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Monday, August 12, 2019

The Dead Baby Scam - Part 3

By Anna Von Reitz

At some point, everyone reading my blog has to realize that when I tell you something, I've got research and basis behind it. I didn't just see something weird going on at the London Winter Olympics a few years ago and let my imagination run wild. Both Kurt Kallenbach and members of my team have thoroughly researched The Dead Baby Scam and I have gone out and organized "non-academic" legal research myself.
Kurt Kallenbach's research into the subject and even his delving into the etymology of words associated with this bizarre practice of killing babies on paper is exhaustive. No reasonable person who took the time and listened to the biology lessons and examined the supporting documents could disagree with his findings. I invite all of you who think, "Aw, this can't be true!" to attend one of his seminars. You will learn that this whole scheme has roots going back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. And you will be able to refute the resulting legal presumptions in court and in "agency" hearings.
At the higher levels of government administration in this foreign federal theocracy of the Church of Rome known as the Municipal (think "City" as in "City of Rome") United States Government, you are dealing with a weird, ancient, perverse religious belief system built on a Cult of Deceit. FDR's First Inaugural Speech and his exhortations about his "holy cause" weren't talking about any normal church or religious institution. He was calling for the equivalent of a jihad by the Temples of Baal --- the same "temples" that we associate with the Inner City of London, Westminster, and the Legal Profession.
When we begin researching that thread, we learn that lawyers as we know them --- the "Black Robes" --- started out in the centuries immediately before Jesus, and were part of the Cult of Cybele. Cybele was worshiped throughout the Hellespont, Turkey, the Caspian Sea region, the Levant, and North Africa. She was an odd combination of fertility goddess and goddess of destruction, as if someone combined Ashtoreth and Kali, and wound up with Cybele. These early lawyers were called "Galli".
The Galli were always weird. They castrated themselves in honor of their goddess. Knowing some lawyers today, it's too bad they didn't continue this practice.
They also wore black robes and white powdered wigs, just as British Barristers continue to do to this very day. Beginning in the second century B.C. the Galli became tax collectors for the Roman Emperors, and, for City of Rome.
The money and "tribute" they collected from the "tribes" for their gods --- Cybele and the Roman Emperor --- was divided, with part of it going into the City of Rome Trust known as the Urban Trust, because it was overseen by powerful stewards from the Roman Family of that name, and part of it going to Caesar to keep the Legions happy.
In their framework, the City of Rome was their "Mother Rome", and the Emperor was their "Father". I could go on, but for now, I will just leave you all to do your own research and connect your own dots.
The Urban Trust of the City of Rome was started in something like 753 BC, was in the business of loaning money at usurious rates to vassal kings throughout the Roman Empire, and you still see its trademarks and emblems emblazoned all over the world today: three crossed keys with a crown above them.
These three keys appear on the emblems of the Roman Pontiff and UBS, the Swiss banking syndicate, as well as the Family Coat of the Arms of the Urban Family to this day. The crossed keys symbolize enslavement of the mind, the body, and the soul in subjection to "the crown" of the Queen of Heaven.
We are dealing with an ancient evil here, something that is alive and well and pumping out its pagan beliefs like germs floating in the atmosphere, and all without any of the normal population being aware of this "church within a church", what it does, where it came from, what it believes, how it is administered --- none of that is ever revealed to the public. It operates in the background in near-total secrecy via secret fraternities and societies like The Pilgrim Society in America.
These "elites" are not so much elites, as they are religious cultists motivated by a combination of lust and fear. They maintain their own logic and view of the world. They can function very well in the societies they spawn like bee hives. When this cult mixes with Judaism, you get the death-and-destruction elements of the Talmud. When it mixes with Christianity, the same negativity emerges -- pogroms and inquisitions and crusades. And don't forget the jihad elements of Islam that encourage destruction and deceit against all Unbelievers.
They call their purposeful introduction of negative elements into belief systems held by others "The Great Dialectic". Their cult is based on sex, so also on positive and negative energy, on what is also called "The Great Dipole" of energetic polarity. At the highest levels they teach that this polarization is necessary for the continuance of the dynamic of life--- so they consider polarizing everything and everyone part of their religious duty.
It doesn't hurt their pocketbooks, either.
I bring this all this up because you have to understand what your problem is, before you can fix it, and in this case we are dealing with what has been called, the "Religion of the World" or "the Secular Religion", which is centered in cities and practiced by the seed of Cain. This Empire of the Cities is entrenched in Rome, Westminster, Washington, DC, and since the 1870's, New York, Brussels, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Athens, and Prague.
If I were one of them, I would be murdered for telling you this, but as I am not one of them and a Power in my own right, they have no right to meddle in what gifts I give to you. This Law is honored, because they have no choice.
The seraphs, also known as "angels", were created in the Age of Storms before the dinosaurs, and were in physical form what you would recognize as dragons. They were the overseers and go-betweens involved in terra forming the Earth and conducting the whole experiment with the Great Lizards.
The Fallen among them are called "Archons" by the Romans and "Nephilim" by the Jews. The acolytes of the Secular Religion summon these ancient entities and enlist their guidance and assistance in spreading chaos and negativity and separation and violence. They are only too happy to oblige, because the Fallen hate mankind and this planet with a passion.
Such beings live for untold measures of what people think of as "time", but once you realize that all time is "now" and that time is place, the rest of the circumstance begins to make sense, and you realize that by definition, all that is created is immortal, too. Including you. So do your best to be the best you can be each moment that you are alive and every moment you are dead, because what you do, say, see, feel, and experience is going to be with the Universe forever, for better or worse.
Now you begin to see your importance in all of this, and the importance of being truthful, being kind, promoting good experiences, being aware, and most of all, compassionate. "For as you sow, so shall you reap."
By turning away from evil and delusion and clinging to what is good and true, you can turn the tide for eternity and for Mankind. It's all up to you. And you have no idea how important you and your choices really are. You just get up every morning, and think that you are Joe Green, on your way to a job at the local meat packing plant... LOL!
If the Archons and their servants have their way, you will all be dead in fact as well as on paper, but look, there are mighty Archangels standing up for you. There is no reason to be afraid. Your freewill is being scrupulously honored. So it really is all up to you; you have been given the right and ability to decide your own fate, both as individuals and as a race of beings.
When I confront the leadership of the world with the facts of their lies and iniquities, nearly all of them react the same way: fear. They are terrified of me. They are terrified of what I say. And most of them want to do the right thing, they really do, but they are afraid because they know they are guilty of crimes and doing the right thing involves admitting it.
Just like the GCR. We could cobble together new standards that would be far more fair and which would "re-seed" the world economy literally overnight, but at the rate things are going, it will never be done because doing so involves admitting to serious crimes.
Think about it, using the GCR as an example.
If we can simply "reset" the machine, that admits that there is a machine.
And if there is such a machine, it admits that there has been manipulation and commodity rigging and a totally unfair playing field in place for a long time, doesn't it?
That in turn sets the search engines and mental wheels running as people naturally think: "Who did this to us? Who did this to our world?" and they start looking for those to blame.
Correcting the problem requires admitting to guilt. And confession, under any standard of law ---except for one--- means death. Literally every standard of law on earth, except for one, mandates the death of these men and women, over two million of them in America alone. And this is on top of the billions who have already perished and suffered as a result of what they've done to us.
You see how this works? They kill us for their self-interest at the behest of their phony "gods", the Archons. We kill them in return. Everyone winds up dead. Nothing gets resolved, because we are all immortal. And on and on it goes, generation to generation.
It's time for this stupidity to end, and if we don't have sense enough to end it ourselves, it will be ended for us.
The guilty need to confess, at least in their own hearts, and take the actions needed to correct. We all need to adopt The Law of Love and concentrate on our similarities, not our differences.
And now, after a very significant digression -- back to The Dead Baby Scam. You don't believe what I am telling you is true? Okay. Do what I and a couple dozen of my helpers did. Go to the hospital and ask to see the records of your own birth or the births of your children.
There's no record of you giving birth. No record of your children being born. No record of their names. No billing statements. No medical charts. No paperwork at all, unless the birth is very recent.
The Hospital Records Staff will be surprising, too. They all appear to be men with tattoos and obvious military backgrounds, doing a clerical job where you'd expect to see at least some women. They will roll their eyes at you and when you ask them to do so, very pointedly, they will sign a paper under oath saying that there are no such records that they know of or have access to.
The same thing will happen if you return to the Church where you were baptized "in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost" ---- but which Father, which Sun, and which Holy Ghost? --- and ask for a copy of your "baptismal certificate".
Oh, we don't keep those.
No, indeed, they send the "titles" to Rome to be traded on a dirty underground stock market, that purports to buy and sell souls. These filthy incorporated church franchises trade something that purportedly "represents" your soul, for money. And there are people deluded and crazy enough to buy it, too.
So by now, as a result of your direct research and experience, you know that there is something very, very odd about all of this, don't you?
You can go online at and find photos and business records and wills and no end of detritus information about dead relatives you never knew you had, but there's no record of your son being born twenty years ago? No billing statements from the doctors? No maternity ward charts?
No copy of your baptismal certificate?
This, in a society where every credit card receipt appears in triplicate? Every bank check back to 1906 is archived?
Most of your school records have disappeared or been altered, so that they are false, too. Must be magic.
Just like that version of "Anna Maria Riezinger" running a rum distillery in Barbados or the one running around New York City--- what should be in evidence isn't there, and plenty of falsehoods that shouldn't be present, are.
Go look for yourself. Ask around about your own or your family's records.
We had two dozen people all over this country try this experiment and the results were the same. Your records either aren't where they should be at all, or they have been altered in ways that invalidate and falsify them.
Why? Because we are dealing with the same belief system that burned the library at Alexandria ---after they carted off all the books and scrolls. The same ones who stood around the bonfires in Nazi Germany ---after they read the books themselves, altered the content of any remaining editions to suit themselves, and stole "the true knowledge" for themselves.
Did I tell you that keeping you ignorant is the Bread and Butter of their entire agenda? So that you don't know the truth and can't defend yourselves?
But still, you are saying, it all seems too weird, too fantastical, like some odd "otherworld" from Harry Potter.
You need more proof, something solid to take to court, something even more solid than all the circumstantial evidence like the Procession around the Dead Baby at the London Winter Olympics or your own mysteriously disappeared medical and church records----and something more explicit than the Uniformed Officers Code in Title 37 and well, Kurt Kallenbach seems too far out there for you?
Here you go, the Mother Lode of Shipped High In Transit from one of our Team Members ----
"The State (of State)'s Birth Certificate processing is readily exposed in the government publication "Hospitals" & Physicians' Manual on Live Births & Fetal Deaths." The legal language & terms set forth in the manual are clear & convincing evidence of the crime; starting with the term "moving conveyance." It gets much worse from there!"
Get your copy, step right up, and don't be stupid. Now you know why "you" are being rented out as a public vehicle by DOT.
This is what's going on. It's up to you and millions of other Americans and people around the world to put a stop to this Kingdom of Lies --- which is, after all, the Kingdom of Satan, the Father of All Lies.

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  1. This video exposes the very treaty that is being cited in federal maritime statute to seize "American vessel" "prisoners" as wrecks and salvage "vessels". The problem with that treaty of May 20 in the year of Our Lord and Savior (YOLS) 1908 (see citations below) is that it was NEVER RATIFIED properly by a VOTE of the Senate. Additionally, per the martime marine code as codified in 2006 as 120 Stat. 1486 (see citation below) section 530705(a), all acts of salvo under this title MUST be in compliance with the "full faith and credit" of the "United States".


    1. Even if it HAD been ratified by "Congress" in 1906, that would have just merely been the criminal CORPORATION'S so-called "Congress" a.k.a. its foreign, private Board of Directors AND ONLY APPLIES TO ITS own so-called "CITIZENS".

      The Corporation has NEVER had any LAWFUL authority over American state nationals! EVER.

      Its all been FRAUD.
      That is why its all been held in secret.
      Under Silent Judicial Notice.

      Like the secret FISA courts they have been conducting.

    2. Anna mentioned the Pilgrim Society. Anyone looking for corroborating discussion regarding the background and influence should look at the work of the American Intelligence Media recently for a series of investigative reports.

    3. Warning on AIM4Truth:
      He has said several times that he "used to be" a Jesuit! Haha:)

      He had also disclosed what the "Ultra-Oath" is, Will, and that it is where the operative has to take an
      I guess they have to sign it to get to be in certain groups. Prob. To absolve the Principals of liability (but contracts for unlawful activity are NULL!)

      Anyway, I'm also pretty dang sure that "Thomas" disclosed that he has taken that ultra-oath himself, but wouldn't swear to that.

      Maybe someone can Email him and just ask him point-blank if he took the ultra-oath or not; and what that means to him.

      If he did, lying to us would be no big deal.

    4. Many moons ago, I recall a news announcement. I don't remember exactly when but when I say many moons, we could be talking 1990's or thereabouts. The essence of this message was that there is now no requirement that news be accurate. You could extrapolate that to expect that they could lie. Knowing what I know NOW I might think of that proclamation that they were serving notice that we no longer find it necessary to be truthful. Was that the start of fake news?

      I thought that was odd but what the heck. Nothing like what is happening now was happening then, or rather it wasn't on my radar. AIM talked about that recently, and if it is related to what I remember, they place the proclamation at around 1996. Governments can basically lie with impunity is the result.

      Yes he did profess to be a former Jesuit, and he also professed to be an intelligence analyst. Don't know about the oath that you refer to. As of this time, they didn't have much good to say about the Pilgrim Society which we know Anna just alluded to.

      There are a lot of seemingly disconnected voices out there, and AIM never discusses any of the inside knowledge that Anna discusses. I often hear them say things that they puzzle over, however more knowledge of what Anna disseminates would help to square that circle. A lot of what goes on seems almost counter-productive with disparate voices going their own way. It's a pity and a damn shame...

    5. I've also recently heard about that I think it was a Fox news case was won awhile back where it was decided that "the news" is just entertainment and they have no.oblig. to tell the truth
      AIM recently brought up that in 1996, H.R. 3166ss2b was passed, saying "thegubmint" can lie in their courts, to their "congress" and to us, the people...AIM has kept that issue before the people on their website better than anyone else I follow.

    6. All of this info is coming together now.

      We will be involved in making sure it gets set up correctly.

    7. Field McConnell is another source who:

      1) Has spoken of Anna and she of him
      2) Was interviewed by AIM and is well regarded by AIM

      Since there is a potential 3 way connection there, it baffles me how they don't seem to compare notes and collaborate. They all seem to have a situation where the whole would be much bigger than just the individual parts separately.

      Just sayin...

    8. " baffles me how they don't seem to compare notes and collaborate. They all seem to have a situation where the whole would be much bigger than just the individual parts separately."

      That qualifies, in my book, as a "crack" in their credibility.

    9. Well goodboots, it is tempting to come to that conclusion. Field seems to be of good intention and to be fair he is having his share of stress recently and has made some sketchy calls lately. But he is an animated character and could be considered slightly eccentric but he surely has a loyal following.

  2. "If I were one of them, I would be murdered for telling you this, but as I am not one of them and a Power in my own right..."

    Here is what actually applies to true Americans:

    "...and To Assume Among the POWERS OF THE EARTH the SEPARATE and EQUAL STATION...".
    Declaration of Independence
    July, 1776.

    1. Still not stopping the march towards UN agenda 21
      The Rockefeller Brothers Foundation
      The UN was created by these pricks and they have been working this agenda for decades right out of new york city
      The military industrial complex is behind the weather modification with many many companies participating in the destruction
      Climate change - which after reading the RBF web site you will see means a change in the overall climate of the world as far as politics, people, science, etc etc etc
      For 75 years these bastards have been milking this nation and every nation on this planet of jobs, industry, food production, medicine, you name it their hands are all over it
      Just thought I would throw this in here
      Look at the planning behind the scenes this so called philanthropy is doing to the world
      Bill Gates Foundation another one
      How about the Koch Brothers - see what they were doing in North Carolina
      The energizer bunny, goes on and on and on and one
      Yet another slap in the face to the people of this nation and all other nations
      And if you think that's not all freaky then go visit this web site
      This is how they change the history to suit their purpose

    2. They aren't murdered anyway, they just go back to their orignal self like Silverstein goes back to stiller and epstein goes back to being john perkins or they throwing the story out now that he is Anthony bourdaine or at least the corpse is??
      What a crock of shit
      But in the meantime it achieves their goals of putting sex and pedophila and child trafficing front and center which means they will start at the CPS level in taking kids
      Moral decay, do what thou wilt
      Teaching the 3 year olds how to masterbate and being read stories by men in dresses
      And how dare you want to opt out of that, it's diversity!!
      Hate speech, tell on your neighbor, if you see something say something
      9 1 1 controlled from the get go to roll out their police state PERIOD and of course to not have to pay to remove the asbestos that was all through the buildings??
      Again who really owned the buildings, UBS bank? How about the BIS?
      Just some thoughts

    3. Someone pointed out in a video I watched not to long ago that the air view above where the twin towers used to be appears to be snake eyes?
      You got google who made all the maps that we look at on line
      a military operation from the start
      GPS and chips aboud in everything from your toll tag, your car, your phones, credit cards, in your pets
      Facebook same thing a military operation from the get go or financed by the bankers for the purposes of entrapment
      Just like they tape the so called politicians they now tap the whole world for blackmail purposes, flat out extortion
      That's why they telling everyone that power outages all over the place, it's extortion for the power, same thing with the water, extortion, theft on a world wide scale at least that we know of

    4. And how about this
      I have been ready a book I found in a link somewhere it's called
      Holy Blood, Holy Grail
      You know Project Veritas??
      You know that outfit breaking all kinds of stories undercover
      Well in this book it has the following
      Ordre de la Rose-Croix VĂ©ritas O.D.L.R.C.V.
      And that leads you to the below website

    5. And how about that vegan movement
      Tell them the cows sent ya
      Can you say green new deal

    6. And this organization is a 501c (4) tax exempt (APC)
      Yet another alphabet orgainzation posing to spread the word
      Kinda like the Sandy Hook Promise non profit 501c organization there to save the psychologically tortured children after an 'event'
      I've read they all make some pretty good money in these orgs as the president, director, located in Washington DC

      Board of Directors

      Tom DeWeese, President
      Kathleen Marquardt, Vice President
      Bonner Cohen, Director
      John Meredith, Director
      Carolyn DeWeese, Secretary

      Board of Advisors

      Rep. Sam Rohrer, Pennsylvania State Legislator
      Beverly Eakman, Author
      Alan Caruba, Author
      Phillip Abbott Luce, Author and Activists (in memoriam)

  3. ....and there is no "Divine Right of Kings" in the KJV bible.

    And we, the living, most certainly are not subject to archons, nephilim, rephaim, sorcerers, demons, cybeles, pythongirls, spooks, haunts or hobgoblins of any sort! The living are a higher order of beings.

    That is why they must get our consent.
    If they do not obtain consent, we can tear their "work" down.
    ---Zechariah 5:1-4.
    From THEIR claimed "Law Book".

  4. This explains the sudden rise in Post birth terminations, late term abortions and the funding of Planned Parenthood.

    I tried to get my baptismal record. I took the photo with me proving it occurred in 1965. I was 3 years old.
    I was told they don't keep them after 10 years...

  5. goodboots, you extort the bibles. NO wonder why the Crooks beat you. bc you failed to focus. You interpret the bible as if the crooks swear under real God's name. There are (3) gods involved. 1) Real GOD=Jehovah, 2) Assumed God= Jesus, 3)Another assumed God = Satan, of the crooks. That is why the crook won't let you talk about bibles in their courts.
    Here is what your bibles say:
    Zechariah 5:1-4 KJV - Then I turned, and lifted up mine ...

    Zechariah 5:1-4 King James Version (KJV) 4 I will bring it forth, saith the Lord of hosts, and it shall enter into the house of the thief, and into the house of him that sweareth falsely by my name: and it shall remain in the midst of his house, and shall consume it with the timber thereof and the stones thereof.

    1. Excuse me???
      I do *what* Pinkham? :)...
      I "extort" the bible?!?!?!

      That doesn't make any sense to me.
      Please explain. :) thank you.

      My use of the bible in context to them is that *they* publicly claim it as their Law Book.
      I'm just agreeing with them, its *their* Law Book. And as such, I'm going to see to it that they *themselves* follow it!
      What is extortive about handing their own Law Book back to them and telling them that *their* application of it applies to them, not to *me*!

      Did I miss your point?

    2. P. S. Who said the crooks have beaten me? :):);)

  6. Post birth terminations is about depopulation and using the parts and tissues for vaccines and various other shit
    We went from 24 vaccines in the 60's to 70+ for children today
    In the middle of the below video you will see a UN Agenda 21 ad with senior citizens claiming they have had a good life - so give up your life so that it is not a burder on their system
    The states are now passing 'laws' that it is ok to help get rid of someone who is sick?
    Brings me to that article Paul posted about those children being taken
    Special needs children would be considered trash to these controllers
    Not to mention they going to most likely take the land that the ranch sits on - it's a child and land grab at the same time
    Look for raids of all sorts now on all kinds of schools, hospitals anything because they are going for the kill
    If you have elderly parents get them with you do not leave them in nursing homes, forget the damned doctors and no vaccines, no flu, no shingles, no pnemonia, NO SHOTS
    Special needs children they will claim are of no use in their new world most likely they will start exterminating them as well
    My opinions and some research for those who are interested

    1. And how convenient that the 'actors' recently brought back the death penalty now isn't it
      This is no accident people
      They will kill whoever the hell they want to they have been doing it for decades, wiping out entire nations of people

    2. Suddenly, all are for CAPITAL punishment, but after what? over 100 years of refusing to take lynchings off of the books...NOW No lynchings!!
      But like atticus finch just gave references in comments section of another story to their own rulings, that WHAT IS DECIDED IN THEIR "COURTS" IS NOT LAW!! :):):)

  7. Listen to the video where they are devising internet laws in Dubai???

  8. I kid you not recently received a new bible from Jimmy Swaggart ministries
    The bible is bound backwards and upside down

    1. (...shaking head...)

      Oh it's ALL gonna hit the fan.

      I only wonder what will come first...:
      The pretend "judges"
      The phony-baloney "pastors."
      I'm guessing it will be the BAR attorn-ers for the QWYINE and the Popester with the thieves behind the pule-pitts falling in right on their heels!

      Somebody recently was talking again about how many "pastors" (US Territorial and Municipal OFFICERS?) had signed up for helping with the (preplanned)disaster "relief" efforts where "your" so-called "pastor" helped herd "their flock" into the "relief camps"... And then the "pastor" and family were taken somewhere else.
      (The dummies! They'll be made to stay in the camps too!)

      You seen anything recently about that Shelby?

    2. goodboots my comments are being removed???
      I made a comment to your inquiry and it is no longer here?
      Contained a whole bunch of information
      You have to have a look at this

    3. Left a really long comment on here earlier for you goodboots
      It is now gone
      Had lots of links and information
      During 'Harvey' they 'reported' that christian/jew/? Joel Olstein (get it another stein, like silverstein, eppstein) closed his church - no help was provided by his mega billion dollar church, not even shelter
      And this weekend it was supposed to be the Golden Gate Bridge they pumped up to be demolished then I see this article about shooting at the Golden Arches as in McDonalds just right up the street from the bridge and it just happens to be right up the road from where ole Gorby is sitting pretty on the California beaches and has been planning our disarmament and the decommissioning of our military bases (now converted to FEMA) camps
      Bottom right of the below read about ole Gorby
      McDonalds 'bloodline' like their blood is any better than any of ours
      This is some of what I had in there
      Ask yourself if BARR is John Goodman like I say he is, then these 'actors' are signing 'legislation' to have people executed
      All fiction, all made up and all people around the world following these mere mortals
      Actors on a world stage while the serfs get slaughtered
      Talk about some bread and circus
      Evil doesn't begin to describe what these things are

    4. Thanks Shelby.
      Omgosh, I never noticed Joel olsteen/stein!

      Yes, I remember how shocked everyone was that they didn't open the church.

      Maybe your lost comment got into spam again. Paul will probably fish it out. I'll check back and see.

    5. Patents related to weather warfare
      If you remember correctly hurricane Harvey hit at that same time that ole Harvey Weinstein was being accused of sexual shit
      There again another stein (Silverstein, Epstein, Olsten, Weinstein)
      Not an accident folks
      I read long ago that the actor playing Silverstein was Jerry Stiller - he also played the role of Nicole Brown Simpsons father and his wife played her mother
      Want to know why sucky actor Ben Stiller gets all those their movies like Meet The Fockers - you want to talk about some sick shit
      Made for tell lie vision
      The OJ trial televised all over the land was a made for tell lie vision production that brought us court room tell lie vision
      Helter Skelter and Charles Manson - made for tell lie vision production
      Polanskis wife is sharon tate
      Paul tate sharons brother is charles manson
      Hell if they can fool us and tell us they went to the moon, the sky is the limit, literally
      I think from the get go the news has been fake
      And the same people putting on the grand illusion are working the courts, the industries, etc etc etc
      As the World Turns - yet another slap in the face
      They are actively scrubbing the web for any evidence that people uncover
      And lets not forget they have many people that work for them to produce fake web content, websites, the list is endless to the deception
      I try to only post the things that I can see with my own two open eyes like the progression of UN agenda 21
      The remake of the middle east from at least a map point of view, never been there so I can't say for sure
      Anyway some things to ponder

    6. Nicole Brown Simpsons parents, Barry Stiller and wife
      And they recently sold a house in orange county california located on monarch beach

    7. Wanna watch a know more news livestream? just starting come on :)
      Alex Jones CAUGHT LYING About Epstein Network

  9. I tend to see things differently than the average person, so having our names written on pieces of paper and manipulators out there trading them as if they had $$ value, just seems so ludicrous to me.
    As far as 'baptism' goes, dunking people or sprinkling water on them, changes absolutely nothing. The change has to be a dedication of the Heart for a lifetime, be lived out in daily life, caused by a true repentance of all wrongdoing, and a promise to God to live righteously from that point on. Only God can change a person; it is the work of the Holy Spirit, and He doesnt need the assistance of water to accomplish that.
    Jesus' words quoted in Acts 11:16 Then remembered I the word of the Lord, how that he said, John indeed baptized with water, but ye shall be baptized with (by) the Holy Ghost.

    Water was the way of baptizing before Jesus came and died, rose again and sent the Holy Spirit, which happened at Jerusalem that Day of Pentecost. After that arrival of the Holy Spirit of God, to earth, He became the Baptizer and water became passe.
    1 Cor. 12:13 for it is the Holy Spirit that baptizes us INTO the body of Christ
    (and NO 'tongues' needed. Nada)

    1. ...but man has profited from you, unlawfully, in the actual world we live in! You know the world you pay bills in!
      You holier than thou bible thumpers are nothing but voluntary trolls in my opinion. So thank you for the non-helpful, help.
      WAKE UP! What you are spewing is not really helpful to the actual problem, your advise of ignoring them and living your own life is great....wrong to use a religion, but great for people.
      You are advocating doing NOTHING! Please go do NOTHING elsewhere, we are here to discuss actual answers to actual problems, not to be told how some book or religious belief can hold the answer if you can interpret if differently!
      So tell me how you would actually correct the evils that man has put on EACH of us?
      I do not ignore problems.

      This is not a religious matter, get that through your heads.

    3. Turtle,
      Their claims to rule over people are SPIRITUALLY BASED.

      Besides getting documented, what's your suggestion?
      I'm listening.

    4. Paul, go read my post again. It cant get any clearer than the Fact that as Jesus left the earth he said 'I must go so that I can send you ......the Holy Spirit. And it is THAT Holy Spirit that will be the Baptizer. John's baptism was with water, but the real Baptizer is The very Spirit of God. How do you not get that? How do you not get the Change in Baptism as it is so clearly stated? Why do you persist in clinging to what 'yer church told ya' instead of studying for yourself. Oh silly man, I took you for being smarter than to be so seemingly unteachable, now.
      Paul, there is NOthing Spiritual in water. Water will never save you or anyone else. Water baptism is at best, merely symbolic, but a baby is not of age to make any such choice of his own dedication, and absolutely nobody else can make that decision for them. There is NO infant baptism in the bible. Nowhere. That ought to make you stop and think.
      So, no, Im not in one bit of trouble with God.

    5. Well but though to a sincere Christian, its not getting water put on your head and saying silly cult stuff.
      Water baptism a public declaration of what already happened to you on the inside: its your public declaration of putting creator first in your life.
      It's that simple.

      And its common law too:
      It follows the 3 common law principles:
      1. Intent.
      (What happened between you and creator privately: you put creator first.)
      2. Declare publicly and memorialize.
      (It is your public declaration of your private intent, memorialized.)
      3. Do.
      (To Go and do, in accord with your public declaration of your private intent: establishes it.)

      Common law is those three things; they establish the law concerning you. As long as you don't harm anyone or what belongs to them.

      That's why the pharisees
      Hate it!

      There is no way to control you.
      No way to "charge" you....
      No way for the lying murdering sloppy lazy humanoids and humanoid wannabees to suck your energy off of you! to "claim" an "Office/CIRCUm-SCRIPTion" (draw a circle around you/capture and close you in, using their scribes/officers/ robed "priests" using their "script"/words.) ,to "claim" to provide you with their priestly services for which they are entitled to a portion of your property.

    6. Abby, you didn't read any of the links I sent. Are you a greater mind than the people who have spent their entire lives studying and writing about these subjects. People like Saint Thomas of Aquinas and the others I linked to. No, you just dismiss all they wrote out of hand.

      "As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are certain things hard to be understood, which the unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, to their own destruction."
      [2 Peter 3:16]
      You are not even reading the right Bible.

      And you interpret it wrongly to your own whim.

      And you seem to hate the Church that gave you the Bible in the first place.

      Be careful, lest you find yourself fighting against God.

      "But if it be of God, you cannot overthrow it, lest perhaps you be found even to fight against God. And they consented to him."
      [Acts of Apostles 5:39]

      Acts of Apostles 5:39

      Nor will you probably read anything else I recommend, because you really don't want to be obligated to accept soemthing you have hated all your life believing the lies that are centuries old about what Catholics believe or don't believe.

      Chief differences between the Protestant and Catholic Creeds

    7. Matthew 28,[16] And the eleven disciples went into Galilee, unto the mountain where Jesus had appointed them. [17] And seeing him they adored: but some doubted. [18] And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying: All power is given to me in heaven and in earth. [19] Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. [20] Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.

      [18] "All power": See here the warrant and commission of the apostles and their successors, the bishops and pastors of Christ's church. He received from his Father all power in heaven and in earth: and in virtue of this power, he sends them (even as his Father sent him, St. John 20. 21) to teach and disciple, not one, but all nations; and instruct them in all truths: and that he may assist them effectually in the execution of this commission, he promises to be with them, not for three or four hundred years only, but all days, even to the consummation of the world. How then could the Catholic Church ever go astray; having always with her pastors, as is here promised, Christ himself, who is the way, the truth, and the life. St. John 14.

    8. ...when parents have a son or daughter water baptized, it's the same type of thing.
      Christians recognize and receive their sons and daughters, being gifts from creator; the Christian parents are returning the gift back into creator's hands for his safekeeping, knowing that they will not be able to be with their son or daughter every moment and will not always be able to protect them.
      So, the point of it is, whether its a water baptism by sprinkling or a dedication ceremony, it is the parents and family coming forward within their group of family and friends and publicy declaring that they are going to work with creator to raise their son or daughter.

      If you look at what the Corporate State has secretly done, it's the same as just described...
      They try to say that the parents said the parents are going to work together with the STATE!, not creator, to raise their son or daughter!!!

      Always scamming!!!
      Always impostering!!!
      Always stealing!!!
      Always hiding their work!!!

    9. These slithering creatures really are trying to take over God's place. They work at it. They want to be him. They're jealous. MOO.


    10. Sorry, I was gone, missed a well timed answer..
      goodboots to answer your earlier question of "Besides getting documented, what's your suggestion?
      I'm listening."
      I hate to say this but the truth is way too heavy... Once documented, we need to form our Grand Juries. We the People (Documented) need to have a place to be heard fairly and treated justly, the only place this can happen in this messashmitz is in our own Grand Juries. The facts are staring us in the face and our unending optimism keeps telling us that they have a heart and we can find justice within their system, this is just NOT true.
      They took everything away...except the right to assemble, which should be looked at as "the way" to re-start or change or eliminate what We the People find to be against the People.

      Documented American MUST Assemble to MAKE the answer!!!

      I tire of hearing how they are using/ruining religion...QUIT giving them power this way. Use the good teachings in a better way, a way of action not talk People!
      Let us NOT forget that this is a paper war!

    11. Paul, you are so indoctrinated by your upbringing and what you have been brainwashed to believe ...that the 'CATHlik church is some 'one true church''......that you cannot unglue yourself.
      You adhere to your church writers and your 'church organization' and all that they tell you, while proclaiming christianity, you put CHRIST's teaching on the back burner, in favor of your worldly men who write what you place as being far above Christ Himself.

      Paul, there are no Saints as you refer to them. They are all mere men and have been named by other mere men. But biblically speaking, the true description of saints in simply and specifically described; saints are all those true Believers of the One True Gospel, which the Apostles preached. Called the Epistles. These Epistles contain all the truth one needs. No man dares to add to it, or subtract from it.
      The Apostles were appointed by God; your book writers of all those 'extra books' which add to the Gospel, and your Saints, were all appointed by fallen mere man.
      Paul, there will be NO catholics in the Kingdom of God, NO methodists, NO baptists, NO lutherans, NONE of those ''man made brands'. All of those Brands became Man-made because they ALL disagree with each other and they disagree with the Word of God.
      Each of them had something they disagree with, and so they ran off and decided to make up their OWN beliefs. Everyone ought to know this by NOW. And so therein, is what is wrong with ALL of them.

      Me? I have no part of any of them, but I am one of the Few who is a part of The Church that Christ Himself died to establish...and it sure aint catholic.......or any of those other so called 'churches'.
      The Kingdom will be made up of ''all those who are in ONE ACCORD ....with the ONE true word of God''. That is scripture. All your extra writings and books and teachings, are NOT scripture and ought to be thrown out.
      Romans 3:4 let God be true, and every man a liar

    12. And the blind lead the blind and both fall into the pit.

      Good luck with your high horse Abby. I would not want to trade places with you on Judgment Day.

    13. Paul, see how you catholics do not really believe the bible...just as has been said for the past 100 yrs. or as long as I can remember.
      I am in an excellent position.
      Want me to tell you something that has probably never come close to happening to you?
      Two yrs. ago I knew my brother was dying, but he was not ready to accept that yet. Eventually I asked God to show him where he was going, and what was ahead for him, etc. I had forgotten about that and tho he lived 75 miles from me, I suddenly said I must go to the hospital, it was Dec. 7, '17.
      I got there and began to talk with him and all staff members. We told him his true condition, do you want to continue dialysis, or......He quickly shook his head No.
      The staff left as it was decided he would return to the nursing home. As I was getting ready to leave, he said, 'well, I guess I wont be seeing you anymore''. I responded, ' well, for now, just for now, just for a little while, .....and he very suddenly said, 'well, Ive been having these dreams about that'.

      Ahh, so just who do you think was the only one who knew what I had asked, and who do you think was showing me, He had answered ! !

      Paul just Who do you think was showing me He had answered my prayer! And that is just one of the tidy little incidents we've had happen in our lives. I have many more. You see, I know Who I pray to, one on one, and I know Who answers. I always see the Evidence in front of me, its called Confirmation.

      Sorry but I do not live on 'luck' and yes I think you may just want to trade places with me. But I am not here vying to 'best'' anyone, not even you. I am not in any contest with anyone. You can continue your dedication to your inherited religious beliefs, or you can open your eyes and start listening to the One who knows all and does not lie. There STILL arent going to be any ''brands' in the Kingdom.
      Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation (judgement) to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.

    14. I forgot to mention then, he passed away on the 9th of Dec. at 2 a.m. about a day and a half after we met and settled everything to his decision and approval. Sometimes family and medical staff can make people feel like they have to keep on hanging on, when they really dont want to. Families should keep in mind that there are times when a final meeting can be very helpful, letting the patient know 'its ok to go ahead and go''. The way to find out is ask them what they want to do, after telling them what their true situation is.
      Just sayin'

    15. Paul, yes Matt 28 says that, go and baptize in the name of Father, Son, Holy Ghost, and Jesus did say that. But what you are overlooking is that was written while He was still here on earth the first time, before he died and rose again and THEN sent us the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost at Jerusalem, which happened AFTER Jesus gave that directive.......and from the DofP, He said 'NOW things change. NOW it will be the Holy Spirit who will be the Baptizer''.
      There are a whole lot of things that changed as a result of His death and resurection of which is that the HS was sent TO EARTH. That was not the case prior to the DofP.
      It is our responsibility to keep up to date; failing to do so is why people are still stuck in the old dunking and sprinkling. Its actually a big kick in the teeth to the Holy Spirit, dont you realize? Its like saying one does not believe the HS has the Power to Baptize anyone into Christ; we must add water ourselves.
      Points to ponder.

    16. I am really enjoyig your posts/take on baptism goodbots and the state trying to usurp this process. Very interesting observations and analysis and exactly what Communism is worshiping the in fact I have read quotes about Jews saying the Jewish people will be the messiah that confirms your interpretation. Very nice thanks

    17. Abby, no it wasn't. He said all that just before he ascended.

      Matthew 28
      [16] And the eleven disciples went into Galilee, unto the mountain where Jesus had appointed them. [17] And seeing him they adored: but some doubted. [18] And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying: All power is given to me in heaven and in earth. [19] Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. [20] Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.

      [18] "All power": See here the warrant and commission of the apostles and their successors, the bishops and pastors of Christ's church. He received from his Father all power in heaven and in earth: and in virtue of this power, he sends them (even as his Father sent him, St. John 20. 21) to teach and disciple, not one, but all nations; and instruct them in all truths: and that he may assist them effectually in the execution of this commission, he promises to be with them, not for three or four hundred years only, but all days, even to the consummation of the world. How then could the Catholic Church ever go astray; having always with her pastors, as is here promised, Christ himself, who is the way, the truth, and the life. St. John 14.

    18. Paul, in Matt 28 Jesus had not yet ascended, and not yet sent the Holy Spirit to earth, which did not happen until the Day of Pentecost in the Upper Room at Jerusalem.
      So water was used in baptism, often referred to as the 'baptism of John' which is quite different from the baptism of/by the HS.

      But there are many 'christians' who have the mistaken idea that all it takes to get people saved is to get them dunked or sprinkled, which is a grave error in thinking.
      If we look at Acts 2:38 which says 'repent and be baptized' - - when in fact I find few if any folks who even understand what repent consists of.
      v.41 further states 'that they GLADLY received His Word and were baptized'. I find few if any folks who gladly receive any true Word at all, yet they claim to have 'gotten baptized at their church'.
      4.42 says 'and they CONTINUED Steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine'.........v.46 and continued daily in ONE Accord.

      So its easy to see that what is important is what a person does, even if they have been ''watered''. And we know that God ''looks upon the heart, not upon the outward appearances''.

      And so the HS must be involved. Water does not force the holy spirit of God to become active; for God cannot be fooled. This is where I believe real baptism must be done by the HS Himself, and we are told in Acts 1:5 Jesus tells us that 'John baptized with water, but (now) ye shall be baptized with (by) the Holy Ghost NOT many days hence (from now).
      So v.5 there shows us that since Jesus is speaking and is still on earth, he still had not yet sent the HS who would be the Baptizer thereafter.
      Acts 11:16 then is a recollection again, of what Jesus said there in 1:5.
      And finally, 1 Cor 12:13 the apostle paul went out and taught 'for by One Spirit (the HS) we are baptized into One Body. And Gal.3:27 those that have been baptized into Christ, have put on Christ.

      In real life, over the long years, Ive seen multitudes who 'got baptized at their church', walked away thinking that took care of everything for them, and went out and acted the same worldly fools that they ever were. This is due to a gross failure in truthful teaching in most of our 'churches' of today. Its just a fact.

      There is far more that could be brought out, but in my older years here, I do not feel like looking up all those scriptures anymore, Lol. Timeframes in the bible are rather lacking, making it harder to put into perfect perspective, but the gist is still there.
      I view this as a discussion, not an argumentative back and forth. But even so, this being an open forum, not the bible channel, I try to shorten my viewpoints here.
      So suffice it to say, that if the HS is not involved, then water has done nothing but sadly mislead a whole lot of people.

    19. You are wrong, and over 2000 years of history of Christian tradition proves you so wrong when it comes to baptism.

      You also said Matthew 28 was before he died, and that is not so. "But what you are overlooking is that was written while He was still here on earth the first time, before he died and rose again...."

      You are in effect saying that the Holy Spirit would overrule what Christ said. NO WAY because they are three Divine Persons in One God, and are not divided.

      Or now are you going to deny the Blessed Trinity also?

      I can see you consider yourself a bible scholar of sorts and really you are reading the bible to your own detriment as Jesus never said go forth a write, but "go forth and teach..."

      You have many things wrong and so wrong that I see you will never listen to reason or the history or tradition left to us by Christ himself, and in fact want it the way you want it.

      So you have a choice to make, because I won't continue this pointless waste of my time. You can stop picking a fight with me over the Catholic Church and what it teaches and limit your comments to the other issues on this blog, or you can be erased entirely. It's your choice. But I will not allow this blog to be used to bash the Church under any circumstances.

    20. What you call 'christian tradition' what you really mean is
      Catholic tradition. I disregard all church traditions for they are all manmade. You are free to follow whatever you wish, but it is quite tiresome to consistently insinuate 'if you aint catholic yer going to hell'. I surely know better than that.
      And so you threaten to resort to grade school stuff, and get people 'kicked out of school' if they dont cower down to your playground bullying??
      Now dont you hear yourself? Who is it that 'wants it your way', huh?
      The Apostles were the Teachers of The Church. The world is now fallen into near total apostasy because it has gotten all its teachings for 'their churches'. All churches.
      You accuse me of 'picking a fight' AFTER I just posted that I was not here to argue. Paul, do you ever really read what anyone else actually says, or do you just like to go get mad about anything that does not agree with You.

    21. There is only one true Church and you are denying it.

      There is only one Christian Tradition and you have none if you don't accept All of what He taught.

      Keep on dreaming about what your bible means and see what it gets you. Or you can do some honest study of what the true Church has for you from it's beginning with Christ and His apostles, and yes the teaching tradition of His Church. There is no salvation outside of it.

  10. I agree with Turtle 100%. Quoting the Tampered bibles, doesn't mean a thing. Because the crooks have their Thousands of Thousands of Satanic Bibles:

    Real GOD has a lot to do with Science than Ordinary emotional people think. GOD is the real original Author of Scientific Astrology, is which, I refer to as "Analog Computer", storing "human characters", manifestation of Good and evil. Through His A.Computer, I see why the crooks like Satan so much. Bc they get things for free, Free sex, and power. That's #8. The Holy division is next to it, which is #9. Meaning, the High Education, the Laws, and religion. I see why many crooks went through Lengthy of sins, before their repentance. But it won't work for them or us, after so much damages.

    1. Yes Pinkham nice to see people involved in this movement other than just the Abrahamic cults, they are trying to pull people out one false cult and into another, theirs. The Bible is a lot of plagariztion esoteric symbolism of esoteric sciences and flat out bs. If you are looking for the truth in it you will never find it. The same people that designed this system wrote that book lol. They are both systems of mind control.

    2. You bet they wrote the books including their demented Talmud

      Leviticus - levy taxes (think Levi Strauss too and their 501 jeans)
      Deuteronomy - due to our money

      flat out BS - Babylonian System also where bullshit comes from too

      Used to be a good video up about all this fraud in the bible and the men in black robes done by crackerwv and they have since taken it down

      It was spot on describing the books of the bible, babble, like in basel switszerland

      In this book

      Religions of Rome - christianity

      Not a mistake that most of your 'events' depict a suspect that has the name jesus of christ in it they are working to kill christ

      Bondi you need to go visit this site
      They even have a new testament book you can purchase?

      This blog here has references to illuminati but he calls them illuminazis

    3. How the site can say they are working for the betterment of humanity when we know what we know about vaccines, big pharma poisoning us, water being flouridated, monsanto foods, the list is endless and yet this site claims they looking out for 7 billion people on the planet
      Destroyed Iraq, Yemen, and other nations where slave labor abounds might have a different perspective on their claims?
      Forcing everyone in to small areas populated by millions while the land is left vacant where people could be on it producing clean food and living free of all this shit
      Even on their site promotes the UN??
      Found this site pretty informative
      Claim it will be heaven on earth but for who?

    4. Another religion like scientology?
      Under religions of Rome tab - see scientology
      See the below - their first testament

    5. Check out this video Santa Biblia??
      Anagram of Santa = Satan

  11. I have never heard of this Kirk guy but yes Baal (the Canaanite name for Saturn) was a deity babies were commonly sacrificed too by the Jews in fire which was known as a "holocaust" in Greek.

    1. ^^ I don't want to be disrespectful but this article is a lot of hot garbage lol. Exoteric Gnosticism elements mixed with conspiratard donkery

    2. Here is a video of Kurt Kallenbach - it is very informative

  12. The entities are called devas and asura btw I would toss out the abrahamic plagiarized garbage and go o the source, the Vedas and us the proper terms for these things if you want to be credible in higher level esoteric circles.

  13. Hey goodboots have a look at this

    1. I got into the website, but not the article...was looking around and whaddayaknow...PORN!!!! I pulled the battery out of my phone and shut'er down!
      I think im going to have to go from moderate safe search to strict safe search!!!

  14. It was stated in the second paragraph", "And you will be able to refute the resulting legal presumptions in court and in "agency" hearings." Specifically how would you recommend we refute these presumptions?

    1. I made a comment related to this at the bottom of the page if you want to read it

  15. Anna, I cannot find an email address for you, so I am commenting here even though it is not related to your blog. You said that Social Security is a private contract, so becoming an American national, 'legally', would not affect SS benefits. But they claim that in order to even use their online site, that we have to be a "U.S. citizen". Also, you stated that Americans get zip by being a Citizen of the United States or a 'the United States of America' citizen...yet a person just barely making it on Social Security and heating assistance also have to be a "United States Citizen" or "Qualified Alien". If we are American nationals, we are not "Citizens of the United States"...correct? And elderly people may freeze to death?

  16. *also has to be a "United States Citizen"...

  17. Below this box I am commenting in, it states "Comment as: When it publishes, it calls me 'Unknown'. What up with that?

  18. Turtle, this will probably get lost way down here.

    I think what you're saying is very important. I'm glad you found my question and answered.

    Here is something you may be interested in, I'm going to just spit it out. So it may come out sounding bossy but I dont mean it that way.

    We don't need Grand Juries!

    They are part of the ENGLISH common law system of Barons.
    The Barons fought with the King over control over the serfs (that would be us); the Barons won. They decided that when there was a case, that 25 BARONS would get together and look over the evidence before trial to see if they wanted to even have a trial.

    With the Declaration of Independence, and all men having equal station among the powers of the earth, the people simply:
    1. Make their claim public.
    2. Claim the court in order to present their claim and proofs.
    3. Let the jury of 12 peers of the ACCUSED decide the outcome.

    The Bill of Rights is actually not even FOR us American state nationals, its for the Constitutionally, corporately- created U.S. Citizens.

    It took forever for that to occur to me, but it was C. Johnson, I think, that prompted me to examine that.

    C. Said something like, "Americans don't need a Bill of Rights" and then said something like, "think about it until you figure out why."

    Finally some one else made the comment that "Our rights precede the Constitution and the Bill of Rights" and then all these puzzle pieces started tumbling into place one by one:
    1. WE, the American people don't NEED the First Amendment because WE are sovereigns.
    The sovereign says what they want when they want it and nobody has anything to say about it.
    2. WE don't need the Second Amend because we already have the right to protect ourselves under authority of the laws of nature and of natures gGod/creator.
    3. WE don't need due process because due process goes along with administrative processes; we, we sovereigns, aren't even subject to any administrative processes, so no process is "due".
    We make our claim public.
    Provide the proofs.
    The 12 member jury of the ACCUSED'S peers make the judgment.
    4. No Grand Jury sits in pre-trial judgment as to whether we get to have our claim/case heard or not!!!
    5. No Grand Jury deliberates in SECRET pre-trial TRIALS where the "evidence" is presented by secret subpeonaed "witnesses" who go into a closed meeting and tell things about you that you will never know and are prevented from ever hearing. People can go into those secret meetings and slander other people and while there may not be enough "evidence" for the "baronsGrandJury" to decide you GET to have a trial to clear your life and reputation of the things someone is accusing you of, maybe there WAS plenty enough slander to totally ruin your reputation or leave your neighbors falsely believing you DID something, but that there just wasn't enough "evidence" to prove it.
    Oh and, again, all that subpoenaed testimony is generally forever hidden from you.
    So guess what.
    Buddy, there actually WAS a trial conducted, you just didnt get to be there to defend yourself because they held that trial in secret without you.
    You didn't get to face your accusers.
    You didn't get to hear the nature and cause of the accusation.
    Hell, you dont even know WHO was talking about you behind your back where you can't answer, let alone know what they said!!
    And more,...but that's enough.

    No Grand Juries.

    We present our claim and proofs:
    So does the accused.
    Then, the jury decides.
    That's OUR *AMERICAN* common law. Clean. Fair. Simple.

    1. I have to disagree with you slightly here goodbots. Though I don't normally do this because expending this amount of energy for a single blog comment is very counterproductive in my opinion and time I could use doing something much more productive I will go through your response point by point and correct a few things you are misinformed about, because it's you I will make the time :) (jking).

      The Grand jury is the supreme law of the land for a sovereign republic. In common law the PEOPLE are the law and the grand jury is a collection of the sovereign people to decide who has committed a crime and should be tried and who hasn't. Yes common claims can be made to create EQUITY cases on property and get cases dismissed for lack of jurisdiction but they are not criminal cases. There are numerous divisions to common law with competing jurisdictions, like equity, criminal, admiralty etc. I suggest reading the book THE COMMON LAW. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr you can download here on pdf:

      >They are part of the ENGLISH common law system of Barons.

      The common law system does not belong to anyone, in fact its very nature is to be of the common folk which is why it is called common law. Common laws are the laws of the native inhabitants of a region, the common laws for an Amazon tribe are going to be vastly different than those of say New York City. I think you are talking about the procedure for Anglos. The Common law procedures were simply designed for structure to make Legal proceedings efficient and fair with a standard set of rules. This system belongs to the sovereign people that have no to answer too above them but God. You could create a grand jury of 25 barons sure (to keep the king in check) but you can also convene a grand jury of 25 random people in your region.

      >The Bill of Rights is actually not even FOR us American state nationals, its for the Constitutionally, corporately- created U.S. Citizens.

      The Bill of rights was not for the people it was for the government to know they can't step on the people. A sovereign already has all rights they claim to have, they don't need a piece of paper to declare their rights, their rights have no limits other than to not hurt others. The Constitution is a social contract between the states and federal government. It seems you also kinda knew this based on your list of comments after that. Yes we don't need any amendment in the Constitution or Bill of Rights, are rights have no limits under God, no man or woman has any right to interfere with anything we do unless we damage their property (their person) or infringe on their unlimited rights.

      >due process

      Due process is just that, a process, a system to have a way of settling claims made against other sovereigns for damage to their person or infringement on their rights.

    2. >No Grand Jury sits in pre-trial judgment as to whether we get to have our claim/case heard or not!!!

      Well this is true in equity but what about criminal cases? What if you want more than a financial judgment against someone? Capital offenses or even political matters (having someone removed from office)? This is what the grand jury is for

      >Buddy, there actually WAS a trial conducted, you just didn't get to be there to defend yourself because they held that trial in secret without you.

      Well the grand jury just looks evidence and decides based on the evidence presented whether or not the states resources should be used to try this matter in the court. It used to be anyway now grand juries indict everyone regardless of the evidence presented because it is all about money. My lawyer once told me there is a joke in law school hat will the grand jury will indict a ham sandwich

      >You didn't get to face your accusers.
      >You didn't get to hear the nature and cause of the accusation.
      >Hell, you dont even know WHO was talking about you behind your back where you can't answer, let alone know what they said!!

      I think you misunderstand what a grand jury is, they aren't trying cases, they decide whether or not a case has enough merit to go to trial, they don't sentence anyone, the jury of the trial does that, if the case is indicted by the grand jury to go to trial in the first place.

      >We present our claim and proofs:
      >So does the accused.
      >Then, the jury decides.
      >That's OUR *AMERICAN* common law. Clean. Fair. Simple.

      Again, this is for equity cases involving contracts and jurisdiction. Possibly other small things also, I mean you can get creative. For example Karl Lentz got his children back from CPS by turning it into an equity case. Saying his children were his property he said they had no right to his property and needed to return it immediately. Pretty brilliant imo. Essentialy you can fight nearly case using this defense, claiming they infringed upon your person and property. The only offensive win you have here is return of your property and/or a financial settlement ie lawsuit, but not criminal. You can't send someone to prison for rape for example with an equity case, you need a grand jury for that. In civil law basically the grand jury handles felonies (actual crimes) while the lower courts handle the statutes and codes bs. I hope I was able to shed some light on this for you guys feel free to ask further questions if you want.

    3. Sorry I forgot to add above when I mentioned "infringe on your person and property" your body is your property which is why this is such a powerful defense (actually an offense now, you are getting your defensive case thrown out by going to a higher court with an offensive case as the {laintiff instead of th Defendant claiming they are infringing on your person and/or property (your person IS your property)). When you win your case with this method the other case is thrown out of civil court. Essentially the civil courts can never even get jurisdiction to hear any case you are charged with using this method of attack which as I have mentioned before does not require you give up your Citizenship, BC or SS which is why I am still yet to find a compelling reason to do it as I have said here numerous times.

    4. Bodhi,
      Thank you for such a thoughtful response.

      I just skim read it. Will have to sit down and go over it point by point.
      I know it will be a brain "feast" since you wrote it.

      I can already tell though thst this will be a back and forth thing if I decide to comment back.

      Don't know whether you're up for that! I know you are busy.

      Anyway, I'll touch base with you, just in general, after I get to read it word for word.

    5. Exactly which "United States" are you a "Citizen" of? Would that be The United States or the United States????? How many times do I have to draw your attention to the difference?

      And so far as Social Security is concerned, it's true that most of us were never eligible for it, but once we vested in it, are eligible for all earned dividends like any other corporate employee worldwide.

      What is so difficult about that concept, either? If you earn a pension from IBM are you obligated to stay living in the same town for the rest of your life? Continue wearing the Company uniform?

      So why do you imagine that not changing your political status is something they can dictate after you retire???

      They are a commercial corporation like any other commercial corporation on earth. They have no more rights or authority over you as a retiree--you are free to live where you like and go home to America if you please and there is nothing to stop you but your own fear and ignorance.

      And as for money, while you would have been much better off if you had done your own retirement program, returning home to America affords you a great many advantages--- like being able to offset taxes and mortgages and hospital bills.

      So when you stop and think about it you are in a much better position no matter where your retirement comes from, by returning to your birthright political status--- because if you stay "in" the Territorial United States you get the same measly pension and have to pay all taxes and mortgages and any medical bills that aren't covered by Medicare out of your own pocket.

      So where do you as a former "presumed to be" federal worker want to be? Back home in Maine or Minnesota or whichever State you came from in the first place is the correct answer.

      If you really were directly employed by the "federal government" corporations, you will have to pay federal income taxes on your pension, but if you move back home to the State where you were born, you are enabled to offset those payments against the American National Credit that you and your parents and grandparents already earned.

      So stack up the benefit of moving home after you retire from federal service?

      You get your pension and medical because they are a corporation just like J.C. PENNY and they owe it to you, plus, you don't have to pay any of your pension which you ALREADY earned once, back to the rats, don't have to pay property taxes out of your pocket, don't have to pay mortgages out of your pocket, etc., etc., etc.

      What is there about this that you don't get? As a citizen of "the" United States you are in Debt up to your eyeballs and beyond. As a citizen of The United States, you are one of the richest people in human history.

      Which kind of "United States" are you living in?

      The United States where you were born, or the Wizard of Oz version calling itself "the" United States?

    6. Sure I am up for it, I am willing to discuss any topics :)

    7. Bodhi,
      We are describing two entirely different law systems.

      I'm talking about the "de jure" AMERICAN traditional common law system only: the true and lawful system of the living people, whose consent is required before they can be lawfully acted upon by any government source or system.

      What you have dissected so amazingly well is the purposely confusing "DE FACTO" (rule by usurpation of lawful right, enforced by threat and violence) system that has overlaid our actual government system: the one that we, the living people, created for ourselves and consented to.

      1. Described the Law and Equity system.
      2. working within the Constitution, which is where Law and Equity is found, as claimed to pertain to Americans/the States/(the people ARE the States).
      3. working with PEOPLE/People (fictions)
      4. applying the *English* common law principles.
      5. Applying Civil/civilian principles; which ARE Roman and Municipal government, like W,DC.
      6. Applying Equity which is Kings bench with the "judge" sitting on the bench *AS if* it was the King himself sitting there.

      There's alot more, but that's enough to start.

      My present answer:
      1., 5., and 6:
      the American peoples' lawful, right and true ("de jure") governance has absolutely nothing at ALL to do with Roman civil or civilian law, nor with the King of England's bench. (Law and Equity.)

      Anything, including Kings Bench Equity or Roman Municipal Civil Law is not lawful American government: it is the "DE FACTO" system:
      rule by usurpation of a peoples' lawful authority using force.
      Which is exactly what we have been dealing with.

      2. The Constitution lawfully applies to neither the people nor to the States we created, because it never went to the people for a vote and does not have our consent.
      Further, all of the state legislatures didn't pass it; and also, when the States' vote was taken, only 12 states were present (look at the Constitution, only 12 were present, all 13 needed to be); and also it didn't have enough votes to pass.

      Its all fraud.

      The Constitution was never ratified. Anymore than our own mothers ever "volunteered to give us as a gift" to the Corporation pretending to be our lawful States.
      Without lawful ratification, the Constitution is as much a lie and a fraud as those Birth Certificates.
      And is the exact same scam, one on an "individual" level and the other in a "national" level.
      The consent of the governed is required before anything can be considered to apply to us LAWFULLY.

      3. American traditional common law has to do only with the people, who are living beings, not to People or PEOPLE; those are both manmade constructs, not actual living men and women.

      4. American traditional common law is simple.
      You really only HAVE a *claim*, Period, because your claim can be for:
      Loss to you and or your property
      Fraud, within a contract.

      •Every man who has a Claim has a right to be heard.
      •There are no grand juries to decides who can and who cannot be heard.
      •There are no State resources to be allocated because everything including murders are handled on the local level. That is why there was a gallows with noose hanging over it built in the center of every townsquare. If a murder was committed there, it was tried there.
      •There really are no judges there are justices of the peace.
      •Who is a truly elected Public Officer,
      •working under Public Oath and under a Public Bond furnished and paid for by the people being served.
      •(I believe that there can be an appeals process that goes to the people's true state, but i haven't gotten that far yet.)

      The man is the sovereign. The man is the court.
      You, me, WE ARE the court.

    8. From Anna Von Reitz:

      We have already all agreed that the Constitutions apply to them and what they owe us and the only thing of concern to us is enforcing their guarantees.

      We have also agreed that all the Judicial Courts in this country are in America, not the US.

      Finally, anyone reading this blog knows that we are responsible for providing our own courts and how to do it--- by declaring our political status, by forming our Assemblies, and electing our court officials.

      So get your Assembly up and rolling and your courts, too.

  19. I would suggest people visit this site
    It would appear that they working the story that Jesus continued to live for a very long time and he has ancestors claiming dominion?
    Notice the word veritas at the top of the page listed above? I copied and pasted it below
    Ordre de la Rose-Croix VĂ©ritas O.D.L.R.C.V.
    Isn't it funny that we have Project Veritas breaking all these stories undercover???
    Not a coincidence folks

    1. Read a book called holy blood holy grail, Dan Brown's da Vinci Code is based on it, I would read that as well, it is fiction bu still a great book based on real information from Holy Blood Holy Grail.

      Veritas is just Latin foe truth, a fairly common word. In vino veritas is a popular quote meaning from wine comes truth one used in the movie Tombstone in fact when Doc Holiday and Johnny Ringo were calling each other out in Latin.

    2. "Holy Blood Holy Grail" is based on theory the author of the book is on video stating this, mostly theory!

    3. Bodhi--Any chance you remember/know what the rest of their back-and-forth was?

    4. Yah it is "theory" lol, the sun of God is a myth of course there is no bloodline, at least no of the character in the bible. Still a very interesting book though and the root of this theory/"cult"

    5. gen:

      Doc Holliday: In vino veritas. (In wine there is truth.)

      Johnny Ringo: Age quod agis. (Do what you do.)

      Doc Holliday: Credat Judaeus Apella, non ego. (Let Apella the Jew believe, not I.)

      Johnny Ringo: Juventus stultorum magister. (Youth is the teacher of fools.)

      Doc Holliday: In pace requiescat. (Rest in peace.)


    7. Bodhi: THANK YOU! I watched that film so MANY times and wasn't able to catch but a few words and never did understand how cleverly they were bantering. I REALLY appreciate your sharing.

    8. Bondi funny you should say that because I am reading Holy Blood Holy Grail now which is what lead me to Priory of Sion and veritas??
      Like I said funny you got ole Project Veritas breaking all these undercover stories now isn't it

    9. It is. Have you ever heard of the term "synchronicity"? That is just shakti winking at you letting you know she is watching and helping us along the path :). The more you start to unlock the codes the more often it happens.

  20. WOW this was a HOT one 80+ comments almost Viral!

    Mentioned while back I have the original Physicians Manual for Birth and Death Registration (like 1930 ish ???) issued through the Department of Commerce and Federal Trade Commission.

    The fraud explained pretty well
    Which explains the entire fraud

    1. Bondi the above video is for you - you were stating about how to secure your property - view the video see what you think
      As it relates to what Anna is teaching? If you mail things to yourself at the 'address' you are still in their house??
      If you have numbers on your house it puts you in their house? Zip code puts you in their house?
      Listen to what he says about Mexicans that are coming here, they were not born in this house they are not subject to house rules?
      Doesn't Mexico have a central bank? Are they not in a house too?
      So to get out of their house we move to Mexico?
      How about the North American Union and how that plays in to the whole game?
      USMCA deal is the North American Union which puts all persons from these 'nations' under house rules?

    2. It's the babylonian system and they are working to recreate the tower of babel, only a few 'nations' who do not have central banks is my understanding
      North Korea, Iran and I think I saw Cuba could be wrong
      And you bet that Switzerland is part of the world wide deception Bazel, Babel - not a coincidence
      Zion in Switzerland where the BIS is and the banking cartel building that is shaped like a boot, like boot on your neck
      World wide banking fraud and identity theft at birth placing everyone on the planet into global slavery
      UN plan is the bankers plans
      The 10 kings of the bible/bable
      The new world command
      Telling you this book is very relevant

    3. And what do we have here, Trump looking to purchase Greenland
      Funny how I have been referencing this book about Greenland and now this story comes out
      Guy refers in this book, GOD (Greenland of Denmark)?

  22. And here is a propoghanda film about how people are destroying the earth
    They fail to mention that people are being crammed in to small areas like the UN agenda calls for
    So while the corporations have stripped the land of minerals, runined the water, poisoned the food supply, they now showing green new films of how the peasants can rework the land
    They make no mention what so ever about the geoengineering or the man created disasters they got going
    While the decimated the mid west with flooding through geoengineered storms they will now acquire the land from the famers at pennies on the dollar to continue with their NAFTA super highway and no one will be the wiser
    In doing so they take over vast amounts of the land that we used for growing food for the country and the world thereby creating a green new market for everyone to buy from only them in their grocery stores which are full of products that are being shipped in from the nations that they use cheap labor to produce while they suck the wealth from you to buy those products to feed yourself and your family