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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Any Fool....

By Anna Von Reitz

Any Fool should know that a gas accounting for 1/300th of one percent of the atmosphere (carbon dioxide) and alterations in the minute amount of this gas caused by human activities, could never account for any such phenomenon as "Global Warming" or "Climate Change".  

Whatever else we know, we know that much right off the cuff, without years of public debate, without spending billions of dollars on "climate research".  

Barring the existence of some unknown, unobserved, mysterious catalytic effect, there is simply no way that variations in the amount of carbon dioxide could change anything.  The total amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is far too small have any general impact at all. 

Honestly, it seems to be a contest to find out how gullible we are, and what line of horse hooey they can get away with as an excuse for their power-grabbing and taxation and depopulation schemes.  

Here (see link) you have competent science giving you a reasonable and documented explanation of climate change.  The warming is caused by reduced cloud cover.  

And guess what?  The reduced cloud cover is being exacerbated, if not caused by the Chemtrail spraying, which kills forests and acts as a drying agent as well as an environmental inflammatory agent.  And this is being brought to us by who?  

The same madmen who just published this craziness --- Vatican official promoting New World Order and the "Removal" of 6 Billion People:  

I have a better solution.  

The People of the World send their compliments to the Italian Government and demand that they revoke The Lateran Treaty signed by Nazi-Collaborator Benito Mussolini, and dissolve the basis for Vatican City's international independent city-state status.  

Next, we arrest all members of the Roman Catholic Clergy operating above the level of Parish Priests and all upper level management of the [former] Vatican City State who are non-clerical employees.  

Next, we nationalize all Roman Catholic Church properties and bank accounts and securities holdings worldwide, leaving only local church buildings and their immediate grounds and cemeteries and attached buildings undisturbed for the use of innocent parishioners. 

Next, we arrest the senior management of the slightly over 700 corporations worldwide who have been engaged in the interlocking trust directorate scheme promoted and implemented by the Vatican and Universal Postal Union and Bank of International Settlements.  

In tandem with all this, we search and destroy and/or confiscate all planes used to distribute Chemtrail pollution and seize the assets of all companies and management-level individuals engaged in this criminal activity and similarly confiscate all assets of corporations engaged in disruptive weather warfare and scalar resonance "tests" impacting "non-domestic" populations in countries around the world.  

So, we've been foxed into using "credit" as money, and then not even getting the credit applied to our accounts.  We've believed that "the Americans" dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that turns out to be "the US" and another Big Lie.  We've been told that the death of one wandering Jewish prophet paid for all the sins of mankind forever, and have yet to see the 
"PAID IN FULL" receipt from his self-proclaimed "representatives". 

 And in keeping with this Tradition of Big Lies, we've been told that the "desperate situation" caused by changes in 1/300th of one percent of the atmosphere justifies Draconian taxes and coercive regulatory practices on a planet-wide basis, and, moreover, the death of six billion innocent people. 

Are you getting all this?   

The Roman Catholic Church.  Again. 

Catholics, if you don't want to be held responsible for this, and don't want your Church held responsible for this, you need to get on the move and protest in no uncertain terms. 

United Nations?  If your Officers and your corporations don't want to be held responsible for this, and don't want your organizations forced into Chapter 7 involuntary bankruptcy for crimes against humanity, you'd better haul rump, too. 


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  1. I would think that with such direct attack on the Catholic church made in this article by Anna, that Paul would quickly delete it as being "non Christian" and unkind toward the Catholic hierarchy, and destructive of faith in that church. What do you say Paul?

    You take it upon yourself to declare true scripture as "non Christian", without ever reading the scripture for your self, as you refuse to do so, having decided not by personal careful analysis through direct reading of that scripture but allowing negative public opinion, hearsay, rumor, hate speech hissed at believers, which you have accepted, as your authority that the scripture I tried to share in this "honest " blog purportedly seeking to know and share truth in all things is worthless, so you deleted my comment.

    Be consistent now Paul. Do unto one and all alike, using your wise discretion. Delete Anna's article and call it "non Christian". Isn't that the tactic used by all bullies, authoritarians, and egoists use? Name calling, labeling, villifying anything offering non "catholic" ie universally acceptable, views? Go ahead, delete Anna's article Paul. At least try to be consistent and even handed in your judgements of editing.

    1. Joel, you sure are disconnected from reality. I'm sure that all who have the misfortune of reading your senseless rhetoric dumps like what you have said against Anna and Paul, well brown ears, you probably better take a deep breath before you stick your head up your ass again.

  2. To Joel, Anna and you both have a right to Express your opinions. This is what freedom is about. NOT censorship of anyone's opinion.
    Semper Fidelis
    Donald Brickham

  3. Then why are you still "in service to [his holiness] pope Francis Anna? How can this be? Are we being sold out? Please explain. Your official documents all claim your loyalty and service to him and yet you appear to be calling for the dismantling of this "church" and city state-
    "Next, we arrest all members of the Roman Catholic Clergy operating above the level of Parish Priests and all upper level management of the [former] Vatican City State who are non-clerical employees".

    1. You just like to argue and say nothing worthwhile at the same time.

  4. Net - HOW DARE YOU try to insult Ankle Biters! They're the best! We love adore feed water play with our Ankle Biters. Please reconsider attempts to insult such unique living treasures!
    And: Truth is hate to those who hate truth. Put me wheresoever you wish. It will be a worthy coupling as I WILL that even my imaginary presence shines light on jewdaic & judizing wickedness.
    thanks & stay sane

  5. The light that is in you is darkness man.

  6. To add : John Schellnhuber aka Hans Joachim "John" Schellnhuber a proud member of CLUB OF ROME a jewy-chewy-gooey-pooey elitist thinker-thunker-tank of global sublimation is NOT CATHOLIC. In all the articles I've read about this 'Schellmbaal' nothing yet says he works for the Vatican, but was invited to speak in 2015, the date of the article.
    The UK Queen bestowed: Commander of the Most Excellent Order (CBE) of the British Empire, & sent him to inform GW Bush of the expected agenda global warming fraud. Bossy little crowny, ain't she.

    His wife Margret Boysen wrote a children's book on Climate Change: Alice, the Zeta Cat and Climate Change

    "...Schellnhuber is also a full member of the Club of Rome, a think-tank that describes itself as "a group of world citizens, sharing a common concern for the future of humanity." - From previous posting on Club of Rome we know its elite big-name thug JEWS, not Catholic, not Christian. Club of Rome runs their copy-cat scheme, the same business model executed against America.

    This is a good article expressing CATHOLIC objection to false science & agendaists unwelcomed imposition on the Catholic Church & all mankind
    >>>> CATHOLICS <<<< do speak out against JEWdaic agenda:
    Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber: a Rap Sheet ... - It is no secret that the German Professor, Hans Joachim "John" Schellnhuber, was one of the three speakers on the occasion of the official presentation of the Pope Francis' Encyclical, Laudato Si, this past June 18."

    thanks & stay sane


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