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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Good Advice From Grandma

By Anna Von Reitz

People ask me, "How can we take our country back?"

My answer?  Stop giving it away.  

These rats are "interpreting" you and your actions to suit themselves, so they arbitrarily "interpret" you as going along with their hijacking of America and going along with and supporting their substitution of for-hire, privately owned corporations in the business of providing government services for your own government, and supporting their presumptions against your credit and your assets to pay for all those government services, too. 

When you "register" --- there's that word again: remember when you register anything, you are giving it away --- to vote, they are taking your proxy.  They are actually taking your voice and your choice away from you and giving it to whoever you are silly enough to elect. 

How far away is this from "self-governance"? 

You have to govern yourselves, or someone else will gladly volunteer to do it for you.  Most of them are crooks like Bill Clinton or idiots like Maxine Waters, but they will gladly volunteer to do the job, if you won't do it for yourselves.

You have to be determined and proactive and organized, or you will be enslaved, and it is only a question of what kind of enslavement you will endure: communism, fascism, monarchy, or commercial feudalism (monarchy without the nice touches) are the current "other" choices.

So cancel all "Voter Registrations" as a start.  Cancel all memberships in political lobbies coyly named "political parties".  Start putting your time, energy, and money into your own government of the people, by the people, and for the people. 

Then correct your political status records and put your claim to own your own Name on the public record, because your identity has been stolen and deliberately falsified to make it look like you are a dead British Territorial United States Citizen and/or a denizen of Washington, DC. 

People ask me why we need donations to support our government, when they are already reduced to lives like hamsters in a treadmill paying for government services. 

It's simple.  We are the actual government of this country.  We don't use printing presses to gin up "money" out of thin air.  We don't practice identity theft to gain access to your credit and assets.  We don't enslave you in the name of guaranteeing your freedom.  We don't use you as mercenaries and call you soldiers and then cheat you out of residual pay and medical services you earned. We don't do wars for profit.

So, if you want to gain control of the situation that you have unwittingly created by seeming to go along with all the criminality coming out of Washington, DC --- stop empowering them, and start empowering yourselves.  Use your feet, your mouth, and your horse-sense.

They think that they are so much smarter than you that they can afford to smirk and call you "livestock".  They think that they are so much better than you that they can pick your pockets and you won't even object.  They think that they can steal your trademarks --- that is, your Trade Names --- and use and abuse them to do anything they want to you and you are too stupid to do anything about it. 

That's what they think.  So now it is up to you to prove them wrong. 

How?  By educating yourselves and refusing to be "dumb, driven cattle" and refusing to participate in their scams. 

Don't vote in their elections; sponsor your own. 

They've substituted their "Law Enforcement Officers" for your elected Public Peacekeeping Officials --- your County Sheriffs.  So get organized and declare your correct political status and hold your own elections.   Return the favor.  

No need to argue.  The LEOs know that they are working in a private capacity for corporations in the business of providing government services.  If they won't do the job you intended for them to do and won't protect you and your assets, and won't enforce the Public Law and the Constitutions, then they are obviously being misinformed and misdirected by the middleman corporate bosses---- and they all need to be fired, don't they?

Elect your public officials and they immediately over-stand anyone acting in a private capacity.   Get enough people awake and on the move, and you won't have to worry about lack of enforcement.   

Don't "voluntarily" tax yourselves for taxes you don't owe --- wake up and realize that if you aren't receiving a federal paycheck you don't owe federal income taxes.  It's really that simple, folks, and always was. 

Realize that while you may owe them for some of the "services" they have been providing you, they owe you a helluva lot more, so that instead of continuing to pay them through the nose for whatever they want to charge against your credit and assets, you can and should demand a Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption as described in Federal Title 12.  Trade any debt you owe them against the over $25 trillion they already owe you.

This has the effect of freeing you from any debt owed to them, and reduces the "US National Debt" at the same time. 

So disentangle yourself from their government(s) and support your own. 

Send any voluntary donations that you would have sent to the IRS or given to the political parties to support the work of The American States Assembly, because we are serious about self-governance and restoration of the government we are all owed as Americans.

We won't send racketeers to your door to force you to make "voluntary gifts" to us by April 15th every year.  We won't use crooked judges to confiscate your property or put you in jail for failure to "donate", either.  We won't mortgage your home to finance our reckless spending. We won't conscript your sons and daughters as cheap mercenaries for sale. None of that.

In summation: you have a choice between being self-governed, or being governed.  Which do you prefer?  You are going to have to support a government in any event, but you do have a choice about what kind of government you support and what kind of people run your government, too.

You want carnival actors in charge?  Celebrities?  Lobbyists?  Crooks? Roman Catholic Archbishops running an Inquisition against you?  Welfare cheats?  That's what you've got running the Municipal United States Government. 

You want Dr. Strangelove and Colonel "Bat" Guano instead?  That's what you've got running the Territorial United States Government.  They never heard of a war or a way to kill people that they didn't love---and make money on. 

Or do you want to hike up your skirts and do what has to be done to restore your own government? 

When you have a clear view of the choices, it becomes obvious what has to be done and what's missing from this picture --- you are missing from this picture.
You haven't been minding your own shop, so your employees are bossing you around like you were their whipping boy.  They are drinking up your wine cellar and putting your property in hock to pay for all these "services", too.  

So, if you are sick of this idiocy and if you are determined to correct it in a peaceful and lawful manner: (1) declare your correct political status and put it on the public record; (2) join your actual State Assembly; (3) tell your friends and neighbors; (4) send any "voluntary gifts and donations" to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652 or PayPal to and we, Americans all working together, will put pedal to the metal to get this Mess straightened out.


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  1. Unrelated to this article
    Word coming out of El Paso Texas that they now have military personnel staged at the entrance to the WalMart store
    Like I stated before these things are being done to roll out more military
    You have to ask yourself, that store is a crime scene is it not - why would that store even be open after such an 'event'??

    1. I agree Shelby!!! For years, I've been reading that WAL-MART (MARTIAL LAW)spelled backwards, will be part of the entrenchment camps and what not they are planning on the man and woman of this country. So, peoples gets yourself back on the land soil.

    2. Wal-Mart spelled backwards is Tram-Law.

    3. Actual spelling and Reversing the pronunciation & meaning is “Wart-mal(ice)”. In Asia people swap the first Character, and word position, to get the real meaning, of any dreams. Usually our dreams are opposite of what we see in life. This is very true, I verified my recent strange dream, I use a Scientific-Asto to verify what’s happening. Then I get a matched pair of meanings. The dreams warn us.

      Only westerners mistranslate the dreams literally, erroneously, sorry. Ie. a dream of snake, means you’ll be involved with handsome money.
      Now translate the reversed meaning of Wal-mart, as in “Wart-mal(ice)”, by a Scientific Astrological tools.
      THINGS Started to go wrong for America, genetically (irreversibly, unless you force the change for America future):

      From (1902–1907), to NOW and forward: – 1-notch of Disrespect, for one another in America, to/from foreign countries as well House #7 Down. Meaning, America is being mean to others, and/or others being mean to America.

      1911, to NOW and forward: - 2-notches of Military, Banking secrecies, started to conspire on America (by foreign powers, sympathizers).
      1978, to NOW and forward: - Politically and professionally, America’s Pluto, power going down. It is either mischaracterized, not as strong as in the part. 4-notches of Military, Banking down. The world started to hate America increasingly.

      She’s down, to year 2148 if you/we do nothing, to rescue America. She is being used, and profited by corrupt power, at her and the world’s expenses.

  2. anybody set up a 'corporate sole' ?

    1. What would be the benefit of anyone doing that jill?

  3. "you have a choice between being self-governed, or being governed ..."
    and if you're choosing to be "self-governed" then you have a choice between what is presented here and your own way as a "free inhabitant." based on all the above this red-blooded, true "blue" American choses the "free inhabitant" option as per the second Organic Law, still included in the four Organic Laws found at the very beginning and before the titles of the United States Code!

    1. Which OrgLaw?

      Where is the portion you are referencing found chef?
      Thank you.

    2. goodboots! If you are asking about "the second Organic Law" that's the Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777. A "free inhabitant" is found under Article IV.

  4. Want to see why they taking out nuclear power plants
    It has nothing to do with weapons and everything to do with their green new deals which are not green PERIOD
    Look at the land they going to take up putting all this useless energy sources up? Such eyesores
    These freaks aren't trying to save any planet or rare species or anything else
    That loud mouth up there spouting green new deal

    1. And how about that India putting up these new nuclear power plants everywhere?
      Can you say BRICS deal
      And check out how old Merkle there is screwing over Germany with her green new deal agenda 21 shit
      This CO2 scam is absolutely off the charts

  5. Patriot58 and Shelby and Michaels and my own comments have disappeared.

    I trust that Paul is taking good care of his blog and us commenters, as usual.

    Thank you Paul.

    You are appreciated!!!

    1. don't you see have you not heard,, this site is up to no good and deletions of fact comments are done to suppress the truth that disables the Rat Cons. Wake up

    2. I appreciate your genuine concern George. Thank you.
      I have concerns myself that I am voicing on here, one in fact is :
      Why are TWO Cancellations of Powers of Attorney included in annamaria's free basic packet of forms that she promotes as being what we need to Record in order to claim our original natural born "status"?

      I (and others, including Josie) have asked multiple times for a SUBSTANTIVE answer to just even that one basic question for starters and have not received an answer from Annamaria yet that actually addresses even that one concern SUBSTANTIVELY/in *substance*=actually fully answering both the "spirit and letter" of the concern.

      Paul seems to be relaying my/our questions to Annamaria and, in turn, her volley of, IMO, non-substantive answers back to us without complaint as of yet.

      The comments that were removed was Patriot58/Kevin making a comment someone named Michael apparently didn't like and Michael responded by telling Patriot58/Kevin to leave the blog "for his own good".

      I responded that I wondered if he was threatening commenters and was he stalking us and dangerous, and asked if he, Michael, needed help or assistance.

      Paul chose to remove those, what I consider potentially threatening comments, from his blog. That didn't seem particularly inappropriate to me since it had nothing to do with the actual content Paul is hosting.

      Now that you've brought it up in this context though, i do hope that Paul will NOT remove OUR comments, so that we who post comments here are all informed that someone did come onto this blog and sound perhaps like they were threatening a commenter, which would mean that Michael is stalking the blog????
      We need to be informed about that IMO.

      Stick around! Many, many of us have questions for Annamaria that we are trying to get answers for!!! And we will get them answered I am sure because they are valid, important questions about Official Records, so SOMEONE will be providing the right answers for us, I trust even if it is through counterclaims to our lawful claims!!!! Because the fact remains that Louis T. McFadden brought criminal charges against the Corporation in 1933, on the Congressional Record and they have never been cleared... They are still pending.

      Paul seems presently to NOT be impeding the process. And to me, instead, seems presently to be assisting us in getting our questions answered.
      All jmo.

      I do appreciate you taking your time to throw out a warning. THANK YOU!

    3. Goodboots, I don't appreciate you twisting my words about. Why did you conveniently leave out
      the nature of the original post? That being a personal attack against Anna?
      And as a result of that attack I called the poster out on it, as I found it offensive. I would hope others on here would have done the same when someone behaves in such a way, there was no doubt of the poster's intentions, it was purely malicious,

      So let me ask you something goodboots, rather than calling out the poster for his attacks in this case, you instead try to portray me as the concern, for my calling him out on it? How interesting, And as a result it makes your "concern" look disingenuous at best.

      In fact, it makes it appear like you are actually trying to subtly intimidate anyone from, in the future, calling out anyone who would issue such personal attacks. Not gonna happen.

      Your response to the author of the attack, was that you took delight in it, did you not? In your own words, you got a big "belly laugh" out of it, correct?

      So in other words, you condoned the personal attack on Anna. You found it humorous, am I wrong in that?

      So, what is one to think of the intentions of one who displays agreement, by finding humor with someone who issues such a personal attack? Care to explain YOUR intentions goodboots?

      Because it could be seen as someone slipping up and having their true colors shown through, just for a moment.

      I hope I am wrong goodboots, I hope you did not actually take delight in such a case.

      I have no issue with differing points of view, or with honest questions, as we are here to learn and to help and encourage each other.

      I take offense, as I am sure any other well-intentioned members of this blog would, with those who would issue personal attacks, or seek to subtly create discord, doubt, and confusion, as I am sure you would understand and agree with, would you not goodboots? Blessings.

    4. I wasn't aware that you are controlling Pauls blog and that we need to check with you to see if its okay to find something to be humorous.
      He needs to make that announcement.

      You told the commenter to leave the blog "for his own good".

      That sounded to me like a not so veiled threat perhaps.. Like the kind of thing somebody who is stalking the commenters on a blog perhaps would say... Maybe someone who is a bit "out of whack"??

      And now your long, repetitious comment to me a couple of days after the fact... Like you might be someone who just stews around chewing on something for days on end...?

      Who are you to tell people to leave the blog? for their own good?
      Or to tell other people what they can and can't find comical?

      It always stuns me when people who claim to be "in the patriot movement" or conversely, be "liberals" walk in and start bossing everybody around.

      Talk about somebody showing their true colors, I think it is you who just did that.

      I reject your "blessings".

      I won't be responding to anymore of your comments.

    5. Rock, suggestion: slow down!!!!

      Abby is right, there are many, many other opinions to consider.

      For one thing we still don't yet have a single verified report of annamaria's forms actually working *AS WRITTEN* for anyone!!!

      There are around 4000 pages of info and no verified reports of success... that I know about anyway.

      THAT we actually have many reports of people ending up in prison who have been, at one time or another, associated with Annamaria; I am not saying anything was her fault or not, its just fact, as reported, if even true at all...

      We are going to get to the bottom of all this fraud and will have a simple process, that we all understand, to do it with... One that works for everybody.

      Hang in there!!

      (And give your wife a hug?? :):):) )

    6. Reply to goodboots from Anna:

      It works for me and mine and will work for anyone who makes the effort to learn and do the work. That said, there are no magic bullets and the declarations are not, for the most part, retroactive. People who are proactive and who do get their paperwork recorded prior to getting in trouble, and especially those who study and grasp WHY it works, regularly succeed and regularly avoid getting ensnared.

  6. Anna,-
    1."It's simple. We are the actual government of this country. We don't use printing presses to gin up "money" out of thin air."
    YET YOU CONSTANTLY PLEAD FOR THE MONEY THAT THEY GIN UP OUT OF THE THIN AIR? Not as a salary, so you have said, but to simply pay for expenses, including utility bills, travel,water heaters and anything under the sun i do believe. Have you purchased any art?
    2. Anna,-
    "When you "register" --- there's that word again: remember when you register anything, you are giving it away --- to vote, they are taking your proxy. They are actually taking your voice and your choice away from you and giving it to whoever you are silly enough to elect."
    And yet we cannot be free until we file our paperwork? Is this not also another form of registry?
    We won't mortgage your home to finance our reckless spending. We won't conscript your sons and daughters as cheap mercenaries for sale. None of that."
    None of that? Is that right?
    "Their mortgage" as you recently stated in a rant, is backwards. It is your mortgage! You signed up for it, You agreed to the terms.
    You live in the property paying the agreed price and interest agreed too.
    Were you forced???
    And yes taxes suck, never ending taxes and intrusion. There are ways and have been ways to fight this ongoing assault. "Fair or Foul" your words is bad and misleading advice.
    You are already lying and deceiving these people in so many ways it is not funny.
    You remind me of yet another "catholic" who left the building, she was so distraught and in fear, she quit her lucrative business, gave up her house, her belongings and started "living by the river" and asking for donations from the rest of us who still walk among the beast and are forging our way through this satanic world. We are still working, paying our taxes and so many are not, yet they ask of us???
    Thought of you and so many others as i was led to this and other verses by His Spirit;
    For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.
    For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.
    So what is the carnal mind constantly worried about?
    Are you at peace?
    The Yoke of Nebuchadnezzar
    …8As for the nation or kingdom that does not serve Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and does not place its neck under his yoke, I will punish that nation by sword and famine and plague, declares the LORD, until I have destroyed it by his hand. 9But as for you, do not listen to your prophets, your diviners, your interpreters of dreams, your mediums, or your sorcerers who tell you, ‘You shall not serve the king of Babylon.’ 10For they prophesy to you a lie that will serve to remove you from your land; I will banish you and you will perish.…

    1. "It is your mortgage! You signed up for it, You agreed to the terms.
      You live in the property paying the agreed price and interest agreed too.
      Were you forced???"

      No, but you were deceived. Contract null and void.

      "We are still working, paying our taxes and so many are not, yet they ask of us???"

      Let's rephrase that: one crab in the bucket to another,"hey, he's climbing out and we're still stuck in this bucket. Let's stop him. IT'S JUST NO FAIR!" There, fixed it for you.

    2. to a follower from Anna:

      First, I want to make it clear that snarky, sanctimonious people have always annoyed me, and you are no exception. Your willingness to collude with the Beast and feed it is also problematic. And I wonder why you are so anxious to pick at and criticize me, when you are apparently not doing anything or offering any alternatives yourself?

      Could it be that you are a Troll?

      Whoever and whatever you are, it is clear that you are taking my words out of context and that you are either deliberately misunderstanding me or you are semi- illiterate. Nonetheless for the sake of anyone prone to lapse in their logic or those too lazy to look at the sources of your quotes:

      1. The "we" being referenced as an alternative government are the people of this country acting to self-govern. That is, doing what we are supposed to do. It has apparently escaped your notice that we are supposed to be governing ourselves and that when we do so, we don't engage in the listed evils of fiat money and war-mongering, etc., for the simple reason that it is not to our advantage to engage in these things. The actual States use gold and silver coinage and currency based on gold and silver, always have, always will. So when I say "we" I am talking about Americans who self-govern. That should include you, as part of the government, if you wish to act and live as an American.

      So you are making the mistake of thinking that "the government" is something outside yourself and even perhaps thinking that you have a choice between "us" and "them", when in fact your only choice is ---- as I pointed out multiple times in that same article --- a choice between governing yourself as a member of the people, by the people, and for the people --- or being governed by foreign powers, who will do with you and your assets whatever best suits them.

      2. If you don't like the responsibility of paying for your government as opposed to paying for their government, then you obviously don't wish to exercise the rights that go with the responsibility of self-governance ---- all those things we talk about in the Bill of Rights, for example, are not worth supporting? We have fifty State Assemblies organized and those State Assemblies need money and manpower to fulfill their mission. That isn't going to be accomplished by one little old lady in Big Lake, Alaska. So, yes, I ask for help on a regular basis. Its a huge job. It's going to take a lot of people getting off their duffs and opening their pocketbooks-- just as I have opened mine for the past forty years. It is insulting to me and to every one of the people I work with that you somehow think that you should have the free benefit of our work and do nothing to contribute. Why are you even on this website or reading this blog? If it's not worth anything, why are you here? And if it is, why are you unwilling to contribute whatever you can to help? Again, your whole attitude stinks and speaks of a mindset steeped in nothing but self-interest and whining.

    3. continued:

      3. You also missed the context of my comments about art. I am commenting from the standpoint of someone who has been blessed to live with art because my husband is an oil painter, now retired. I have had glorious art on my walls for decades and am familiar with how that has enriched my mind and my powers of perception and my ability to see things. I recommend art for many reasons, but principally because it empowers and comforts people and expands their ability to perceive things apart from themselves ---- something that you obviously need help with. You presume, again, that "buying" art is the only way to have art in your life, and you assume, again, that it has to cost more than average people can reasonably afford --- both of which ideas are pure bunk. I know a great many people who are completely competent to fill their walls with photographs and paintings and decorative arts all by themselves, and they "buy" it by going to a craft store. I know a great many others who fill their walls with posters and movie stills and pictures they like that they found at yard sales. My Grandmother made beautiful art for her walls out of old calendars, Christmas cards, and seed catalogs. It doesn't matter how you "buy" it --- at a fancy auction, at a yard sale, at a craft store, or with your time spent sorting through old calendars and magazines. The point is that art has a purpose and it expands our vision, so it is worth the effort to get art and make it part of our lives. And again, your whole attitude stinks, which makes it unlikely that you will ever take my advice and reconsider your nasty assumptions--- but I will say it, anyway, in hopes that even a self-centered person like you might try looking a little harder next time something bright colored on a wall catches your eye.

      4. How anyone can contrive to describe me as a Papist after the broad-sides I have published against the mis-administration of the Roman Catholic Church and its meddling in political affairs is beyond me. I guess you would have to have your head stuffed down a toilet bowl before you could put two and two together and see the need for rural sanitation? If you have a problem with sanitation, you deal with that subject and with that machinery. If you have a problem with the Church, you deal with that subject and that machinery, too. I and every other American has a problem with the Roman Catholic Church (and most especially, the Catholics among us) because of the role the Church has played in contributing --- knowingly and unknowingly -- to the fleecing of America. That's why I have repeatedly addressed the Popes about the thievery and malaise that their organization has sponsored in America. That's why I helped Benedict draw his employees up by the shorter hairs. That's why it has to be a matter of concern for everyone in the Church and outside the Church, too. The Municipal United States Government is a franchisee of the Holy See. So if you have a problem with the mis-administration of the Municipal United States, guess where all roads lead to? The Holy See and Rome. And I actually had the guts to go there and confront them about it. What have you done, besides sit on your rump and snark? How many Municipal Employees have you informed and corrected? How many Archbishops have you addressed about their bad behavior? People like you make my rump ache. You sit on the sidelines and make these snarky, snide, useless comments, and do nothing and contribute nothing yourselves. Well, you can take it right on down the road so far as I am concerned. Don't let the screen door hit you on your way out.

    4. Agreed. All this fighting, seperation and such in these forums has made me think twice about recording any paperwork. Ive finished the 928 forms but have yet to record. As ive had to argue with my own wife all day about removing the mailbox, because the indocrination is so deep. Wont read anything but runs to bible studies with other reprobates like the blind leading the blind with no idea of what the bible even says. Im alone in this and no one around me wants any part of it. Yet they preach be in the world and not of it! WTF??? I wanna leave this house and mortgage and all the other slavery usufruct crap ive acquired and dissapear to a place where people get it! Im gtateful for Anna and her work. Its apparent though from some of the comments, you definitely cant please everyone.

    5. Anna? Snarky and snide remarks? Maybe you should go look in the mirror. Since when is your opinion the only one that counts?
      Lazy? Did you ever stop to consider that some people actually have sense enough to just enjoy life, especially since there is so very little of it left now. Plus we actually live in Reality, something you seem to have lost sight of.

    6. Rock, suggestion: slow down!!!!

      Abby is right, there are many, many other opinions to consider.

      For one thing we still don't yet have a single verified report of annamaria's forms actually working *AS WRITTEN* for anyone!!!

      There are around 4000 pages of info and no verified reports of success... that I know about anyway.

      THAT we actually have many reports of people ending up in prison who have been, at one time or another, associated with Annamaria; I am not saying anything was her fault or not, its just fact, as reported, if even true at all...

      We are going to get to the bottom of all this fraud and will have a simple process, that we all understand, to do it with... One that works for everybody.

      Hang in there!!

      (And give your wife a hug?? :):):) )

    7. Wow! Suddenly this is the fourth or fifth time this morning that my comments have been thrown off into a comment they don't belong with!!!
      I'm doing nothing different than what I have done over the last almost one month when my comments always seemed to show up under the post I was commenting about!!

      Seems really weird

    8. Rock, if you stop and think about it, removing your mail box will do what? Not a damned thing, except you wont get mail that you may actually find worthwhile.
      And 'we are still IN the world, but no longer OF the world'' is referring to things like........suppose your whole neighborhood is going to a strip club; thats worldly. We dont do that, because we are no longer worldly...........that is, IF one is Godly.
      So you see, that scripture refers to morality, and has nothing to do with the true topic of this Forum, such as yer mailbox being a part of the sham we all live under. Leave the mailbox, let the mailman do his or her job, and it aint worth messing with yer marriage, lol.
      (the chess board is already rigged)

    9. My understanding from many sources is the mailbox, address, etc, put you in federal territory, another one of their tricks. HISA (his advocates) explained that this was very important for living in the private. If a mailbox is the tie that binds my marriage then to hell with it! My problem is everything i research someone comes along and tells me "dont do that" thats wrong. Its very confusing and frustrating. I know for a fact that the postmasters are involved in a lot of this fraud. Thank you for your response, and please show me where having a mailbox and address is not accepting privelege and setting us in federal juridiction. Again i hope we can all get to the bottom of this crap pudding pie thats been created and help each other as we need each other and cant do this alone.

  7. More like quit giving yourself away. Quit being a 14th amendment , 28 U.S. Code § 3002 15(A) citizen. Learn how to use and when to use your Strawman, (Blacks Law Dictionary 5th edition ,page 1274). Correct your political status, become a secured party creditor, learn the game.

    1. Dirtfarmer ? If you can relay some information on the SPC process and what it has done for you, I would appreciate it.Thanks ------

  8. A follower,
    Many of us have explained all of this to you several times,in depth and in detail, about the mortgage and financial system.

    You appear to not understand what is being said, or are ignoring our sincere efforts to give you the correct information or you are looking for an argument which would indicate you are looking for attention.

    If you are a follower of the man called jesus, his followers are told to "search out a matter"; your comments don't presently indicate that you are doing that, or are willing to do that, IMO, since I have been one of the ones who took time to lay out the structure of what is going on; and yet, time and again you return saying the same types of things: as if you had ignored all of our time and effort we put into "drawing a picture" for you, over and over again.
    Something is wrong.

    You *seem* to be coming on here periodically, IMO, to bring confusion:
    • You never have an idea or a solution to add.
    • All I have seen you contribute is criticism and tantrum-type throwing, insisting that you know how mortgages and the financial system, run by the criminals, is fair and just!

    Present conclusion:
    You don't know beans from apple butter about the financial system and don't appear to want to learn.

    I wouldn't care, and wouldn't even be commenting but you keep quoting scripture to give yourself credibility, and you are making the rest of us who use scripture for true spiritual foundational purposes look uneducated too.

  9. "Learn to play the game",

    Its not a "game", dirtfarmer.

    Its slavery.

    You got "human" TRAFFICKED by criminals.

    Its NOT a game. Its fraud, theft, abuse, torture, non consensual experimentation, poisoning, imprisonment of innocent men and women.

  10. I am interested in this mentioned remedy by Anna; Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption as described in Federal Title 12. If this is a 'magic bullet' I would like to pursue further. Most of us have studied 10's of thousands of hours and filing dozens of documents to escape the chains to no avail. It's time to use magic bullets and fight dirty.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Looks like no-one is set up as a corporation sole!