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Monday, August 12, 2019

Prayer - Review and Fine Points

By Anna Von Reitz

Jesus already taught everyone how to pray, but it seems that the message isn't getting through, so I am doing a little follow-up and drawing your attention(s) to some fine points.

First, our Creator is constantly creating us. Your present physical incarnation in living flesh began with an Act of God at a specific moment, but it didn't end there, did it?

There was the zygote and the amnion and the fetus and the baby and the toddler and the grade school kid and..... on an on. Every one of your trillions of cells and over 200 different kinds of tissues in your body get replaced on a regular cyclic schedule. You are being constantly created and in the verbiage of the modern era, "manifested".

Now, we just take all that for granted because from our perspective, it happens automatically--- but if you stop a moment and think, you will realize that all this is being ordered and orchestrated, along with a great many other things. He numbers the hairs on your head, because He is the One putting them there.

Just from that one example, you can see that you are not a static creation and your relationship with your Creator is not static, either. It's a vast, constant, intimate, ever-changing, dynamic interaction and the connection to your Creator is a built-in part of you.

Your Source is part of your Being and is literally "within you" in much the same way that an electric current is within a sewing machine, except of course, that this "electric current" is sentient. Your Father knows everything about you, and I do mean, everything.

You don't know how much keratin is in your toenail, but He does.

So there is no need to belabor your needs or drone on about the car payment. These things are already known.

There's also no way to hide anything. As the Irish say, "the all of it" is fully and completely known.

As I have told you many times, there's no way to lie about anything, so you might as well give up that bad habit, because all it does is cause dissonance and friction.

Lying actually makes you feel bad and "out of sorts" for a reason. Lying runs counter to the truth within you, grating along your nerves like a rasp on a piece of wood.

Stop thinking of your Source as something or someone distant from you or external to you or unfamiliar with you and your circumstance. Also stop thinking of your Father as a Deadbeat Dad; He has in fact given you life and everything else besides.

As He said to Moses as Moses stood on the edge of the Red Sea with Pharaoh's chariots closing in ---- why are you calling me? I already taught you everything you need to know....

So, because God is literally within you and knows the whole skinny, you don't even need to pray in words. You can pray with mental images. You can pray with feelings. You can pray using any form of communication at all and if you use words, the only important thing is that they are true and friendly and humble.

That's why Jesus gave you the example of The Lord's Prayer --- not that you should endlessly repeat exactly what He said, but so that you get the gist of how to pray --simply, truthfully, humbly.

Now, most men and women are prideful, and humbling themselves is not an experience they cherish, but it is necessary when you approach your Father and appropriate, too. He is far greater than you, as a man is greater than a child. You don't have to be afraid of Him, because He loves you --- but at the same time, show and give back the respect that He also shows you.

He is wonderful. He is present. He is all-knowing. He is, well, the True God. So if He humbles Himself to care for you and to give you life and He expends the energy to manifest your body and your consciousness and provides you with an environment that supports your physical life --- how much more grateful and humble should we be, when we turn our attention away from our small selves and address the Living God?

When we search for God within ourselves, we find Him. When we look around the Earth, we see His works and they reflect his glory and testify to His mind and heart, but He is not "out there" far away from us. He is literally within us. So look for Him within yourself, and you will find the glorious truth that you are part of the Living God and He is part of you.

You are part of All That Is.

He is not distant. Not foreign. Not vengeful. Not immune. Know this -- when we suffer, He suffers with us. When we rejoice, He feels that, too. So any idea that He is the cause of your sufferings needs to be released as the gigantic lie that it is. He may allow us to suffer for our own sakes, but that is a different thing from causing our problems or desiring them.

Prayer should be a gentle conversation with a Loved One, a Loved One who is trusted and respected, and whose generosity and kindness is beyond question or reproach. He does not withhold anything good from us, and all we have to do, is ask....and receive.

It's the receiving part, our end of it, that gets garbled.

Once we learn to pray to Our Father who is within us, and learn how to ask for what we need in a simple and honest way, we also need to learn how to receive and recognize His gifts which are returned to us as a result of our prayers.

Imagine the situation. We ask for the perfect husband, but we turn away because he doesn't look like we expect him to look. We ask for delicious, nourishing food, and then trample on it, because we think of it as weeds. We need a car to get to work, and sure enough, one just happens to be sitting in the parking lot at Walmart with a "Sale by Owner" sign in the window, but we don't call the number.

And then we complain and we blame and we stomp around like two year-old children and think we didn't get what we asked for. We did, yes, we got exactly what we asked for, we just didn't recognize our blessing when it came.

It gets worse, because we don't recognize our own blessings, we are constantly impeding the flow of gifts and blessings intended for others. Imagine being at the baggage carousel at the airport and everyone is grabbing someone else's bag off the rack? Imagine the confusion and consternation?

What's a Father to do with us?

Perhaps we need another version of the Serenity Prayer: Father help us to recognize the blessings you give to us, help us to see your miracles and to accept the hand-tailored gifts you send to us in answer to our prayers. Open our eyes to see these gifts that are meant for us and open our hearts so that we don't envy or seize upon the gifts that you have sent to others....

If we learn to recognize the gifts and blessings that are ours, hand-tailored, made especially for us, if we simply accept them, our contentment and joy would flow like the sea, and there would be no want or misery anywhere.

So while we are paying attention and learning how to pray and where to address our prayers, let's also learn how to recognize and receive the gifts and blessings that are so reliably returned in answer to our asking.


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  1. Dear readers,
    when I am remembering correctly, then Anna have once been writing
    that the big seal belongs to "The United States of America".

    Well, when I saw recently one of David Icke`s videos, David is explaining
    us that this seal contains symbols of freemasons.

    My question:
    Will you really go back to the roots without clearing the seal
    from such symbols which led you and us all to Babylon ???

    Here is the Link to David`s vid.
    Please, have a look at the 5 Min. stamp., but it is for
    comprehension better to see the vid from the beginning.

  2. "My question:
    Will you really go back to the roots without clearing the seal
    from such symbols which led you and us all to Babylon ???"

    (((((((((( N.O. ))))))))))!!!!!!!

  3. Have a listen to this - internet and q

  4. John 9:31.......IF a man (1) be a worshipper of God AND (2) DOETH His Will, then God heareth him.

  5. Agree,
    with much of the above and in the way presented. Would add, we are not Victims, we are to be thankful and grateful in all things, we are to pray that His will be done.
    Sometimes, many times "we" do not get what we want, we get what we need.
    There is a big difference between what we want and what we need.
    He knows what we need without our asking. Mathew 6:8

    1. afollower, well that is what these 'churches' tell their followers, but it is not actually true. If we stop listening to the bs that comes from pulpits of unlearned so called pastors, and instead read for ourselves, we find that Jesus tells us often that......
      as in John 15:7 IF a man Abide in Me, AND My Word Abides in him, THEN we can ask what WE Want.
      This of course involves some Conditions to first be met, but along with the ''abiding in it'' we will also come to have good common sense in our asking. We will not act like immature little children in a candy store.

      In every instance, when true Believers ask, and do not get what they asked for, later on they will realize that there was a really good reason why not. In my own life, I once thought there was something I could not live without. Well I can honestly say that after the whole background story was exposed to me, it has been a huge blessing to be minus that particular thing.
      Other reasons for not getting what is asked for, is that it is the wrong time, and waiting serves to allow better things to develop.

      Another reason for not getting the preferred response, is because yer off track with God, or perhaps never were on track to begin with. Sorry to burst bubbles here, but all people are not all equal in the eyes of God. There are the righteous and the unrighteous, believers and UNbelievers. Unbelievers need expect nothing from God, knowing from scripture above, that one must first meet His qualifications.
      Abby does not make the Rules. God is not a kioske in some shopping mall. Neither is he a McDonalds where ya just drive up, place your order, and drive off and go do as YOU please. Doesnt work that way.

  6. There is one idea touched on here that needs to be clarified to make it true.
    The idea that "God is in Man, no Man, no God". God does exist completely independently of us or our existence, and he did NOT have an obligation to create even one of us, except perhaps of his goodness. He is "I Am Who Am" and His existence is completely independent of us. He had no beginning, and he will have no end, and none of that depends on us in any way.

    But he also said "My delight is to be with the children of men".

    Yes He knows everything about us, and loves to live in our hearts, but we can also drive Him from us when we commit mortal sin, thereby driving the life of His grace away.

    1. Well-said Paul, and we don't recognize often enough those very facts.
      Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Surely God is not residing in most of man kind. As Jesus said of the Pharisees, 'they are of their father, the devil'. Now any thinking person knows that God is nowhere near pharisaical folks......and most of the population finds God to be of no significance, no importance, and are unbelievers.
    Do the math. We live among dead mens bones, empty whitewashed tombs, unbelievers, hypocrites, God haters, mockers, and a whole host of such folks, as listed throughout the Epistles. So then, we need not wonder why the world today is so full of evil doing, do we?

    1. I'm trying to keep up with the child trafficking breaking news and it is truly sickening what these people do.

      The 501c3 corportions that are excuses for churches have ruined the Gospel. Part of the good news is that sin will be punished and we don't have to wait until we are dead to see it happen either.
      Its just that not too many Christians understand that it is their place to enforce what God has said. We've been bilked into false guilt for standing up for what God said. Now WE are being punished for it... But Not by him! By our own sloppy fake sympathy for people who are unredeemable degenerates.

      Since we know that the people trafficking these precious sons and daughters are doing sorceries with the childrens blood and remains, and horribly torturing these sons and daughters while they are still alive, (if info is correct ---- which: Who ever knows?) I have been doing a little study on how the apostles handled the sorcerers in the book of the Acts.

      There are three sorcerers so far: Simon, Barjesus and the sons of Sceva.

      The apostles didn't mess around.
      Simon was told for him to perish with his money, for making merchandise out of Gods gifts. Ch8
      Barjesus came against the apostles trying to minister to the people, and Paul said the hand of God was upon Barjesus to blind him.
      And then the sons of Sceva were being imposters, imitating the apostles, and the demons they were trying to cast out jumped on the sons of Sceva and wounded them and tore their clothed off of them.

      The apostles didn't try to prevent the punishments that came upon the sorcerers but, in fact, pronounced the punishments themselves upon Simon and Barjesus.

      Here is why I've gone into all this. I believe we can and should do what the apostles did, to the level of our maturity.

      I have in the past, asked God to turn the demons that these perverts conjure up when they sacrifice and torture the children BACK upon the torturers and off of the children: let THEM receive the pain and suffering THEY conjure. Not the children.

      I have also, after learning about Russ Dizdar, asked God, a few times, to do WHATEVER IT TAKES, to stop them. MEANING: WHAT.EVER.

      I wanted to let you and the other readers who can understand it, know that I am now beginning to ACTIVELY pray Gods promises to remove, disable and impoverish the people who are doing these things to us/sons and daughters if anyone cares to join me.

      I am no longer going to just be praying this way off and on, but am starting a focused, sustained prayer vigil, prayer-warrior-style, praying Gods pronouncements, psalms, judgments, disablements, poverty, sickness (Deut CH 28:15-end) despair over the sorcerers NOT their victims. Jmo.

  8. I still pray in Jesus name, however:

  9. Anyone out there from Texas - have a listen
    Even if you aren't from Texas have a listen
    Video in the upper right
    Texas coordinator(s) are you aware of this site?
    Need to coordinate efforts - these folks meet regularly
    The lady speaks about the courts and their oaths of office and the lieber code and under military rule
    Anna, would be nice if you have a look and endorse or not
    Must come together in all areas and if we can use this then we need to

    1. This lady speaks as Anna does they never signed a peace treaty and we have been under military occupation ever since
      Again this is the site
      This is why the pricks are getting away with UN agenda 21 and stealing everyones property and 'rights'

    2. Carefully note:
      annamaria is NOT calling what happened a Military OCCUPATION;
      she is trying to spin it off as a Military PROTECTORATE!!!

      Its a Military PROTECT-orate alright, but for the English and the Vatican....PROTECTING what they stole!!!

      Let's not let anyone call what has been going on a Military anything.
      They are trying to clean up what they have been doing by impostering to be the true and honorable Military. IMO.

      What it was, is the very same thing they are doing in the Middle East:


      They are disgusting.
      The lowest of the low.
      Stolen valor.

      I am so sick of these murderers pretending to be doing something honorable.

      They are paid whores just the same as the crakkk-ho on the corner, but not as honorable.... At least she isn't hurting anyone but herself. They cannot say the same.

      jan-marie on bluebird acre

    3. I just went out to my clothesline for the third time today and all of the three times, within two minutes a fake-Military, paid-by-the-private-lying (HR 3166ss2b (1996)) theiving (Louis T. McFadden, 1933) Corporations mercenary (mercenaries are paid murderers, like the ones attacking the Yellow Vests in France) trash warlooking aircraft has flown over me on my bluebird acre as I, a little old lady, was hanging my freshly-laundered towels out in the sunshine to dry. Are they "oo *at war* with me" because I am their employer?"
      See what the muddling worthless fake heroes are busy doing when the queer "jews" dont have then trafficking three year olds, if true? ...Keeping everyone terrorized to keep everyone inline perhaps by stalking and intimidating those danged scary 70 year old women!!!!!!

      What worthless braindamaged freeloading trash
      They can't even get mad at me.
      They know it's TRUE!!!:);)

      Anybody with two synapses firing or a stitch of self respect would be too ashamed to stalk old people! But I guess these worthless trash mercenary whores agree to traffick children once they've had their sausages stuffed for a promo, (and done only God knows WHAT else well) in order to get to pretend to be important, there never was any self respect to begin with.
      Jacklegs. As my dad would say.

      They are certainly fodder for endless ridicule, I'll say that is probably the only thing they're good for.

      They are NOT *MILITARY*.
      IT MAKES ME SICK that this scum on the bottom of our shoes is pretending to be our brave, honorable military.
      They're murderers. For money. That's what corporate mercenaries do.

      If they don't like being called a murdering corporate mercenary, maybe they need to stop murdering people at their corporations command and stalking the little old ladies who see them for the worthless pieces of DIShonorable crap that they are and who aren't afraid of cowards who stalk old people and trafficking three year olds to earn their bread and gravy.

      But either way, whatever else you sausage stuffers do or dont do, paaa-leeeeeze STOP. calling your worthless stalking murdering mercenary selves *our* Military.

    4. I just made like I was going outside, fourth time, but instead didnt go to the clothes line again and oddly enough within a couple minutes or so,-- yet *another* corporate mercenary aircraft pretending to be our Military came roaring over bluebird acre again! Low loud and speedy this time. I couldnt see what it looked like.

      That third one came roaring up loud and low from the northeast, then when it got perpendicular to bluebird acre, it made a uturn to the east and went back to the north.
      They used to come RIGHT over my house, right over my head, flying slow, like trolling speed and so low and.loud and then bank back to the east and then go back north.
      But who's afraid of filthy reject murdering intimidating worthless mooching sponges who can't find a job except chdsextraffickingandmurderi g people if that's even true.

      May God squeeze the breath of life out of their chests soon. Forever and without remedy, just as he's promised to do.

      Don't you have to wonder what these lying (hr3166ds2b 1996) thieving (louistmcfadden, 1933) paid mercenaries/murderers pretending to be "our" *Military* do when we're not looking?... I mean. Besides sec trafficking child pron for their next bowl of "free" beans... Taken from your family's table? As it stands right now they owe us back everything they've stolen from our families. Wonder how many of the mercenary cowards will pull a "Jeffrey Epstein", if any.

    5. Don't forget they are paid corporate mercenaries, which are murderers, for hire.

      Our lawful, chosen, consented to by the people, honorable Military is all men on the land and soil: the militia.
      The County militias are not subject to being called up by the Union or the State as far as I know. May be wrong.

  10. Weather warfare news pass it on everywhere

  11. Now, this morning, I put my car out of the garage and started working in the garage with the door half way up and within about five minutes, a loud, low, slow flying jet came roaring over bluebird acre and me.

    I've been calling the dept. of justice establishing patterns of violations, trespasses and acts of terrorism, if any, by the criminal Corporation and the men and women who are criminals who the corporation hires to commit crimes upon the people.
    Both are guilty.
    I have already recorded Notices of Claims and Liability sent to William Pelham Barr, using their (claimed) Registered Mail system without necessarily creating a Security in their system, BUT reserving my right to bring claims in commerce against them all, THROUGH THE STATES OF AMERICA/other.

    This has gone on for YEARS.
    My land has been flooded, my concrete driveway,patio and garage floor ruined, my gas meter has been beaten out of the ground, my antenna wires have been cut, my property had been all but completely defoliated of all of the old trees and so much much more.

    This perhaps is what the criminal (louistmcfadden,1933) sows are spending our "estates" on? I have already claimed a minimum of ten times the value of what has been damaged or put at risk with that value being set by me, being free, sovereign and independent I set the value that it has to me.

    Filthy murdering sows.

    Anybody who is knowingly "aiding and abetting" these criminals, this is your NOTICE, too:

    To the fullest extent allowed in law:
    My already Recorded claims include claiming ALL of your assets, holdings, and so forth including anything you have transferred to anyone for the last 50 years, and also including all future assets/other, to the fullest extent allowable in all applicable, allowable, lawful authorities and much, much more including everything you earn working in the prison systems.
    And so it has already been established.
    And so it will remain until every last "mite"/coin has been lawfully paid.

    authored by: jan-marie on bluebird acre.

    1. They flying over Mikes house too
      He's the guy doing these weather warfare videos - he lives off grid
      He's done amazing videos about the flooding in the midwest - this of course we all know is prime real estate for the NAFTA Super highway and the bush clan has many ties to getting that land
      The Bush clan and their ties to IG Farben which is now Bayer/Monsanto
      So does Guilianni
      Funny how he was in charge on 9 1 1 too now isn't it
      Now you got the governor of new york working to outsource the infrastructure to none other than their pals in i s r a e l
      goodboots - william pelham barr is a fraud, no doubt in my mind
      He too is an actor on the world stage, John Goodman
      They lie about who they are on the forms they fill out for the positions - they don't have to produce any identification they just have to have two people (the two witnesses) verify who they are
      When the criminals in the know vouch for the fraud it's easy to get in office
      It's all a production to sell tell lie vision and the narrative while they plunder the nation and put us all in stack and pack housing and under 5G, 6G 24/7 surveillance using their brain dead soldiers to do it
      This blog has a lot of information in it I find relevant
      Number 4 on the list, porn, prostitutes and pedophila
      Normalizing it now through tell lie vision getting it out in the public eye
      Goes along with their Talmud and the coming Noahide 'Laws'

    2. I'll look at the website.

      I'm recording my lawful claims against/with/other William Pelham Barr/ johngoodman/ roseannebarr/ Mr.goodbarr/ pinnochio/ Meghan brown Simpson / Mr Jacqueline kennedy/ littlelulu/ snoopy/ eddie Haskell/
      pippylongstockings/ other... Whoever is placed in there, there is a man or woman behind the fiction and the claim is Recorded in common law authority. Im glad you mentioned it.again though because if they want to play "hide and seek", then there is wording for that too. I'm going yo add it.

      There has been more info about WPBs dad...From unfamiliar source, Not verified. But keeping my ears open to verify before I say what I heard.

  12. Now I just took my lawn mower out of the garage and put it in the driveway and within two minutes or so, yet another low, loud, slow jet flew right over my bluebird acre and my home.

    These murdering filthy hired whores have been doing this for years. Since at least around 2011 or so.

    The men had better quit being puxxies or these filthy murderers will be using you for their
    b*++ targets after they get done raping and torturing the children and terrorizing the old people, if any.
    It will be your own fault for allowing these atrocities on your own land and soil when you know all about it and are too weak minded to solve these problems.

    There are a few precious men who ARE trying to protect the women and children and they deserve all honor and respect.
    But the rest of you, including the "men" who are British subjects pretending to be American patriots (like Stewart Rhodes and Richard Mack and "Field" McConnell?? Idk... Just asking), you're included in my claims, along with any and everyone else pretending to be Americans when you are simpletons and weaklings who have to have a nanny state take care of you, while you pretend to be men but can never leave your "mommy"!! LOL. You know its true!!:):):). Jmo :):):)

  13. Now I've been working outside and these expensive trucks keep going by out the country-- 10-20 cars and trucks, plus two more jets --sounded bigger. Like murdering mercenary jets, pretending to be honorable military? Lifelong Sucklers off the nanny state troughs?
    Just asking. :):)
    Now I'm getting needle stabbed in the sole of my left foot. That's referred to as electronic no-touch torture.
    That has gone on for years too.
    Read all about it in the CIA Torture Report.
    Now again, same place.

    Who said build the gallows?
    Filthy murdering pigs pretending to be men.
    You already let them have your sons and daughters and old people you cowards. :):) ,(not the good guys who are actually men.)

  14. goodboots please get inside something like a faraday cage, put your phone in a metal box

  15. Thank you Shelby.
    Oh what's happened to me is horrible but it pales in comparison to what I believe will be shown to have been being done to my poor mother! Oh my God in heaven I've told him "LET ME BRING THEM DOWN!"
    He will.
    I get them. In law. :):)
    No Mercy.
    That's a promise on my mother's last breaths because I told her I was going to keep going (finding out what was going on) after she was gone.
    She agreed it was the right thing to do.She died about 36 hours later.
    So I'm in for the long haul...because I know what they did.

    It seems like the WORST thing someone can do to these fake Military poser CRIMINAL (LOUISTMCFADDEN, 1933) queers is for someone to REFUSE TO PRETEND like they are heroes!! when we all know now that they are child pron sex trafficking CRIMINALS.

    Just imagine what these b*++ b!ts have done in other countries... In OUR names, Of course.

    The first thing we need to do is get the unconstitutional and counter to common law "COPS" programs shut down and defunded.

    That is a Clinton admin. program where your neighbors sign up with the police to turn people in. Without cause.
    Nazi. Stasi. 1960s Cointelpro style.
    No proof necessary, just make a false report.
    Being a living woman and soul and one of the people, I have lawfully claimed all of the COPS participants/stalkers assets/others, to the fullest extent of lawful authorities available to me; claims made through their DOJ. The program is run through there.

    There have been two or three jets go over as I've entered this text. I'm on my porch. And about 25 mostly expensive trucks. These are queers. Tracfficking stuff, is my guess otherwise these men driving g around all day in $60-80,000 trucks would have a JOB in this county with relative few money'ed people.

    1. The genocide that they did to the canadian natives and are still doing today
      I found this video of some interest on how the brits and the vatican screwed over canada
      They doing this all over the world
      Just killed all the natives in Iraq, Syria, Yemen so they could go steal the land back and take the oil that was not known about generations ago
      This is the one belt one road that Israel Russia and China are building - they genocided the people of those nations deliberately just like they working to genocide us
      I wish so that I could be there to help you
      I read a report, that I cannot find now, that they send people out that work for FEMA to bring back to camps people that they capture - I believe this is what they are doing to the homeless
      You can bet those expensive trucks are probably outfits run by Halliburton who is Dick Cheney and who received billions in federal funds to set up the FEMA camps
      While our men and women were fighting in the middle east halliburton employees were driving around in fancy black SUV's while they provided contaminated water and supplies to the troops there
      Please be careful - I ask our creator to protect you

    2. goodboots I used to follow a you tuber that lived in Louisiana that reported that they were in the woods outside his house and all kinds of stuff they were doing to him, tortured his dogs, ruined his garden
      I have not been able to find anything out about him for months now
      He was reporting all kinds of things they were doing in his neighborhood and about numerology and the bible
      He knew what they were doing he plain out said it they were coming back in to genocide us like they did the natives - he stated that they killed his daughter too
      He was part native indian and had RH- blood which he believed has something to do with this stuff??
      They hacked all his channels - haven't seen anything from him for a long time?? He was a great resource for me

      This is a couple of the post that he made years ago

    4. He was reporting on this years ago

    5. A good video to watch he explains it very well

  16. Shelby, thank you for caring. YES, please keep praying! Thank you so much.

    Oh, now I'm worried about your part native American youtuber man. Do you know which tribe he was from? Are his vids still up? Oh yeh, they are after the blood, and DNA.

    People think the EL-ites are trying to create human hybrids, I thought so too, but that's not it. They've been able to do that for ages.

    They're trying to create a soul.
    But they can't because it's made out of creator's breath!

    1. goodboots like I said he lives in Louisiana and he did these videos 5 years ago - he knew exactly what they were doing
      The vids I posted in my previous comments are his videos
      Lots of vids on that channel where those videos are go watch them
      I too have been worried about him for some time - he explained he was not afraid to die he was trying deparately to wake people up especially to geoengineering and the solar radiation they got going
      They spraying so that the sun leaves off more radiation so people who are baking in this sun that is full of radiation because of their spraying are going to end up with cancer
      It's killing the trees, the animals, the water, the oceans, everything - their doing depopuation with this and thinning the herd - they trying to keep people from awakening to the madness

    2. I cant get on UT.
      Many other vids, even websites, won't open.
      I am praying that you find out where he is. He is still on my mind. I realize how evil some are, especially when they are jealous and want something someone else possesses.