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Monday, August 12, 2019

What is the real cause of all these mass shootings? From Ignatius Piazza

Ignatius Piazza is the founder of Front Sight Firearms Training. I am an Ambassador life member.

Paul Stramer


  1. Paul,
    People need to start verifying their information by source when asked.

    1. Some really important things that get said and challenged for validity and correctness of content here on the blog are never answered!

      Because we are dealing with such important information that people are trying to use for law matters, if someone is going to say something, they need to be prepared to back it up if asked to do so.

      If they don't HAVE an authoritative source, then they need to be ready to publish that it is simply their own idea or just their opinion, when asked to give their source.

    2. Also, with the people who are not Catholics, (I'm not):

      How can a man or woman who is not a Catholic/other publish what Catholics/other does or thinks?....You don't know!

      If someone is going to make negative comments about Catholics or other groups of people, please make sure to include: Date, Publication Title, Chapter and Verse and where we who want to check the info out can find the original papers being quoted from.

    3. Based on what we know about attorneys???
      Does he carry a BAR card???
      We know what they trying to do they have had it planned for decades
      Since 1961 according to this information and the camelot so called Kennedy was part of it - not who they say they are either
      Gorbachev tasked with helping his fellow con men disarm all of us and decommission military bases
      Their new world order communist map
      Throw that in with their secret governments and NGO's and public private partnerships and NAFTA deals and any other crooked thing you can imagine

    4. Goodboots, I asked Anna a couple of times of where does she gets her information/patriot myths from and she refuses to answer.

    5. Shelby, he claims to be a constitutional attorney. The question to ask is. Does he have a license from the government to practice law? A license is government property that the government rents out to you thus, having a license makes you an agent/public officer of the government. A public officer is someone in possession of public/government property.

  2. Paul and Anna, Firearm(s) is a statutory term that the government created to deceive the people into thinking that firearms is the same thing as the constitutional term arms as mentioned in the constitution. Firearms is a statutory term used in statues, codes etc while arms is a constitutional term used in the constitution.

    Please get it through your heads that there are two legal contexts and meanings for everything the government does-1.statutory and 2. constitutional, Statutory contexts and meanings and constitutional contexts and meanings are not the same thing. The government and other people will laugh at you and call you sovereign citizens because you claim you are sovereign and free yet you use statutory terms and think constitutional contexts and meanings and statutory contexts and meaning are the same when they are not the same!

    1. Same thing they did with cannabis, they renamed it maryjuana and it became the statute and codes for it's control and they filled the prison system and their pockets with greenbacks when they did so