties to the Constitutions and cannot make any direct claim to any constitutional guarantee.  

American State Citizens are direct Parties to the Constitutions and have the right of enforcement, but US Citizens --- either Territorial or Municipal, do not. 

Read that again: US Citizens are not parties to any Constitution and have never had any Constitutional rights or guarantees.  As long as you persist in claiming to be any variety of "US Citizen" ---- neither do you.  

At best such Persons can hope that the Congress honors its agreement to provide "Equal Civil Rights" and this is a vain hope, as they have already declared a "state of emergency" which, for Federal Citizens, suspends their "Equal Civil Rights" access to the Constitutions.  

So, here you are, mis-identified as some sort of US Citizen, depending on second-class "Equal Civil Rights" that have already been suspended.  

This is not a tenable situation to be in, and if you wish to access the protections and guarantees you are heir to, then you must take pro-active measures to declare and record your correct political status as an American-----not a US Citizen dependent on "Equal Civil Rights".  

For help getting back to where you should be go to: and declare and record your correct political status as an American today.  

Don't wait.  Don't try to argue it in court. Secure your evidence and position today.  I am constantly contacted by people who get themselves in trouble with the Federal Authorities and then after-the-fact want to declare their correct political status and enforce the substantive law in their favor. 

It doesn't work that way.  

Once you are in their courts and identified as one of their citizens, you are obligated to obey their policies and statutory laws.  Any attempt to change your political status in "mid-stream" looks suspicious and self-serving and is discredited as evasion.  

Most Americans have been blissfully ignorant of their obligation to declare and record their political status as Americans, and as a result, are incorrectly identified as British Territorial United States Citizens or Municipal (Federal Civil Service) citizens of the United States----and there is no evidence on the Public Record otherwise. 

So --- if you want to enforce your Second Article right to keep and bear arms, you must declare and record your political status as an American State Citizen and access your Guarantees directly, instead of relying upon the rogues in Congress to honor their action granting "Equal Civil Rights" to Federal United States Citizens.   

What the Congress gives to its Employees and Dependents (Equal Civil Rights) the Congress can take away. 

What is owed to you directly by international treaty and service contract is a different story.  


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  1. Re: "the Second Article" - would that be pertaining to Section 2, clause 1 concerning "the Militia of the several States"? .........

    1. No that would be the 2nd Article of the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is not an amendment to the Constitution but part of it.

      Annie McShane
      on Delaware

    2. This confuses me. When I look up the Bill of Rights, I see the articles but they are called "amendments."

  2. Being as God gave me my Rights, man is incapable of interfering with all of them without dire consequence. Make that clearly understood to the errant public servants after you have correctee your political status. It is working wonderfully for me .

  3. you also may want to look into the 1866 civil rights act pre 14th amendment. the others later are a joke and for US citiens.

  4. How can The Constitution not apply to U.S Citizens when it says in article 1 section 2 clause 2. "No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen."

    1. Notice that an article 1 citizen is spelled with a capital "C". The 14th amendment created the small "c" citizen. Small change, large consequence. 14th amendment citizen is created by the gov. therefore is subject to and not party to as is an article 1 Citizen. I


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